Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Before I'm getting ready for Christmas Eve dinner + party, I have something to share.

Let's get together and par-tey!!!

How about a bottle of cheer for each and everyone of you?

Okay, just kidding.

Well, it's time for me to share the awards I received!

Uber Amazing Blog Award from Mariuca and Bluecrystaldude.

Spread the Blog Love Award from Linda.

I Love Your Blog Award from Yankeenaijababe.

Blogging Friends Forever Award from Foong.

I Love Your Blog Award from Empty Streets.

Super Blogger Award from Mariuca and Empty Streets.

Friends are the flowers in the garden of life Award from The Modern Mom.

I Heart Your Blog Award from Rozella.


And of course, what's Christmas without Christmas cheer? I'd like to share these with -

Mariuca ** Mariucas perfume ** Shinade ** Life Ramblings ** Xin ** Foong ** Haaziq ** Pete ** Nick ** Ori ** Molly ** U.Lee ** Nightwing ** Metz ** Syura ** Rozella ** Faizal ** LJ ** Daniel ** Bono ** Jacky ** Osindak ** Simon ** Lisa ** Anthony ** Amelia ** Mize ** Liza ** ECL ** Bombchell ** Yankeenaijababe ** Bintang ** The Modern Mom ** Grandy ** Matthias ** Linda ** Mike ** Azlan ** Andrei & Katya **

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to ALL!

Hugs and Kisses,


LadyJava said... @ 24/12/08 3:41 PM


Mariuca said... @ 24/12/08 3:41 PM


Mariuca said... @ 24/12/08 3:42 PM

ALAMAK!!! LJ lJ is here ha ha ha ha!!! Kelakar la we two LJ, forever chopping away!!

LadyJava said... @ 24/12/08 3:42 PM

hehhe.. am first!! Yeay!!.. Ohh thanks so much Monica.. what a nice pressie for Christmas!

Muah Muah!! Ho ho ho!! Merry Christmas to you and yours ya!!!

LadyJava said... @ 24/12/08 3:42 PM

hheheh.. wah a few seconds only lah GP!! lol!!

Mariuca said... @ 24/12/08 3:42 PM

Yeeha! Thanks so much for thinking of both Mariuca and MPG Monica, love you la! :):):)

LadyJava said... @ 24/12/08 3:43 PM

If I had taken more time to say something on the first comment..for sure you!!

Mariuca said... @ 24/12/08 3:43 PM

Dat's why la i thot I was first see see my midnight buddy oso not asleep yet ha ha!!

LadyJava said... @ 24/12/08 3:43 PM

I'm dropping GG card

Mariuca said... @ 24/12/08 3:44 PM

Congrats to u sweetie and I shall happily take the ones I don oredi have YAY! Ho ho ho! :):):)

LadyJava said... @ 24/12/08 3:44 PM

hehhee... your midnight buddy woke up at 1am ... lol.. how to sleepy...heheh..i thought you have kenduri tonight.. not sleeping ke?

Mariuca said... @ 24/12/08 3:44 PM

I'm dropping MPG! Now happily chatting away here it seems LOL! ;)

Mariuca said... @ 24/12/08 3:45 PM

Tu la LJ, how to sleep, not sleepy yet but I have the kenduri later. Prob sleep at 4.15 he he, you?

Mariuca said... @ 24/12/08 3:46 PM

Merry Christmas to you and Ralph! And have fun at ur Christmas party Mon! :)

LadyJava said... @ 24/12/08 3:46 PM

hahah.. let's shock Monica with all these!!

I was already out and got cat food and things.. now happily sitting in front of pc..dropping, tweaking and chatting with A as well..hehhe

Mariuca said... @ 24/12/08 3:47 PM

Wah active it seems this LJ! Me doing some copy and dropping at the same time. :)

Mon, can u see us here? Giving u some comment love la.. ;)

LadyJava said... @ 24/12/08 3:50 PM

Yeay.. comment love for Monica on Chrismas Eve..heheh

Monica said... @ 24/12/08 3:50 PM

LOL! I couldn't stop laughing here.. you girls are so cute la! omg..

Monica said... @ 24/12/08 3:51 PM

To both chopping queen,

Mariuca said... @ 24/12/08 3:52 PM

YAY! We made Monica laugh, now whose comment box shall we visit next LJ? ;)

LadyJava said... @ 24/12/08 3:53 PM

hehehe... good idea.. like santa like!.. you pick!

Muah muahsss Mon!

