Thursday, February 05, 2009

Hello everyone! I've just returned from a two-week Chinese New Year holiday and I'm still trying to get back into the swing of things. I miss you guys so much and sorry for couldn't drop by your site(s) while I was away.

The first week was pretty packed with over 500 pictures taken during our trip. We arrived at Kota Kinabalu and stayed at cousin's place for one night. The next day we drove to Tenom, a small town (my mom's hometown) about three hours drive from Kota Kinabalu. It is also known as the "gateway to Murut (a group of hill tribes) country".

The dog's head-shaped of Sabah map.

We checked-in at the comfortable, air-conditioned Tenom Fatt Choi Coffee Cabins upon arrival.

The cabins stand majestically up a hill overlooking Tenom and a hanging bridge with the mighty Padas River roaring down the valleys.

The following day, we visited Tenom Fatt Choi Cafe and coffee factory.

I didn't know that Tenom is famous for its coffee! We expected nothing more than sitting around and sipping different flavors of complimentary Tenom Fatt Choi Coffee.

It was baby Cammy's birthday on that day. So we drove back to Kota Kinabalu for her birthday party and stayed for another two nights in Kota Kinabalu.

1 Borneo, the largest shopping and entertainment mall in Sabah.

The reunion dinner on Chinese New Year's Eve at cousin's place.

On the first day of CNY, we drove 3 hours to the north of Kota Kinabalu. We went to Kudat, another small town (my dad's hometown) on the northern part of Sabah.

Tip of Borneo at Simpang Mengayau.

They say a visit to Sabah should not be complete without having seen the very Tip of Borneo at least!

We were at one of the two ears in the "dog's head".

We had our dinner at one of the floating restaurants at Sidek Esplanade by the seashore.

There, we were recommended The Rest House Kudat for the night stay. The next day, we were off to Kundasang, the closest village to Mount Kinabalu.

Along the way, we stopped over at one of the stalls selling jagung bakar (roasted corn).

We passed by Kota Belud, stopped at Pekan Nabalu for lunch and to refresh ourselves.

Wholesale vegetables market along the roadside in Kundasang.

On my birthday,

I woke at 7am,

just to catch the best view of

Mount Kinabalu!

Kinabalu National Park.

A view from Kinabalu National Park.

We had our lunch Ranau, the nearest town to Mount Kinabalu, and district in the West Coast Division of Sabah.

Rock pool at Poring Hot Springs, which is part of the vast Kinabalu National Park.

My cousin sister, Salina and I soaked our tired legs in the mineral hot tub.

At night, we stopped at Lahad Datu for an awesome dinner. By 10 pm, we arrived at Tawau, our home sweet home, finally. Phew!

Chinese New Year theoretically is not over yet. 4 more days to go till Chap Goh Meh (the fifteenth and final day of the Lunar New Year)! Enjoy!

Well, I'd love to write more and put up more pictures, but I am afraid you can't digest. So I'll be adding tons more pictures as time goes on, I'm sure.


Anonymous said... @ 6/2/09 7:55 AM

Yay! You're back! I'm sure you had fun huh? Happy belated birthday to you! ;P

I'm so jealous... I've been wanting to go Sabah and not forgetting Sarawak too.. Those 2 states are the onlyl states in Malaysia I have yet to step on.. lol!

Anyway, welcome back once again and it's time to put away that holiday mood.. ;P

Jackie said... @ 6/2/09 8:49 AM

Welcome home and a belated very happy birthday to you also!!

I am back blogging and have been waiting for you to get home. I missed you and everyone so much!!

Oh wow Monica the pictures are simply beautiful. I would love to visit there.

it looks like you had a fantastic time!!


GagayMD said... @ 6/2/09 8:58 AM

ms. monica! great that you've come back to blogging!


GagayMD said... @ 6/2/09 8:59 AM

oh! so that was your birthday celebration! great!

i observed that you really were enjoying your trip!

see u soon!


Anonymous said... @ 6/2/09 9:39 AM

Nice one! So many familiar places in your post. :-)

J@n!ce said... @ 6/2/09 9:46 AM

I've not been to Mt Kinabalu. Great view I can see from your photos. Happy belated birthday to you. I would love to soak my feet in the mineral water too :):)

khengsiong said... @ 6/2/09 11:21 AM

So many interesting places... I have only been to Kota Kinabalu :(

Are the cabins made of real wood or plastic replica?

Anonymous said... @ 6/2/09 11:42 AM

yeay u r back! :D

nice photos u have ..and the roasted jagung is seriously roasted. lol.

Nick Phillips said... @ 6/2/09 12:08 PM

Welcome back and judging by the pictures, looks like you had a fun time :D

foongpc said... @ 6/2/09 1:33 PM

Wow! So nice your CNY holiday! I think I'll be going KK in April. Hope to visit those places you visited! Looking forward to more photos from you! : )

LifeRamblings said... @ 6/2/09 2:34 PM

sounds like you're having a wonderful CNY.

welcome home, Mon!

Metz said... @ 6/2/09 7:05 PM

Hi Monica,

yayyy so glad to see you back and wow is all I could say. Amazing shots and photos :) and you went to Kinabalu wahhhh Now am so jelly heheh I cant wait to get back there again :) hehehe anyways it is the weekend again and I do hope you are having a good time as always ;) xoxo

Ori said... @ 6/2/09 9:44 PM

Welcome back to the blogsphere Mon :))
That's quite a fun holiday you had.
Oh, you didn't warn your readers about your birthday, otherwise this blog will not only be showered with birthday greetings, but also with birthdays presents!! ;))

I'm sure God has already had beautiful plans for you and that's the most beautiful gift.

