Friday, December 26, 2008

Ladies & Gentlemen (LadyJava, Gallivanter, Bluecrystaldude, Xin, Mizé, Mr. Fy, Ori, Bono, Bintang, Mariuca, Life Ramblings, Marie, Azlan, Foong, Faizal, Molly, Mj Ces, Jacky, Asmaliana,) the answer to the mind boggling question is



So pop by and indulge with pleasure!


Mariuca said... @ 27/12/08 2:57 AM


Mariuca said... @ 27/12/08 2:57 AM

Yeeha! First for real this time lol!

Mariuca said... @ 27/12/08 2:58 AM

Ohhhhhh food, my second guess he he! Congrats on ur new blog Monica! :):):)

LadyJava said... @ 27/12/08 4:08 AM

hehe.. I was right.. I was right.. ok.. be there shortly.. has been awfully slow these days eh??

Hope you're already earning there Mon. I know I have ..yihaa!!.. can't wait for payout!!!

MisterZyl said... @ 27/12/08 10:47 AM

alaaa.. I got the wrong guess la.. rupa rupanya .. FOOD!!!

bluecrystaldude said... @ 27/12/08 12:57 PM

Hehe.. Food was my second guest too (copy Marzie's idea. LOL).. I am back online and will be visiting you again soon. Right now, I need to finish off my EC dropping :)

Marie NP said... @ 27/12/08 1:02 PM

I thought its about Fashion LOL. I am wrong with my wild guess.

BTW, congrats to your new food blog.

Happy Holiday!

Unknown said... @ 27/12/08 4:17 PM

I know it... HAAAAAAAA

Mizé said... @ 27/12/08 4:23 PM

Hi Monica.
Wow, I guessed!
Well, it wasn´t difficul, by the number of posts and pics with food here in Turn u off, it was my first bet.
I already saw your logo in my EC inbox but now I know it´s your site. I´m a foodie, I´ll sure visit you there too.
Thanks for the link love.
Cheers xx

molly said... @ 27/12/08 10:21 PM

That's good. Make sure you blog about what to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner plus tea time oh!

LifeRamblings said... @ 27/12/08 10:38 PM

congrats on your 2nd blog. wish you success.

Nick Phillips said... @ 28/12/08 5:22 PM

This is your new blog? Whoa cool, I'll come check it out :D Congrats.

gLoR!e said... @ 28/12/08 9:50 PM

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!:)

Mariuca said... @ 29/12/08 12:48 AM

Yooohoooooo, no Monica here today? Have a great week, we're so close to the new Year! :):):)

Mariuca said... @ 29/12/08 12:50 AM

Ohhhhh Blue copycat me ye? He he he!

Anonymous said... @ 29/12/08 1:09 AM

yeah..i'm right.ehhehe

Mizé said... @ 29/12/08 2:05 AM

Hi Monica.
Just doing my Sunday EC round.
A good one to you.

Monica said... @ 29/12/08 2:53 PM

Thanks hun! yeah, I've been kind of busy the past few days...and it's the last Monday of the year! phew..

ya VERY SLOW!!! I thought I was the only one :-D you're already earning there? That's good to hear LJ! ;-)
I'm not sure if I've or not..

LoL! it's alright :-D

Yay! you're back...;-)

Monica said... @ 29/12/08 2:55 PM

Frankly, I love love fashion. But, I'm not good at take-a-picture-while-standing-in-front-of-the-mirror images :-D

I'm sure you know by now...LOL!

wow you're so smart ;-) Thanks for visiting me there *HUGS*

LOL! I'll try my best :-D

Monica said... @ 29/12/08 2:55 PM

Life Ramblings,
Thanks dear ;-)

thanks; I hope you'll like it..

Happy new year! two more days to go!!


Anonymous said... @ 29/12/08 4:11 PM

ok.. will go..

foongpc said... @ 29/12/08 11:44 PM

Hooray! I guessed correctly!! I know you have passion for food! OK, will check out your new blog! : )

Anonymous said... @ 30/12/08 5:42 PM

I knew it! I knew it!

Food it is!


Monica said... @ 31/12/08 12:27 AM

Thank you! ;-)

you're so smart la!

MJ Ces,

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