Thursday, January 01, 2009

I hope you have all been enjoying the holiday season and its many celebrations! Did you stay up until midnight to see the New Year in? Or you stayed up to make sure the old year leaves? Anyway, it is time to move on and start our life anew.

So, do you have a plan as to what you'd like to do and where you'd like to go for 2009 and beyond?

Well, I'll tell you mine.

- I will give up coffee totally. Completely. Honestly. 100%.
- I will spend less than five hours a day on the Internet.
- I will go to bed before 11pm every night.
- I will throw away all chips, cookies, chocolates, and fried foods in the house.
- I will cut down my shopping addiction.

WOW! Doesn't that sound great?

YEAH RIGHT! It doesn't sound right!

You really think I can do that?

Those are the resolutions I would actually be tempted to keep!

Why? Because, I'll feel really bad about myself thinking 'I couldn't even go two days without drinking coffee or 'it is two days into 2010 and I haven't achieved my goals'! I am thinking "Year Round," not just New Year's.

Above all else, may the fleas of a thousand camels infest the arse of the person who messed up your year and may his arms be too short to scratch his arse! Have a funtabulous' 09 everybody!

*asking myself again what I do want and set another goal*


Nightwing said... @ 2/1/09 8:04 AM

Happy New Year. sure if u put ur mind to it, u can do it.

All the best for 2009, thanks again for dropping by my crib and for the tags...:)

Nance said... @ 2/1/09 8:27 AM

Hello there,
I'm blog hopping here.
You're funny. I stopped making resolutions because i can't always keep them.
Hope you had a great 2008 and wishing you all the best in 2009!

LEon said... @ 2/1/09 11:18 AM

Your resolution is not that hard. Many of those you listed, I have no problem in doing it. For one, I'm not a coffee drinker and i don't really snacks. :P

Happy new year.

Tekkaus said... @ 2/1/09 11:53 AM

Happy new year 2009! I'm new here! Actually it's hard to give up on coffee. I can't do it. Haha =)

Anonymous said... @ 2/1/09 12:00 PM

omg our new year plan sounds alike!!! except for the part tht i dont have coffee compulsive disorder. lol.

LifeRamblings said... @ 2/1/09 2:09 PM

i didn't make any resolutions this year. i've always failed to fulfill my resolutions over the past years. they are either broken, ignored or simply forgotten. perhaps, i'll just pick up from where i left off. hehe

Unknown said... @ 2/1/09 3:26 PM

Wishing you a happy, healthy, prosperous, and amazing 2009!

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said... @ 2/1/09 4:29 PM

Haha..Your resolutions are pretty similar to mine. I guess we have similar addictions!

bluecrystaldude said... @ 2/1/09 9:44 PM

Hahaha! Love the last part. hehehe.. Wah.. Your resolutions are very impressive. I would be most probably doing all those things all year long. Hahaha.. Good luck and Happy New Year!

Ori said... @ 2/1/09 10:43 PM

Good luck with your resolutions Monica!!
and ahem.....ughh...I didn't know you can invent such an innovative torture :-D :-D Brava!! :-P

Mariuca said... @ 3/1/09 12:25 AM

Mon! For a moment there I was like oh no, I'm guilty of all those u mentioned! Was worried that now I got no fren to do all the bad but cool stuff on ur list he he...lucky not happening LOL!! :):):)

Mariuca said... @ 3/1/09 12:28 AM

For that, I'm gonna celebrate by having some coffee now lol...oh yeah, here's one for u too! Hugs! :)

foongpc said... @ 3/1/09 12:38 AM

For a minute, I was amazed at your new year resolution. Then I realised you must be kidding, and you are! Go to sleep before 11pm? Haha! I also can't do that! : )

LadyJava said... @ 3/1/09 1:54 AM

OMG!! Give up coffee?? you must be out of mind!!.. 5hrs on the net?? oh my.. what would you with the rest of the day?? heheh..

hahha.. I love the infesting wish..!!

Happy New Year to you too dearie!!

Monica said... @ 3/1/09 4:22 AM

oh I don't wanna do it! LOL!

Hello! Thanks for dropping by ;-)
yeah, it seems like all NY's resolutions are doomed to failure. so I don't make resolutions at all :-D Happy New Year to you too!

LEon,'s not hard IF I'm not addicted to coffee :-D
Happy New Year to you too!

Hi! welcome to my site & Happy New Year!!
oh I can't do it either..;-)

Monica said... @ 3/1/09 4:23 AM

hehe! so can you do that? cos I can't!

Life Ramblings,
hehe! I don't make resolutions at all!

Happy New Year to you too! ;-)

LOL! we've done similar things..

impressive, huh? of course, I'd definitely NOT doing all those things all year long... hahaha...

Monica said... @ 3/1/09 4:23 AM

you really think I'll stick with these resolutions? :-D

Don't worry hun; it will not happen. Guaranteed! LOL! Thanks for the coffee *muah*

of course, I was kidding..LOL!

I was only kidding dear! I'm addicted to coffee and I can't live without internet :-D

Anonymous said... @ 3/1/09 5:16 AM

Wow! I just can't live without coffee... I'm a caffeine! And 5 hours a day on the net is kinda impossible for me.. All the best to you! ;P

Monica said... @ 3/1/09 5:29 AM

same here! I can't live without coffee too and I MUST spend more that 5 hours a day on the Internet :-D

Nick Phillips said... @ 3/1/09 4:49 PM

I never make resolutions cos I can't keep a single one of them ... LOL!

Happy New Year :D

Angie R said... @ 4/1/09 12:20 PM

Hi Monica, I've approved your EC ad on my site. Thanks for the support. I got to know EC via your site. Cheers my dear :-)


Monica said... @ 5/1/09 5:12 AM

*high five* LOL
Happy New Year to you too!

Yay! hope to see my ad on your site soon ;-) Take care!

Anonymous said... @ 5/1/09 10:05 PM

I am totally opposite of you I spend so much online. I sleep late too.

Anonymous said... @ 6/1/09 1:16 AM

Happy New Year ;)
Sorry, but i mis-put my link @ your Monday Music Link Exchange. Plz delete the it if you want.

Monica said... @ 6/1/09 1:55 PM

same here! LOL!

Japanese Recipes,
Oh I guess LJL will delete it..
Happy New Year to you too! ;-)

Mariuca said... @ 7/1/09 12:30 AM

YAY, good to know he he! ;)

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