Monday, January 12, 2009

This is a catchy pop song that plays in my head after I have seen the romantic comedy film called Music and Lyrics. I can't get this song outta my head. I can't stop listening to it. I can't stop singing. I can't stop humming. I just can't get enough of it!

I really love this song and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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Mizé said... @ 12/1/09 4:59 AM

Chop! Lol!

Mizé said... @ 12/1/09 5:04 AM

Hi Monica.
Lovely romantic music.
I didn´t know the music and I also didn´t see the movie but I like the actress and the song.
Good Monday!

mystique said... @ 12/1/09 6:38 AM

Love the movie as well as the song that I got it memorized! Thanks for featuring it...cheers! ^_^

Rozella said... @ 12/1/09 8:35 AM

Cute movie, cute song! :)

LifeRamblings said... @ 12/1/09 1:54 PM

great selection of the week, Mon!

foongpc said... @ 12/1/09 2:20 PM

This is a nice song! Love it! : )

Mariuca said... @ 12/1/09 3:59 PM

Oh I love this number Monica, it's adorable!! And I oso heart Hugh he he he!!! Handsome la the fella!! :):):)

Mariuca said... @ 12/1/09 4:00 PM

I have a song dedication for u at MPG, enjoy! ;)

Anonymous said... @ 13/1/09 12:31 AM

So funny, I complemented listing posting this song. However, YouTube took the one I had saved down :(

Its such a cute song! of course I think its a great selection :)

Monica said... @ 13/1/09 4:01 AM

yeah, love, music and lyrics are happily all in tune in this romantic comedy with the melodic like Drew Barrymore? go watch it ;-)

I'm glad you loved it too..

and cute guy, too! LOL!

Life Ramblings,
Thanks ;-)

Monica said... @ 13/1/09 4:01 AM

glad to hear that!

yeah, he's a handsome British actor..
I love the song you dedicated to me! Thank you so much hun! love you *HUGS*

I'm glad you enjoyed listening to this one ;-)

Anonymous said... @ 13/1/09 5:30 AM

I absolutely love the song!
Couldn't believe that Hugh Grant sang that song & that Drew Barrymore didn't sing it.. :D

Unknown said... @ 13/1/09 8:23 AM

Even though predictable, that was cute movie. I enjoyed seeing the clip and hearing the song again.

Grace said... @ 13/1/09 9:41 AM

Hi, Monica. Thanks for this links. All this time I had been looking for a site that can give song lyrics. :)

Pok Dell said... @ 13/1/09 9:49 AM

Oh! I must see this movie..
It's been so long I never watch a romantic movie :D

A said... @ 13/1/09 10:10 AM

Great choice Monica!:D it's a great movie and it's a great song! :D I just love drew barrymore and I love hugh grant too! :D

Anonymous said... @ 13/1/09 2:24 PM

love this song too :) now i cnt stop singing to the song in office

Monica said... @ 13/1/09 11:29 PM

actually there are two versions; a demo version sung by Hugh Grant & Drew Barrymore and the final version sung by Hugh Grant & Haley Bennett.

I'm glad to know that you enjoyed it ;-)

Yay! you've found it! :-D

Monica said... @ 13/1/09 11:30 PM

yes, you must..LOL!

Thanks ;-)

LOL! you're blog hopping in the office, huh :-D

GagayMD said... @ 19/1/09 10:28 PM

lovin' this song so much!


GagayMD said... @ 19/1/09 10:28 PM

and the movie also.....


LadyJava said... @ 24/8/09 5:36 PM

oh I love love love this movie Mon... not sure who but I know I saw someone recommending it and thus after dl.. i have it in my lappy since FEB!.. lol.. and got to watch it now when I was offline in SG.. now I regret not watching it sooner.. Hugh and Grant were awesome.. I love them and I love Hugh more now that he got jive.. lol!!

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LadyJava said... @ 24/8/09 5:37 PM

Oh and I love this scene.. haha.. "you so senstive for someone who wears such tight pants.." and his answer ' it forces the blood to to my heart!!!" lol!!! lol!!!

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LadyJava said... @ 24/8/09 5:55 PM

Hiya Mon..
I click the play button and a different song comes on lah..hehe. why ah??

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Monica said... @ 24/8/09 5:59 PM

yalor LJ!! why like dat ah?? =-O =-O =-O =-O =-O
where's my fave song?! :'( :'( :'(

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