Thursday, January 22, 2009

I can't believe I am sitting here typing away because I only have a few hours left to catch my flight to Kota Kinabalu and I still haven't packed my luggage yet! This year, I will be spending Chinese New Year in KK with my family and relatives before I go home.

I guess it's going to be super busy for the next two weeks. I will mostly be concentrated on drinking and partying eating and sleeping; eat healthy food, sleep early and rise early. What a healthy lifestyle!

I will indeed miss KL my blog buddies. I wish I could drop by your blog(s) or reply your comment(s) before I go, but time is running out!!!

So, here's wishing you very happy Chinese New Year!

Till then, have fun-filled holidays and Happy Niu (Ox) Year! Alright, I really need to go start packing now. Oh shit. I forgot to buy red panties!!!


Anonymous said... @ 22/1/09 3:41 AM

Have a great, enjoyable and meaningful Lunar New Year celebration! Hope you'll have a safe journey... Happy packing! :)

Nance said... @ 22/1/09 9:36 AM

Happy Chinese New Year, Monica! Enjoy your family and we'll see you when we see you! ;)

Pok Dell said... @ 22/1/09 9:36 AM

Have a safe journey..
and Happy Chinese New Year..

A said... @ 22/1/09 9:52 AM

Hey Monica, have a safe trip! :D I will miss your visits to my blog... :( but that's okay, I'll still drop by your blog to drop ec and stuff... :D Happy Chinese New Year and I hope you have a blast... :D *hugs :)

Nick Phillips said... @ 22/1/09 10:19 AM

Here's wishing you an early CNY. Have fun at home.

Anonymous said... @ 22/1/09 10:53 AM

Advance Happy Chinese New Year! Have a safe trip and enjoy your vacation ;)
Housewife @ Work
A Mother’s Stuff

Anonymous said... @ 22/1/09 11:29 AM

happy cny to u! ;)

p/s: oops forgot about the red panties too

Rozella said... @ 22/1/09 11:45 AM

Have a great holiday babe! Happy CNY!!!!!!

Take lots of pics and collect tons of ang paus!!!!

LadyJava said... @ 22/1/09 12:09 PM

Have a great time sweetie and Happy Chinese Year!!

We're gonna miss you!!!

Mariuca said... @ 22/1/09 1:25 PM

2 weeks without Monica! :(

Mariuca said... @ 22/1/09 1:25 PM

Wishing u a wonderful CNY with your family and friends. Looking forward to your pics later yeah? :):):)

Mariuca said... @ 22/1/09 1:26 PM

I'm sure u will have a great time happily eating and sleeping away without a care in the world he he! :):):)

LifeRamblings said... @ 22/1/09 5:14 PM

have a safe journey to KK. have plenty of fun and happy chinese new year.

Unknown said... @ 22/1/09 5:53 PM

Gong Xi Fa Cai. have a good journey.

Grace said... @ 22/1/09 9:40 PM

We will surely miss you, Monica.
Enjoy your time with your parents. Be safe always. :)

molly said... @ 22/1/09 9:51 PM

Happy 'Niu' Year! Looks like you are starting to enjoy. For me I cant even breath. I bought all the ingredients for the cookies but I dont think I have the time to do it. Just go for some ready made.
*reminder* Red Panties!

Anonymous said... @ 22/1/09 11:44 PM

Happy Niu Year :)

khengsiong said... @ 23/1/09 8:42 AM

Oh... looks like my greeting come too late...

Anonymous said... @ 23/1/09 1:26 PM

thanks for ur lovely comments...i wish you too...bye....

Anonymous said... @ 23/1/09 3:35 PM

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Metz said... @ 23/1/09 11:40 PM

Hi Monica,

Hope you have a great weekend ahead, I am Zipping through for today as I have to rest as early as possible for I have another wedding engagement to coordinate tomorrow. ;) xoxo

Unknown said... @ 25/1/09 2:10 AM

Have a good long holiday and a nice new year start....

Tekkaus said... @ 25/1/09 4:34 AM

Good for you. 2 weeks of eating and sleeping. Not bad what! =) Anyway I wanna wish you happy chinese cow year! May the God of prosperity bless with you with lots of money. And may you always be in good health! =)

Anonymous said... @ 25/1/09 5:48 AM

Hello!! :)

Ori said... @ 25/1/09 9:28 PM

Happy "Niu" Year Monica and also to your loved ones :))
Even without the red panties, you'll get plenty of ang pow ;)))

Kok said... @ 26/1/09 8:02 PM

Happy Chinese New Year to you and Gong Xi Fa Chai!:)

Metz said... @ 27/1/09 1:46 AM

Hi Monica,

Zipping by to drop my cards and to say how grateful I am to have found you in the blogosphere. And hope that your weekend was great and that you weekdays start out well. :) stay healthy always and better yet happy :)

Metz said... @ 28/1/09 1:05 AM

Hi Monica,

wow hope you are having a blast :) anyways, even though I have become a very busy bee lately and I just wanted you to know that you are remembered and I try to make sure I come by as often as I can. At the same time I do hope your week is starting out well. Hope to get time to sit down and actually talk soon. Till then warm hugs. xoxo

GagayMD said... @ 28/1/09 10:08 AM

Miss Monica..uve been so quiet these past days..huhu!missin' you!


