Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I've been asked by a friend of mine to forward this email!

(17 Dec 2008, 3:30pm) This suspected white color Honda Civic was tailing my brother's car from the shop and robbed him in front of my house. 4 Malay in total, 2 in the car, the other 2 got out from the car and attack my brother. One of them ran to the right and broke the window with an axe. The other one on the left was holding a knife trying to pull my brother out of the car. My brother attempted to escape with a bag that is full of cash, but these bastards kept chasing him. They drove the car to hit my brother, unfortunately he fell down and they slashed him with axe and knife. His skull has broken and the back bone was injured. All his cash snatched. Luckily my neighbours saw the incident; they ran out from the house and repulsed these robbers.

Although my brother is saved but he's still in bad condition lying in the hospital now. We're urgently looking for these cruel animals! Should you see this white car, please contact us asap at 0122239335 / 0162121043. Your info is extremely important to us. Please forward this video to as many people as possible, especially to your car mechanic or 2nd hand car reseller friends as these robbers might be sending the car for repair or sale. The rear and side mirror of this white car has been broken.

Some details of this car:

* Suspected 1998 Civic or Ford
* White color body with a black roof window
* Car plate no: 2188
* Rear mirror and side mirror has been broken
* Scratches on the car boot

Please see attached photos and video.

An advice to all drivers, please be alert and check the surrounding before getting out of the car!

Best regards,
The heart-breaking sister.

Now please help them and forward the email to as many people as you can!


Anonymous said... @ 20/1/09 11:25 AM

oh shit. these bastards are so daring!!!!! they must have tailed the victim for quite some period of time and got hold him.

:( sigh. malaysia memang boleh.

Angie R said... @ 20/1/09 11:39 AM

This is so horrible. Sometimes human beings are just so disgusting. Ampang is supposed to be a 'good' residential area. What's happened to M'sia?

Anonymous said... @ 20/1/09 12:23 PM

Oh! Hope the PDRM can catch dis animal A.S.A.P!!!!

Anonymous said... @ 20/1/09 2:17 PM

Goodness! Thieves are becoming more daring! Soon, they might even rob police stations

GagayMD said... @ 20/1/09 2:40 PM

thank you sis for dropping by at my site!

heheh! see u there again so soon!


Anonymous said... @ 20/1/09 3:08 PM

OMG! I hope you get those heartless animals. I will pray for your brother, I hope he recovers soon.

Anonymous said... @ 20/1/09 5:31 PM

I am so sorry to know what happen to your brother, indeed in this present days, the pressure of life makes people change so much and they seem more careless toward other life, only material world are count, nothing else...

In Bali the rate of robbery also rise up to a certain level which make us more feels insecure.. and those bad guys doesn't care if they do it during day time or night time ... what they want is just easy money to fill their empty soul...

I wish you all the best and your brother recover nicely.


Anonymous said... @ 20/1/09 5:44 PM

oh my god...horrible..Hello i found your Blog quite intresting.Well i am Vishalini from india i'm also quite new to this blogging world.So now i am searching for my new friends.i found you in my one of my friend's blog friend's list.I hope you can be my one my friend forever.So i have added you in my blog roll.Hope you will also add me in your friends list.Anyways my dear friend happy Blogging....And stay in touch.Bye.

Anonymous said... @ 20/1/09 6:18 PM

ooooops i didn't read it well. thought it happened to your brother, i'm glad it didn't. i hope this post will raise awareness and the police will finally get the robbers.

Anonymous said... @ 20/1/09 6:40 PM

People can be so evil. Hmmp.

Mizé said... @ 20/1/09 6:47 PM

Oh my. This is disturbing, makes us realize streets aren´t safe anymore, even in daylight. Hope they catch them soon.
Good Tuesday xx

molly said... @ 20/1/09 6:49 PM

That is 'banyak teruk' oh! Hopefully by now they are either in police station or in hell. :(
Monica, I am being squeezed out of you commenters list. I thought I visited you very often? :):)

LadyJava said... @ 20/1/09 7:47 PM

Ohh that is so scary!!! Right in front of the house some more..

