Friday, April 24, 2009

The old saying goes, "A Wedding is but a day, a Marriage is a lifetime." I know in preparation for marriage is definitely not easy. There will be little amount of stress initially. As the wedding day draw nears, more and more things come to mind which may end up tired and stressed out. For those of you who are married, I am sure you know the pre-wedding stress that I am talking about. The things that had to go over like choice of bridesmaid and groomsmen, flower girls, ring bearer, ceremony sites, bridal gowns, photography, invitations, wedding cake and what not could be daunting, tiring and boring sometimes. And here's just a partial list!

“The real act of marriage takes place in the heart, not in the ballroom or church or synagogue. It's a choice you make - not just on your wedding day, but over and over again - and that choice is reflected in the way you treat your husband or wife.” ~Barbara De Angelis.

Oh, wait! I am not getting married yet. I am not talking about my wedding here. Ha! Ralph's cousin sister is getting married by end of this year. She and her future spouse arrived here yesterday morning. They came all the way from Sarawak to do as thorough as possible research before starting their "wedding campaign". First thing first, go shopping! The only thing I could help is to bring them around and visit those bridal studios to search out the designer gown she has dreamt of all her life. However, it can also be a tough decision with so many styles and gowns to choose from. Finding "the one" is very much an individual experience because it will be the dress that makes you feel special and feel really excited about wearing it.

To me wedding photography preparation is also very important when photographing the biggest event of some one's life. Since money is not a problem for them, I suggest they do both photography and video photography. They agree and now they are going through some professional Video Production Services for this important event. Wish them luck!

Next, shop for big stones wedding ring sets! Phew~


Mariuca said... @ 25/4/09 2:28 AM

=-O =-O

Mariuca said... @ 25/4/09 2:28 AM


Mariuca said... @ 25/4/09 2:33 AM

:-$ :-$ :-$ :-$

Mariuca said... @ 25/4/09 2:34 AM

Monica! I did this PB edi last month YAY, pretty good price right this one? He he he! :-$ :-$ :-$ :-$

Mariuca said... @ 25/4/09 2:35 AM

Yeah, weddings are stressful that's all I can say! I did most of the work myself cause I wanted to make sure everything was perfect but in the end, it wa so stressful I tell you! Shld have used a wedding planner ha ha! :-D

Monica said... @ 25/4/09 3:14 AM

:* :*

Monica said... @ 25/4/09 3:16 AM

Mariuca!! I just came back not long ago; so tired la :(

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Monica said... @ 25/4/09 3:18 AM

is it? u did this last mth? haha I cannot remember pretty good price!! YAY :-$ :-$

Recent blog post: I'm underweight?

Monica said... @ 25/4/09 3:21 AM

hahaha you're same like her la... everything must be perfect! :*

Recent blog post: I'm underweight?

Mariuca said... @ 25/4/09 3:26 AM


Mariuca said... @ 25/4/09 3:26 AM

Finally u are here dear! I cant drop today la Mon, connection sucks to da max! :(

Mariuca said... @ 25/4/09 3:27 AM

Where did u go sweetie? Supper or clubbing? He he he!

Mariuca said... @ 25/4/09 3:27 AM

Or pool session? ;)

Mariuca said... @ 25/4/09 3:28 AM

Yeah! I did this one edi he he, had to chop cause price so good right? I love la RM! I have 2 more PBs left, you?

Mariuca said... @ 25/4/09 3:29 AM

Of coz mon, later when it’s ur turn to plan ur wedding, surely u too stress! He he he!

Monica said... @ 25/4/09 3:32 AM

oh my connection is ok la today but I haven't started dropping yet!

Mariuca said... @ 25/4/09 3:36 AM

I managed to drop on important blogs but yest I did NOT!! :(

Monica said... @ 25/4/09 4:46 AM

Mariuca, yest u didn't finish 600 drops coz u zzzz early right?

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Monica said... @ 25/4/09 4:48 AM

oh no... now the connection becomes slow pulak >:o >:o

Recent blog post: I'm underweight?

Monica said... @ 25/4/09 4:49 AM

Mariuca, I went to Ikea, the curve and SS2 today! no clubbing la.. haha!

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Monica said... @ 25/4/09 4:52 AM

and I went to bandar sri permaisuri for supper - bbq lamb and grilled fish!!! :)

Recent blog post: I'm underweight?

Mariuca said... @ 25/4/09 4:55 AM

I slept “early” as in 5am la but yeah didn’t drop! :(

Monica said... @ 25/4/09 4:55 AM

I love RM too Mariuca... some more very fast they approved right? I've 1 more PB left but no rush la... eh I tak sempat la the FFI :(

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Mariuca said... @ 25/4/09 4:58 AM

LOL all my fave places Mon, cause all in PJ! :)

Mariuca said... @ 25/4/09 5:02 AM

Still sempat Mon, am planning to do at MPG oso lol! :)

Monica said... @ 25/4/09 5:06 AM

actually I also prefer to do the work myself Mariuca coz I demand PERFECTION! :-D :-D

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Monica said... @ 25/4/09 5:08 AM

haha “early” as in 5am!! so today night owl all the way!

Mariuca said... @ 25/4/09 5:09 AM

Exactly Mon… if not perfect sure not happy right, then spoil our mood only!

Monica said... @ 25/4/09 5:12 AM

I heart PJ area Mariuca! 8-) 8-)

Monica said... @ 25/4/09 5:15 AM

ok I'll try coz I want to drop 300 drops first! :-D

Monica said... @ 25/4/09 5:18 AM

yeah some more this comes only once in a lifetime!!!!!

Mariuca said... @ 25/4/09 5:22 AM

I’m def a PJ girl Mon!

Mariuca said... @ 25/4/09 5:22 AM

Today planning to drop 600 then only sleep! I clicked adgi edi! :)

Monica said... @ 25/4/09 5:25 AM

yeah you're a PJ girl Mariuca; I'm not...LOL!!!

Mariuca said... @ 25/4/09 5:27 AM

I just only finished dropping for WOAFS Mon, now abt to drop another 250 for MPG!

Mariuca said... @ 25/4/09 5:35 AM

Exactamundo, everything has to be perfect!

Monica said... @ 25/4/09 5:35 AM

yeah me too.... must finish ec and adgi first!

Monica said... @ 25/4/09 5:37 AM fast finished dropping for WOAFS aldy!

Mariuca said... @ 25/4/09 5:43 AM

Oh he he u Sabah girl! Sabah right and not Sarawak? R from Sarawak yeah?

Monica said... @ 25/4/09 5:52 AM

yeah, Sabah!! and R from Sarawak :-D

ayie said... @ 25/4/09 6:15 AM

I thought at first it was you getting hitched. Phot & Video is one of the most important for me because that's where everything is captured. It's like documenting the wedding. It's tough preparing for the wedding but it's worth all the work thinking you'll be with the person you love. It's fun doing the preps too, just take it easy and i wish them luck!

Mariuca said... @ 25/4/09 6:19 AM

I am at Alright now Mon!

Mariuca said... @ 25/4/09 6:20 AM

Aiyoooo what so fast, so slow la cause started since afternoon, now only done with WOAFS cause slow screamyx lol!

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