Mariuca said... @ 24/12/08 3:56 PM

Ah tu la! Best kan? How abt Roxy at RDH? :)

LadyJava said... @ 24/12/08 3:57 PM

ALrighty.. good idea... let's goo......

hehhe.. Mon.. we're crazy woman.. that's what we are.. see ya!!

LadyJava said... @ 24/12/08 3:58 PM

eh but then Roxy's is on moderation lah.. cannot chat lah like that..

Mariuca said... @ 24/12/08 4:01 PM

Oh yeah la!!! How abt Metz???

LadyJava said... @ 24/12/08 4:02 PM

ok set.. see you there!

Monica said... @ 24/12/08 4:02 PM

hahahhaha....have fun girls! Cya ;-)

Mariuca said... @ 24/12/08 4:03 PM

Ok see ya at Metz'z place then, adios Monica and ho ho ho!! :):):)

Mizé said... @ 24/12/08 5:24 PM

Hi Monica.
I was dropping by to wish you a Merry Christmas when I saw the awards :)
Thanks so much for remembering me!
I will post them along with others I recently received.
Ok, I wish you lots of:
Peace, Health and Joy!

foongpc said... @ 24/12/08 7:28 PM

Wow! So many awards! Thanks, monica! Merry Christmas to you & have a wonderful holiday!! : )

Nick Phillips said... @ 24/12/08 8:09 PM

Hey Monica, here's wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year :D

LifeRamblings said... @ 24/12/08 10:07 PM

thanks for the awards. merry x'mas and happy new year!

Ori said... @ 24/12/08 10:25 PM

Thank you Monica!!! :)))

Do share your Christmas Eve dinner + Party here :-D :-D

Anonymous said... @ 24/12/08 10:58 PM

Merry Christmas

eastcoastlife said... @ 24/12/08 11:01 PM

Wishing you and your family a Merry Xmas!!

Grandy said... @ 25/12/08 12:30 AM

Merry Christmas!!! Thanks so much for thinking of me with these awards.

HA!! I see LJ & Marzie were an exact tie!! LOL!!!

Love your pic of the bottles. Can I have that as my tree next year?? :)

Mariuca said... @ 25/12/08 2:10 AM

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas from Mariuca!

Mariuca said... @ 25/12/08 2:11 AM

Woot Monica is FC for my Christmas post ho ho ho! :)

Unknown said... @ 25/12/08 8:15 AM

Hope and peace for this holiday season and for a fantastic 2009!

Happy Holidays!

Rozella said... @ 25/12/08 8:39 AM

Awww! That's such a great Xmas prezzie babe! *hugs* Thanks for the awards!

Rozella said... @ 25/12/08 8:40 AM

Btw, I hope you and your family are having a fun filled time!!! Merry Christmas!!!

Pok Dell said... @ 25/12/08 8:58 AM

Aaww...miss santa has sent me a bag full of present...thanks very much..

Merry X'mas and a Happy New Year..

Nightwing said... @ 25/12/08 9:16 AM

Thank you for sharing the awards..:)

You have a great Christmas now..cheers.

Anonymous said... @ 25/12/08 9:49 AM

This is very nice xmas tree.. Hahhahaa.. creative one.

merry christmas

Kok said... @ 25/12/08 11:33 AM

You drank that much? hahaha!

Wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a blessed 2009! Have fun!:)

molly said... @ 25/12/08 12:42 PM

Hi Monica, Merry Christmas to you, your bf, all your love one and every one who visit your blog.
HO HO HO ....

MisterZyl said... @ 25/12/08 3:50 PM

Thanks a lot for naming me as one of the receivers of those awards. thanks. and happy holiday to you Monica. hope you will have nice moment with everyone you love during the holiday.

and thanks for responding to my post of "why become blogger".

Unknown said... @ 25/12/08 9:16 PM

Merry Christmas! You blog is getting popular. :) Congratulations too.

Tikno said... @ 26/12/08 3:09 AM

Merry Christmas to you and family

LadyJava said... @ 26/12/08 5:30 AM

I forgot to say.. You look so pretty here Monica...

Happy Holidays!!

Anonymous said... @ 26/12/08 8:07 AM

Happy Christmas Monica! hugs!

Anonymous said... @ 26/12/08 8:35 AM

My favorite beer, thanks.

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Simon Seow said... @ 27/12/08 8:50 PM


LindaLow said... @ 28/12/08 4:27 PM

Hi Monica,
Tks for the christmas greeting and the awards. Wishing you an advance Happy New Year:) Will update my blog soon..Cheers.

Anonymous said... @ 28/12/08 7:01 PM

Thanks for the Christmas wishes and sorry for replying so late. I hope you had a blast. Thank you also for posting the award :)

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