I hope they get this bastards soon!!

Thanks for sharing dearie!!

Mariuca said... @ 20/1/09 8:56 PM

Aiyo poor thing the brother! Lucky still alive! :(:(:(

Mariuca said... @ 20/1/09 8:56 PM

What is happening to the world? This is all so depressing! :(:(:(

Mariuca said... @ 20/1/09 8:57 PM

I hope they will get what they deserve sooner or later. Also very angry and upset now! ;(

Mariuca said... @ 20/1/09 8:57 PM

But the good news is that I'm done with both EC rounds yay! :):):)

LifeRamblings said... @ 20/1/09 10:19 PM

this is terrifying. all these happenings make us feel so unsafe. i hope the police will get those bastards asap.

Metz said... @ 21/1/09 12:27 AM

Hi Monica,

am just weirded out by all of these. Creepy and scary and furious all at the same time are the emotions that I feel. Hope that nothing like that ever happens again and yes always be alert and cautious.

Monica said... @ 21/1/09 1:54 AM

yeah they must have seen the victim carried a bag with full of cash.. these cruel animals memang boleh!

I've never lived in Ampang but I certainly think that the world is getting more and more insecure irregardless of where you live..

Yeah, they better catch these animals before they find the next victim!

LOL. There is nothing there for them. Unless, the police keeps tons of cash and drugs in the stations :-D

See ya ;-)

Monica said... @ 21/1/09 1:55 AM

hehe! I knew you didn't read it properly.. Well, let's pray that nothing like this would happen to us all and my brother.

He's not my brother. Thank GOD it didn't happen to my brother or anyone of us.
yeah, they just don't care where, how and who, as long as they get what they want, even if it has to take someone's precious life!

Hello! Thanks for dropping by and also adding me on your blogroll. I'll drop by at your blog soon.. Of course, I can be your new friend ;-) And, let's crowd the blogosphere.

Evil... I think the word 'evil' is in fact 'human'. There's no evil as in the real evil, like some of us imagine.

yes there's no safe place to live anymore except for 6 feet underground...get what I meant? :-D

Monica said... @ 21/1/09 1:56 AM

These evils should be burned and grilled in the 7th layer of Hell!
Honey, you still got one more week to squeeze into the top 10! ;-)

I guess, we all have to be on the look out. Just be careful ya. luckily they also have CCTV installed!

Indeed it's a very depressing news to be heard esp when the New Year has just started and CNY is coming up soon!
another bad news, I haven't started doing my EC rounds yet...oh dear

Life Ramblings,
Yeah, we all pray that these evils will be caught anytime soon.

Empty Streets,
Aren't we all angry and frustrated upon hearing such a horrible news? In fact, if have super power I would catch those midgets before they even know that I'm coming for them..:-D

Anonymous said... @ 21/1/09 2:45 AM

Oh gosh... I hope your brother's ok.. The robbers were sure damn daring to attack in front of the house and in a neighbourhood. Hope your bro has a speedy recovery. May they get caught soon.

Btw, I think they'll prolly dump the car somewhere or the car used was prolly stolen.

Monica said... @ 21/1/09 3:15 AM

you didn't read the post properly; he's not my brother :-D

anyway, we certainly wish him a speedy recovery!

Anonymous said... @ 21/1/09 8:08 AM

Why cant those robbers get a job?

J@n!ce said... @ 21/1/09 8:34 AM

So terrible to have happened right in front of the house & caught on CCTV. May God Bless the victim.

Nick Phillips said... @ 21/1/09 2:22 PM

Horrible. I hope they apprehend the bums!

Unknown said... @ 21/1/09 4:06 PM

There is a rumour saying that how they know you have so much cash. Most people go to bank to withdraw money. It seems that there are clerks working in cahoots with these ppl. They will sms to their members that someone with description will have withdrawn so much cash from their bank.

Anonymous said... @ 22/1/09 3:44 AM

Ooooops.... Missed out that lil' info.. *blush*

Well, let me rephrase.. I hope your friend's brother recovers soon.. Such behaviours at such places are really uncalled for.

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