Monday, December 15, 2008

It is getting close to Christmas time! One of the best things about Christmas when I was a kid was getting gifts, which my parents put under our huge Christmas tree. I remember the sheer joy on Christmas morning when I woke up and unwrapped my gift. But now, besides celebrating the birth of Jesus and the gift of God's love for us, I would have to say that giving someone a present at Christmas time is better than just receiving gifts.

Once I read an article about beggars in Kampala, Uganda. They said, "Christmas is for those who are well off. For us, we stay in our suffering." I feel so sad upon reading this statement. Some people are more fortunate than the others in terms of materialistic wealth and happiness. HE has done this so that those who have more can share it with the ones who are less fortunate to keeping the feeling of sharing and caring alive in humans.

Giving doesn't have to cost the roof. I'm sure a short trip to your wardrobe can provide you with that extra amount of baggage that lies crumpled in your closet. Many times I donate handbags, my unwanted but still good and wearable clothes for the often-forgotten people. I own more than I need (or want). Since my bf said most of my clothes are a bit revealing (blame the weather! or unless there's a Cinderella Project helps girls who can't afford a dress for prom, then do let me know), so this time round I have decided to donate food and toys including MPG Teddy Bear (if I win the contest)!

Speaking of toys, who wants the MPG Teddy Bear?

Of course, I want!

Who doesn't love adorable and cuddly soft teddy bear like this? But, what can be more rewarding than seeing a small kid smile when you present him/her the MPG Teddy Bear?

Oh, and I'd like to name the brown teddy bear - Brownee!


Mariuca said... @ 16/12/08 4:41 AM

YAY first! :)

Mariuca said... @ 16/12/08 4:41 AM

Hello Brownee, Hello Mon! :)

YAY, Monica got her entry in for the pink MPG Bear! Thanks sweetie, and you are so thoughtful to plan to give away this lovely bear to charity. :):):)

Mariuca said... @ 16/12/08 4:42 AM

I love the name Brownee, just like my fave brownies he he! I shall add u to my contest list now, thanks so much for taking part and good luck sweetie! :):):)

Rozella said... @ 16/12/08 9:26 AM

Woohoo! One more week till Xmas! Hehehe Can't wait, can't wait!!

Hope you win ya! *hugs hugs*

Anonymous said... @ 16/12/08 10:38 AM

the bear is so so cute!!!!

Nick Phillips said... @ 16/12/08 12:08 PM

Oooo, I totally forgot about this contest! Hope you win but then if I do take part in this contest, hope I win! LOL!

LifeRamblings said... @ 16/12/08 3:00 PM

all the best, brownee!

Monica said... @ 17/12/08 4:15 AM

Hello dear! glad to know that you love the name Brownee! hehe! and thanks for adding me to your list..;-)

YES! I can't wait for christmas too! ;-)
Thanks dearie..

Indeed :-D

what? you wanna take part? ok. ok. hurry up!!! :-D

Life Ramblings,
Thanks ;-)

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