Wednesday, December 03, 2008


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Thanks for your concern! Love you all!


Anonymous said... @ 3/12/08 5:02 PM

:O reminds me of the sun-burnt in krabi!

hope u r alive n kicking now! :D

Mars said... @ 3/12/08 5:41 PM

woot! sexy! haha happy holidays!

molly said... @ 3/12/08 6:03 PM

I would like to do like her but worry about sun burn. I'd better stay under the shade.

GagayMD said... @ 3/12/08 7:25 PM

hello! just dropping are u?care for ex links?

visit my sites:

take care!

Mariuca said... @ 4/12/08 12:07 AM

Hi Mon, hope ul have some fun in the sun soon, after u get better that is! It's already Wednesday, have a good one! :):):)

Ori said... @ 4/12/08 12:38 AM

Baking time by the sun :-)))
btw, hope your throat is sore-less now!

bluecrystaldude said... @ 4/12/08 12:43 AM

The beg is strategically placed. haha :P

Monica said... @ 4/12/08 1:56 AM

I haven't fully recovered yet ...but yes, I am still alive...LOL!

she's my new friend from Germany ;-)

same here! I'm afraid of becoming fried chicken :-D

Hello! Thanks for dropping by. I'm fine TQ ;-) I'll visit your sites soon!

I'm starting to get better dear ;-)
Happy Thursday..

my throat feels a little better after i eat a lot of fisherman's friend :-D

LOL! disappointed huh? :-D

foongpc said... @ 4/12/08 2:13 AM

Funny thing most Caucasians like to go darker so they always try to tan themselves in the sun, but Asians prefer to go whiter, so they avoid the sun as much as possible!

Hope you are feeling better now : )

acura said... @ 4/12/08 3:20 AM

Have some fun in the sun & Happy Holidays...But like what foong said. Here in Malaysia it's hot during the day & we tend to stay away from the sun.

Jackie said... @ 4/12/08 4:35 AM

Oh my a nice beach and lots of warm sun.

I hope you are feeling better and thank you so much for the linky love.

You are just so so sweet Monica!


Anonymous said... @ 4/12/08 6:07 AM

How could you post this when we are shivering in England! Love you to visit my London pictures

Unknown said... @ 4/12/08 9:58 AM

Hi, I enjoyed your post and wanted to let you know. I'm still recovering from my shoulder surgery, getting better every day, but still have difficulty typing for long periods of time.


Unknown said... @ 4/12/08 3:06 PM

I love going brown, although my skin has brown enough :)

Ah you made me day dreaming.. now I wish I was laying down at the beach...

Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Monica said... @ 4/12/08 5:05 PM

yes, I try to stay out of the sun as much as possible! :-D

Thanks; I'm feeling better now!!

how I wish we'd have the four seasons here :-D

you're welcome! ;-) *HUGS*

Monica said... @ 4/12/08 5:06 PM

oh, sorry to hear that! I'd love to visit your London pictures; I'm coming!

Hello! glad to know that you're getting better every day! REST MORE ;-)

hehe! it's a good thing to allow yourself to daydream every once in a while ;-)

GagayMD said... @ 4/12/08 9:33 PM

hello! just dropping by..visiting and dropped ECards!

Anonymous said... @ 5/12/08 3:02 AM

Oh I wish I were there... Looks so peaceful. I dream of lying on the beach by myself. Ahh...

Mariuca said... @ 5/12/08 4:34 AM

Dats good to hear sweetie, and it's already Fri so happy weekend! :):):)

Mariuca said... @ 5/12/08 4:34 AM

Dropping EC while watching more FRIENDS! ;)

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