Friday, January 09, 2009

Another two more weeks, I will be flying back to Sabah for the Chinese New Year! Argh! I really hope those uncles aunties stop saying I have lost a significant amount of weight, again!

"Eh how come you are so thin?"

"Wah! Why are you on a diet or what?"

I really hate these questions! And my response was, "Aunties I still have to lose some weight to get a flatter stomach!"

*Aunties start rolling their eyes.*

I may look thin but that doesn't mean I don't have my "out of shape" areas! What? Thin people get flabby stomachs too alright! I may not need a tummy tuck to reduce my stomach to the size of a walnut but that doesn't mean I don't have to tone up my middle section. Actually, I don't mind to opt for a mini tummy tuck as I am sure my abdomen will be firmer, flatter, and my waist will be smaller!

Well, an abdominoplasty may increase your self-confidence and improve your appearance especially in tighter, more revealing, clothes. But, not everyone is a good candidate for this. Go ask an expert if you have questions on this before you remove the unwanted fat and skin!

And let me see if I quit eating cows those aunties will quit farting!


Mariuca said... @ 9/1/09 7:33 PM

Chop! ;)

Mariuca said... @ 9/1/09 7:39 PM

He he... sigh...I don mind if my aunties complain me being too thin, which is never la! ;)

foongpc said... @ 9/1/09 10:09 PM

Actually, isn't it good that your uncles and aunties say you are thin? Better than say you put on weight, right? : )

LifeRamblings said... @ 9/1/09 10:48 PM

i'm still striving hard to be thin, skinny and slim to fit in nice fitting clothes. lol!

Anonymous said... @ 10/1/09 6:37 AM

My relatives are also vocal like that. What's worse is they also say everything to my husband. "Hello T. Wow, you gained weight." LOL

Grace said... @ 10/1/09 10:19 AM

Oh yeah, our folks don't understand about the diet things. :)
Thanks for the thought, Monica.

eastcoastlife said... @ 10/1/09 10:32 AM

Oh, you are from Sabah!
Don't be bothered by the 三姑六婆 during Chinese New Year. I get these too even though I'm older. haha....

Mizé said... @ 10/1/09 10:32 AM

Hi Monica.
How I wish my family said that to me, lol. It´s so the opposite, but I don´t mind, hehe. I just pretend I didn´t listen.
Good Weekend xxx

Rozella said... @ 10/1/09 11:37 AM

Babe! OMG! You are from Sabah? I had no idea!!!

Rozella said... @ 10/1/09 11:38 AM

Nevermind lah about the comments... just think about the ang pows! Hehehehe

Anonymous said... @ 10/1/09 12:47 PM

was here

LadyJava said... @ 10/1/09 1:01 PM

hahah.. just like me.. pple also say I slim but there are so many areas that meed "trimming".. high five woman! lol!

Monica said... @ 10/1/09 7:46 PM

I don mind too if I'm too thin but the fact is I'm not even skinny that's why I hate these kind of ques :-D

I eat a lot and I don't work out but they keep saying I don't seem to be eating enough and trying to make myself so skinny! Jeez! that's not true!

Life Ramblings,
hey you're not fat at all!

LOL! don't worry as long as your hubby looks good at his present weight!

yeah, Asian parents always want their children to be chubby!

Monica said... @ 10/1/09 7:46 PM

Yes, I'm from Sabah! ;-)
haha! it's so annoying huh?!

I don't mind too but I get so irritated when they keep on repeating the same ques!

ya bah I'm also a Sabahan..LOL!
yeah just take the ang pows and shut my ears off:-D

Thanks for being here ;-)

I saw the pic of you & your men! you've a nice body ;-)

LadyJava said... @ 10/1/09 9:35 PM

hahahah... that was ages nicer...if you believe me!!! hehehehehheheh!!!!!

molly said... @ 11/1/09 12:01 AM

I think it's better to be thin and healthy rather than fat. Luckily I dont put on weight easily too. :):)

Mariuca said... @ 11/1/09 1:00 AM

He he, I hear u Mize! ;)

Mariuca said... @ 11/1/09 1:00 AM

He he, I hear u Mize! ;)

Mariuca said... @ 11/1/09 1:07 AM

Oooops sorry abt that Mon! :(

Mariuca said... @ 11/1/09 1:08 AM

I am dropping EC for MPG while having coffee! Hope u're having a wonderful weekend. :):):)

Nance said... @ 11/1/09 7:48 AM

Ha ha ha ... i love that last part about cows and farting! for some reason, oldies think that being fat is healthy. aunties/uncles used to ask me, why are you so thin? aren't you being fed properly?
ahhh, how i wish to go back to my teen age size!

Monica said... @ 11/1/09 5:59 PM

pheewitt! of coz I believe you!! ;-)

lucky us, huh? :-D

It's alright dear! hehe..
I'm just starting on my EC round.. yesterday I was too tired to drop :-(

yes, esp Asian parents..they always want their children to be chubby & eat full fat foods (yikes)!
well, it's not too late to go back to your teen age size btw ;-)

Angie R said... @ 11/1/09 10:47 PM

Hi Monica, don't complain. How I wish I had your flat tummy. I notice from reading your blog that you eat a lot too but you still maintain the model figure. *sigh* sigh* Some people are so lucky with weight.

Angie :-)

Monica said... @ 12/1/09 4:24 AM

hehe! complaint abt those aunties only :-D

Unknown said... @ 12/1/09 7:49 AM

I thought Aunties would only ask...aiya, when getting married oooo???? HAAAAAAAAA!

Anonymous said... @ 12/1/09 10:36 PM

Hi, I will be going back to Johor in a week's time for Chinese New Year too. I bet I will get the same 'You are still so thin!' or 'You are thinner!' comments from my relatives and friends.

Happy CNY !!!

Monica said... @ 13/1/09 4:10 AM

that's for sure! sigh

LOL! so what're you gonna say?

Happy CNY to you too ;-)

Tekkaus said... @ 15/1/09 5:28 AM

But some curves are great what! =)

Tekkaus said... @ 15/1/09 5:29 AM

But some curves are great what! =)

Monica said... @ 15/1/09 6:29 PM

ya but not somewhere around the middle part! LOL

Anonymous said... @ 15/1/09 9:32 PM

me again,

Most probably, I will just smile or say,'Still the same!!'

Four days and I will be flying back to Malaysia ...

Anonymous said... @ 17/1/09 9:32 AM

hahahahaha.... sister... dun care about their comments lar... is a normal reaction if you have changed a bit and only see u once a year.....of coz they will say something to start the conversation....!!!! it's ok lar.......

Monica said... @ 19/1/09 1:41 AM

hehe! welcome back to M'sia! ;-)

ok la :-D see you there!

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