Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Argh!!! so heavy," Senjab said.

*ran away screaming*


LadyJava said... @ 17/12/08 8:13 AM

Yikes.. I'd run away too!!!!

Anonymous said... @ 17/12/08 9:40 AM

A slimey moment indeed! LOL!

khengsiong said... @ 17/12/08 10:29 AM

Where is the place?

eastcoastlife said... @ 17/12/08 2:53 PM

I had a slimy snake around my shoulders several time. The snake is cold and wriggly. :P

Anonymous said... @ 17/12/08 3:58 PM

omg creepy crawling creature is my fear factor! my hair will rise whenever i see snakes

Bombchell said... @ 17/12/08 7:05 PM

ahh Id probably run too!

Pok Dell said... @ 17/12/08 7:39 PM

That python look need to run away, hehee...

LifeRamblings said... @ 17/12/08 10:21 PM

snakes of any kind are not my best friends.

LadyJava said... @ 17/12/08 10:30 PM

Hi Monica..
I wrote a post on the topic you asked..heheh...

Hope it helps dearie!

Kok said... @ 17/12/08 10:40 PM

You really ran away? :P

molly said... @ 17/12/08 10:49 PM

I lost my appetite because of you pinky. How? now the picture kept appearing in my mind whenever I pick up something to eat. eee... errrr..

Monica said... @ 17/12/08 11:08 PM

I'll check out your post after this.. thank you so much!!! ;-)

and very yikey!

Oriental Village, Langkawi.

woah you're so brave! ;-)

Some say, snake + fear = fun! oh dear.

Monica said... @ 17/12/08 11:09 PM


oh no they look friendly? I guess they can be very aggressive too! :-D

Life Ramblings,
hehe! they're not my best friends either..

Not only that, I ran away SCREAMING! :-D

LOL! Okay, I'll post some pictures to please your eye and whet your appetite. how about that? :-D

Anonymous said... @ 17/12/08 11:16 PM

run monica...runnnn...hehhe...

foongpc said... @ 18/12/08 12:22 AM

I'll run away too! Haha! Only time I touched a snake was in Singapore at their Night Safari. But that snake was tiny compared to this one!

Monica said... @ 18/12/08 2:33 AM


this one is so huge, huh?! YIKES

Mariuca said... @ 18/12/08 2:59 AM

Is that u Mon running away like a mad woman? Ha ha ha!

Mariuca said... @ 18/12/08 3:00 AM

I cannot stand snakes, poisonous or otherwise...geli and scaredy cat mah! :(

Mariuca said... @ 18/12/08 3:00 AM

Your friends are so brave! Here with Mariuca first, see ya later with MPG okay? :):):)

Monica said... @ 18/12/08 3:12 AM

yeah, that's me running away like a mad woman..LOL!!! I think he also takut la :-D
cya! ;-)

Simon Seow said... @ 18/12/08 6:47 AM

LOL. It's only a Python. I'll run away if it's a cobra or rattle snakes

Mizé said... @ 18/12/08 9:03 AM

Me either! Arrgg...
In my country, snakes like those are considered exotic animals and you can only see them in zoos.
A good Friday. xx

bluecrystaldude said... @ 18/12/08 12:18 PM

Wow.. You look hot! hehehe

Mariuca said... @ 18/12/08 8:56 PM

Hi Mon, tomo is FRIDAY yeeha!

Mariuca said... @ 18/12/08 8:56 PM

He he, here with Mariuca now. Oredi dropped MPG earlier, speedy la my connection today! :):):)

Yeo KeeHui said... @ 18/12/08 9:08 PM

I think all snakes look scary... They don't smile. Hehehe...

Metz said... @ 18/12/08 9:23 PM

awww but the snakey wanted to play hehehe I remember holding one for the first time and it was creepy feeling that cold scaly skin on mine, but after awhile it was pretty cool and cozy hehehe :)

Nick Phillips said... @ 19/12/08 12:22 AM

I would run away screaming too ... LOL!

Lee said... @ 19/12/08 12:47 AM

Hi Monica, I guess I'll stick to smaller grass snakes. This one too big to make into a necktie, ha ha.
Hey, I love the last pic, WOW! The kind of pics I love to see when its snowing, ha ha.
You stay gorgeous and have a great week, Lee.

Monica said... @ 19/12/08 2:04 AM

another brave guy! ;-)

yeah, it's good to see them in zoos ONLY! :-D

you'll not say that if I were to scream next to you Haaziq! LOL!

Yay! I'll drop by your site later k ;-)

Monica said... @ 19/12/08 2:04 AM,
Hello! ;-)
I think they look scarier if they smile! hehe!

Empty Streets,
oh gosh Metz! you're so brave huh :-D

I know you'd do that too... LOL!

necktie? hahaha..
oh maybe I should post more pics to make you warm?! LOL! just kidding.

Yves said... @ 19/12/08 3:19 AM

lol I dont like snakes either.

Anonymous said... @ 19/12/08 7:37 PM

If I were there, I'd pass out.

Anonymous said... @ 28/2/09 2:46 AM

who took dis pic ??

Anonymous said... @ 28/2/09 2:54 AM

oh my god ... using my pic in your blog without asking me :(

ok :p

anyways ,,, miss u guys all and miss langkwai :D

Anonymous said... @ 28/2/09 2:56 AM

Ralph took these pics..

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Anonymous said... @ 28/2/09 2:58 AM

hi Senjab! how are you guys? send my regards to Vivi :) yeah we miss langkawi too :-P

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Anonymous said... @ 28/2/09 3:47 AM

of coz must put you guys' beautiful pics here! 8-)

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