Mariuca said... @ 28/1/09 5:58 PM

Monica! WOAFS is your number 1 TD today YAY! :):):)

Mariuca said... @ 28/1/09 5:59 PM

Hope u're having a blast, we miss you! :)

ZB said... @ 29/1/09 1:57 AM

tagged you!

GagayMD said... @ 29/1/09 8:25 AM

Ms Monica, i have something for you at

hope you can do this..take care!


LEon said... @ 29/1/09 11:20 AM

Hope you are enjoying yourself now. :)

Tekkaus said... @ 31/1/09 1:32 AM

Still not back yet? LOL =)

Mariuca said... @ 31/1/09 8:22 PM

Uwah!! Stil no Monica here today? Dropping by dearie, hope u're having fun! :):):)

LadyJava said... @ 31/1/09 10:47 PM

Hey sweetie..
Hope you are enjoying yourself
Have a great weekend!!

A said... @ 1/2/09 3:39 AM

Hey Monica, I hope you're having a blast on your vacation... :D Just dropped my EC... :D

Nicole said... @ 1/2/09 7:11 PM

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Anonymous said... @ 2/2/09 3:35 PM

moni.... where have you taken this photo?... background showed that u were in a hill... i am interested to go there leh!!!

eastcoastlife said... @ 3/2/09 4:39 PM

Happy Chinese New Year!!
I have not seen you for like a long time! haha....

Jackie said... @ 4/2/09 2:26 AM

Happy Chinese New Year! I hope you have a safe and wonderful trip.

And I also hope you drop by for a visit. I am blogging again and I have missed everyone very much!!

Rozella said... @ 5/2/09 9:04 AM

Come by to the MUTT! I have a fabulous award for you!

Nightwing said... @ 5/2/09 9:53 AM

Hi there..Hope u had a great time balik kampung...:)

Happy Early Chap Goh Mei


Ori said... @ 5/2/09 6:48 PM

Can't wait to read your fab Niu Year news soon :))

Mariuca said... @ 5/2/09 8:02 PM

Dropping by today Monica, miss u! :)

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:16 AM

Thanks! ;)

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:16 AM

TQ! :)

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:17 AM

glad to see you here Nance!

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:18 AM

Thanks sweetie for dropping by! :*

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:19 AM

same to you too! :-D

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:20 AM

Thank you! ;)

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:21 AM

Happy CNY to you, too!
LOL @ the red panties!

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:22 AM

I'm quite happy with my "ang pows" this year! :-D

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:24 AM

I missed you, too LJ!

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:25 AM

hehe! I'm back! *HUGS*

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:27 AM

yes dear; I've been eating and sleeping non-stop! :-D

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:28 AM

Happy CNY to you, too!

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:29 AM

eh how come I didn't see you around in Tawau?!s >:o

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:30 AM

I missed you, too! :*

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:31 AM

How was your Niu Year Molly? miss you too :)

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:33 AM

Happy Niu Year to you, too & thanks for dropping by ;)

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:35 AM

It's never too late....! :-D

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:36 AM

Hello! nice to see you here :)

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:37 AM

Hello! hmm..I've no idea how to add that; SORRY! :-[

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:38 AM

wow! another wedding engagement to coordinate...*thumbs up*

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:39 AM

same to you, too!

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:40 AM

Thanks for the wishes ;)

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:40 AM

Hi!!!!! ;)

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:41 AM

LOL! oh yes I'm quite happy with my "ang pows" this year :-D

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:42 AM

Happy CNY to you, too KOK!

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:43 AM're so sweet Metz! :*

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:45 AM

Thanks for coming by often Metz! yeah, I hope we've time to sit down and chat...hehe!

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:45 AM

I missed you, too! *HUGS*

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:48 AM

hopefully you can always be #1, hun.. :)

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:49 AM

Thanks for tagging me Esther; I'll check it out :)

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:49 AM

Thanks dear!!! I love it...

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:50 AM

I'm back! ;)

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:50 AM

LOL! I'm back..

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:50 AM

:* :*

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:51 AM

dear, thanks for dropping by here while I was away *HUGS*

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:52 AM

:* :*

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:53 AM

Ane, I'm back!

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:54 AM

Thanks! I'll check it out.

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:55 AM

It's @ Look Out Point,s KL :)

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 6:56 AM

I went back to Sabah... :-D
Happy CNY to you, too!

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 7:00 AM

oh I've taken more that 500 pics! :-E

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 7:03 AM

Shinade! I'm so happy to see you here, again! :*

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 7:03 AM

I love the fabulous award; thanks dear!

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 7:06 AM

Hi Nightwing, Happy Chap Goh Mei in advance!

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 7:07 AM

I'll update from time to time ya ;)

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 7:07 AM

:* :* :* :* :* :* :*

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