Thursday, December 11, 2008

I've just finished dropping on 300 EC! Phew! And while I was doing my EC round, a "Security Center Alert" prompt saying :

Do you want to block this suspicious software?

Name: Trojan.Zlob.G
Risk Level: High
Description: Trojan.Zlob.G is a trojan program that records keystrokes and takes screen shots of the computer, stealing personal and financial information.

I was shocked. Did I visit websites that are of questionable nature? I wondered how this monster ended up on my laptop! It is very annoying to see that message pop-up every few minutes OK!



Can anyone show me how to get rid of that Trojan.Zlob.G pop-up?


Anonymous said... @ 12/12/08 2:47 AM

There are really some spyware and spammers disguised as blogs that have been dropping Ecards to be aware of them.

Mariuca said... @ 12/12/08 4:28 AM

Sigh, I think this is one of the probs we face while dropping Monica, sorry to hear this! I dunno how to get rid of this problem, how're u holding up sweetie? :)

Mariuca said... @ 12/12/08 4:33 AM

So irritating right when u have all these unwanted pop-ups!!! I hope u get it fixed soon! Hugs! :)

Mariuca said... @ 12/12/08 4:33 AM

So irritating right when u have all these unwanted pop-ups!!! I hope u get it fixed soon! Hugs! :)

Mariuca said... @ 12/12/08 4:33 AM

Oooops sorry for the double comment!!! Dunno what happened! :(

Anonymous said... @ 12/12/08 9:44 AM

Try to use an online virus scanner. Could help.

Ori said... @ 12/12/08 9:47 AM

That's why I try not to do mass-dropping anymore. I had the same experience twice or thrice.
And sadly when we open many sites at once, it's hard to find out which one those sites actually causes the problem, but when I manage to find out, I immediately report the site to Google, or if it's part of EC, I'll report it to EC.

So far my computer security thingy manages to prevent that kind of intruder.

For your case, Google with this key "Trojan.Zlob.G". That will give you some outcome of how to get rid it.

Hope your laptop will get well soon ;)

Ori said... @ 12/12/08 10:07 AM

Monica, I'm not sure about this, but it looks like the solution form the guy names Alex really works, I found it on answeryahoo:
How can I remove Trojan.Zlob.G????HELP!?

Unknown said... @ 12/12/08 10:18 AM

yes i had the same experience but mine was a spyware Anti Virus 2009. i got rid of it by running Spybot Search and Destroy. we just could not tell just by looking at their logo whether these are legitimate blogs or not. i hate it really. hope ull be able to fix your problem soon.

Mizé said... @ 12/12/08 2:07 PM

Hi Monica.
Sorry to hear your PC is infected.
I have problems with mine too.
Try search and destroy software, you can download it for free from the Internet. Just be careful what you delete.
Ori solution may help too.
Hope it helps you fix the problem.

LifeRamblings said... @ 12/12/08 2:32 PM

sorry you had to deal with this. i used to encounter such problems when I used the Skype program, very annoying indeed. Jenn is right, running the spybot S & D tool might help.

Anonymous said... @ 12/12/08 4:31 PM

Use housecall at It is free online virus buster. But it will take a long time to download.

molly said... @ 12/12/08 9:46 PM

Monica, when you have your problem fixed, please let us know how and what method you used, ok. Err... I am so worry because things like this happen not only worry me, it is irritating!

bluecrystaldude said... @ 12/12/08 10:01 PM

Hey, me too! I am using Spyware Terminator.It blocks a few sites. Oh and I am using Spybot S&D too. Those ads usually have spyware on it. Darn..

Monica said... @ 12/12/08 11:26 PM

yeah and it is hard to find out if a blog is legitimate or not..

that's okay hun! we're not computer experts..hehe! At this point, I'm not sure what to do YET ;-) I'll let the problem solver, mybf to handle it.. LOL!

alright, thanks!