Happy belated birthday Monica!!

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 1:16 AM

:* :* :* :*

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 1:17 AM

YAY! Mon is back and JS is here LOL!! 8-) 8-)

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 1:17 AM

So good to see new post here Mon, we've missed u soooooo much! HUGS! 8-) :*

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 1:18 AM

Mon, u have joined the JS gang yeeha! :-P 8-)

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 1:20 AM

Your birthday??? *DONT_KNOW* *DONT_KNOW* *DONT_KNOW*

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 1:21 AM

Woohhhooo.. I see someone is using JS too... Ohh this is so much fun!!!

Wonderful pictures Mon..
Glad you're back!! :* :*

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 1:22 AM

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONICA!!!!! May you remain young at heart and beautiful always! Love and hugs! :* :* :*

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 1:22 AM

So when was ur birthday la?

Love the pics dearie and that jagung bakar is making me hungry now! :* :-D =-O =-X

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 1:25 AM

28 Jan :-D

oh ya the jagung bakar is very delicious la

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 1:26 AM

thanks dear ;)

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 1:43 AM

Ohhhh 28 Jan!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY again sweetie! Love and hugs! :* :* 8-) 8-)

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 1:48 AM

Thanks dear! *HUGS* :*

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 2:39 AM

oh yes Cashmere, I had so much fun in Sabah! you must go visit Sabah & Sarawak one day

Thanks for the birthday wishes! ;)

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 3:05 AM

Shinade! Welcome back to the blogging world! I'm so glad to hear that, you're such a great blogger you know :) Thanks for the birthday wishes dear.. I miss you too *HUGS*

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 3:06 AM

Hello GAGAY ;)

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 3:10 AM

I didn't celebrate my b'day; just had dinner with my family..and I got "ang pows" :-D

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 3:14 AM


Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 3:20 AM

it was also my first time seeing Mt Kinabalu.. :-P
Thanks for the birthday wishes J@n!ce ;)

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 3:23 AM

The cabins are made of teak wood :)

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 3:24 AM

hehe! the roasted jagung is YUMMY I tell ya :-D

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 3:26 AM

oh yes we had so much fun! :-D

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 3:35 AM

Great; I hope you enjoy your trip to KK!
Stay tuned for more pics ya ;)

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 3:36 AM

I hope you had a wonderful CNY, too! :)

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 3:40 AM

Hi Metz! so glad to see you here, too! ya I went to Kinabalu! so when are you going to Sabah, again? ;)

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 4:01 AM

hehe! you're so sweet Ori :*
& thanks for the birthday wishes ya *HUGS*

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 8:04 AM

welcome back, my dear!s AND blated Happy B'day to you!
Awww, those CNY dishes look so yummy! thanks for the geography lessons and taking us there too, sweetie.s
(pssst ... did u had the chance to color your hair)s :)

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 11:21 AM

Tenom is well-known for its fragrant coffee becuase I once had friends bring it to me. I so want to visit Sabah now! It looks like a gorgeous place for a holiday.

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 3:19 PM

Babe you got so banyak-banyak pictures!!! Hehehe It looks like you had a great holiday and wow that CNY dinner looks real good!!

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 9:14 PM

:-P :*

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 9:24 PM

Dropping ec as usual Mon, what's for dinner? *DONT_KNOW* :-P

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 9:25 PM

EC traffic not bad today, it has been unbearable past two days but today a bit better YAY! Almost done with WOAFS! :D

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 9:25 PM

:-$ :* :-D

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 9:26 PM

Lovely saturday to u and Ralph! :* :* O:-) :-D

Anonymous said... @ 7/2/09 10:34 PM

Thanks for dropping by Monica! Those pictures of yours just show how great and fun-filled your vacation was.
Housewife @ Work
A Mother's Stuff

Anonymous said... @ 8/2/09 12:16 AM

Thanks for the birthday wishes dear!s
oh, I didn't ve the chance to color my hair :(

Anonymous said... @ 8/2/09 12:20 AM

yeah, you must go visit Sabah one day...hehe!

Anonymous said... @ 8/2/09 12:22 AM

more than 500 pics babe! :-D
btw, you are living in KK right?

Anonymous said... @ 8/2/09 12:23 AM


Anonymous said... @ 8/2/09 12:24 AM

I had roti susu just now...LOL! what abt you?

Anonymous said... @ 8/2/09 12:27 AM

you're almost done?! wah! so fast-nya :-D

Anonymous said... @ 8/2/09 12:27 AM

thanks hun! *muah**muah**muah*

Anonymous said... @ 8/2/09 12:29 AM

you're welcome! ;-)

Anonymous said... @ 8/2/09 9:29 AM

Ha, the reunion dinner is just like my mom's cooking, more meat than vege.sMMm... home cook, Iscould smell it fromshere..s

Anonymous said... @ 9/2/09 11:27 AM

That view of the mountain is just majestic!
Kota Kinabalu is one of the place I would love to visit but maybe I'll wait when we are already living in the Philippines as it is closer to fly from Manila I think.

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Anonymous said... @ 9/2/09 1:14 PM

now I miss my dad's/mom's cooking :(

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Anonymous said... @ 9/2/09 1:19 PM

go visit Kota Kinabalu; I'm sure you'll love it ;-)

Recent blog post: Music Monday - Endless Love

Anonymous said... @ 10/2/09 12:07 PM

Wow! Amazing pics!
Now I know you sure had a good time :)
Would´n´t mind visiting that lovely countryside and stay in the cabins, it looks so peaceful there.
Ah! And wouldn´t mind trying the food too! :)
Late birthday wishes.
Good Tuesday xx

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