This is exactly what I encountered as I opened too many sites at the same time. I'm not sure which blog causes the problem and how to find it out. or else I'll definitely report it to Google or EC!
Thanks for the link dear! I followed Alex's instructions but I couldn't find the files.

yeah I really hate it too! I'll try to download Spybot S & D. Thanks Jenn ;-)

Monica said... @ 12/12/08 11:27 PM

actually, I don't dare to download anything free from the Internet. anyway, I'll try & I hope you get your PC's problems fixed too Mizé!

Life Ramblings,
oh dear my friend who is also a Skype user, got a virus through it!

Thanks; I'll check it out!

Ok sure! I'll let you guys know.

Thanks Haaziq. I hope it's an easy-to-use tool to kill many spyware!

acura said... @ 12/12/08 11:56 PM

I do not know you can get viruses from EC dropping. I find the NOD32 software to be good in getting rid of viruses

Metz said... @ 13/12/08 12:52 AM

I personally use Avast and Lavasoft to take care of my virus and spyware issues. Right now though I think you should try and purchase a good anti spyware software and make sure it is upto date. Unfortunately for all of us that are on the net dear this is going to be an ongoing battle. Reminds me of when a spyware had infiltrated my own website - that is why i carefully monitor what widgets I put in my site now.

Monica said... @ 13/12/08 7:32 AM

I didn't know that either! I'll check out NOD32 software..thanks ;-)

Empty Streets,
Thanks for the suggestion Metz! I appreciate it.

Anonymous said... @ 13/12/08 9:28 AM

go to yahoo and type in the virus name, that's what i normally do. Find more information. There will be programs available. Once a worm or trojan attacks a computer, the chances are it's not fixable. So backup all your stuff, and get it formated, if you have any problems on formating can ask me, then go find avg free, zone alarm pro and ad aware. This will make sure your pc is safe for at least a year. It is always recommended that a pc be formated every 6 months.

MaricrisG said... @ 13/12/08 11:28 AM

if you have an anti-virus, it should kill it. I did get that once and it annoyed the heck out of me. My hubby ran a diagnostic and used a software to clean up my laptop. I can't remember what it was, let me see if I can find out and let u know the soonest by tomorrow. He's asleep now-sorry.


Nick Phillips said... @ 13/12/08 12:08 PM

Try spybot search and destroy. Free lagi tu ...

Metz said... @ 13/12/08 1:02 PM

Hi Monica,

Found a site that had been able to resolve the same issue you are experiencing, you can check the out here

hope this helps :)

Monica said... @ 13/12/08 7:50 PM

Thank you so much!!! I really appreciated your advice.

Zen Ventures,
awww..that's so sweet of you ;-) Thanks in advance!

because of free, I lagi takut! :-D

Empty Streets,
Thanks Metz! *HUGS* I'll check it out..

foongpc said... @ 13/12/08 10:51 PM

Gosh! This must be every blogger's nightmare! I'm sorry I have no solution for you, cos I'm no expert on this matter. Everytime anything happen to my computer or laptop, I just send it over to my friend who knows how to fix computers. Just make sure you save all your important files!

LadyJava said... @ 13/12/08 11:19 PM

Oh I hate it when that happens.. I had to revert back to my original setting twice because of that and now am using a software that restore my "c" to it's original "clean" version each time I reboot.. it's a chore because any changes I do while it is "frozen" will not stick unless I "unfreexe" first but it's the only quick solution i know..

I'll ask my hubby and see what he can suggest ok :)

Grace said... @ 14/12/08 12:33 AM

my husband had the same problem on his laptop. I didn't know so much about it until then.
I'm sorry... I hope everything will be fine.

Mariuca said... @ 14/12/08 12:43 AM

Hi dear! Another wet weekend for us PJ gals eh? Hope u are keeping warm with Ralphy! ;)

Mariuca said... @ 14/12/08 12:44 AM

Here with Mariuca first, back later with MPG okay? :)

Monica said... @ 14/12/08 2:49 AM

Foong, LadyJava, Hi! I'm Grace,
the monster has gone!!! YAY!!!

hehe! I'm glad Ralphy's with me during the wet weekend ;-) I'll be visiting you after this..

Anonymous said... @ 15/12/08 2:25 PM

hahahaha.. Your welcome Monica. hak.. love your site too.

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