Thursday, July 30, 2009

If you've been reading this blog regularly for awhile, you know that I have quite a few Middle Eastern friends especially from Saudi Arabia and Iran. The last time we went to Langkawi together, we all had a great time there! One of the reasons was because of my Egyptian friend; Lili joined us for the trip too!

Lili used to invite us to her house for some Egyptian food (dishes were a cross between Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine) during her stay in Malaysia. There, she told us A LOT about her country and she was very proud of The Sphinx and of course the famous Pyramids, when the Great Pyramid was deemed one of the original Seven Wonders of the World.

They admired the Pyramids by night with breathtaking shows. Here you can learn more about the magnificent story of the history of the Pyramids and glory of the Pharaohs through lyric, light and sound. Nothing beats a ride through the desert and then a stop on the hill to watch the sun set over the pyramids!

The Avenue of the Sphinx which leads to the temple of Luxor.

The winter months are a good time to visit Egypt when the temperatures lie comfortably in the twenties. The summer months can reach up to forty degrees in the cities and although it is a little cooler at the coast it remains very hot. According to her, the best time to pick up a bargain cheap Egypt holidays would be if you're looking to book in May, June, November or December.

Long gone are the days when the word Egypt conjured up images of camels and sand. Egypt is a country with incredible history and culture. The list of attractions is as long as the Nile itself!

It's not hard to imagine a luxury holiday in Egypt: *picture myself floating down the Nile with romantic lure of a Nile River cruise, enjoy the delights of a traditional Belly Dancer or relaxing at a swish Cairo hotel and I'm almost there!*

Ana Baheb Masr!


LadyJava said... @ 31/7/09 2:13 AM

:-[ :-[ :-[ :-[

LadyJava said... @ 31/7/09 2:14 AM

Wah.. i love the pictures Mon!!

LadyJava said... @ 31/7/09 2:15 AM

oohh.. pyramids... so beautiful!!

Monica said... @ 31/7/09 2:16 AM

LJ!!! :* :* :*

Ayie said... @ 31/7/09 2:43 AM

hi mon!! :) :*

Monica said... @ 31/7/09 2:46 AM

Hi Ayie!! :* :*

Ayie said... @ 31/7/09 2:47 AM

that's a very good place to see...all the great wonders and that cruise! ;)

Ayie said... @ 31/7/09 2:55 AM

planning to go to egypt for a trip? *DONT_KNOW*

Mariuca said... @ 31/7/09 4:26 AM

:* :* :* :*

Mariuca said... @ 31/7/09 4:26 AM

Monica! :* :*

Mariuca said... @ 31/7/09 4:27 AM

Yeah I notice u have many mid eastern friends! 8-) 8-) 8-)

Mariuca said... @ 31/7/09 4:27 AM

I love the pyramid pic! So beautiful! 8-) 8-)

Mariuca said... @ 31/7/09 4:28 AM

And ur fren's house looks so cozy! :-D :-D

Mariuca said... @ 31/7/09 4:28 AM

Hi Ayie! :-D :-D

Monica said... @ 31/7/09 4:28 AM

Mariuca! :* :* u're here :)

Mariuca said... @ 31/7/09 4:28 AM

LJ! :* :*

Mariuca said... @ 31/7/09 4:31 AM

Morning Monica, I just finished dropping 900!

Monica said... @ 31/7/09 4:36 AM

I haven't started yet Mariuca! btw, I've 5 PBs hohoho don't know sempat or not lol!

Mariuca said... @ 31/7/09 4:42 AM

Hahahah 5 Pbs at the end of the month some more, sure lazy mode right !

Monica said... @ 31/7/09 4:47 AM

yalor so lazy!! :-P :-P

Ayie said... @ 31/7/09 4:52 AM

now it works!!! I'm back!! :) :)

Monica said... @ 31/7/09 5:07 AM

oh now it works! haha glad to hear Ayie!! :* :*

Ayie said... @ 31/7/09 5:16 AM

i got excited when it finally worked again but looking at the time, I nee to leave you ladies for now. mom-in-law asking me to drive her to the grocery. Need to stop working too :-P

Ayie said... @ 31/7/09 5:17 AM

hope you two will have your beauty rest soon :* :* buenas noches!

tekkaus said... @ 31/7/09 5:40 AM

This post reminds me of The Mummy movie. Hahaha :) Your friend looks very unique o. :-P

tekkaus said... @ 31/7/09 5:41 AM

Yeah! To them, the pyramids are their symbol of pride. Something which is really close to their heart. Then your friend must be happy that the latest Transformer movie is filmed at Egypt?

tekkaus said... @ 31/7/09 5:41 AM

Anyway Good morning Mon! :D

Nessa said... @ 31/7/09 8:55 AM

Your friend Lili has beautiful eyes... most Middle Easterners have that kind of eyes ya.

I didn't know there's Winter in Egypt! Egypt is indeed beautiful! =-O =-O

Mariuca said... @ 31/7/09 1:45 PM

Buzzy buzz if u are up sweetie!

bluedreamer said... @ 31/7/09 2:32 PM

wow you got amazing shots here
i wish i can go to Egypt one day hehe
thanks for sharing

bluedreamer said... @ 31/7/09 2:33 PM

by the way Monica congrats for making it to the Finale of Blog Idol!! good luck for both of you

Ane said... @ 31/7/09 3:55 PM

The pictures are absolutely breathtaking Mon!! :-D

Ane said... @ 31/7/09 3:56 PM

There are so many places to see! I hope I get to go to Egypt someday but must visit Malaysia first! :-D :-D :-D

Ane said... @ 31/7/09 4:28 PM

I want to go inside a pyramid and explore!! :-D wanna see a mummy! :-D

eastcoastlife said... @ 31/7/09 6:20 PM

I want to ride on a camel and eat Egyptian food! :P

eastcoastlife said... @ 31/7/09 6:21 PM

Have a lovely weekend!

Metz said... @ 1/8/09 1:55 AM

I Love Egypt, me and my family used to go there every 6 months for vacation time :) My dad worked as an oil consultant back then for both saudi and egyptian companies hehehe :) I kinda miss it much :)

Anyways, hope you have a great weekend dear :) Keep smiling always xoxo

Anonymous said... @ 1/8/09 8:25 AM

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Shinade aka Jackie said... @ 1/8/09 9:36 AM

:) :) :* :*

Shinade aka Jackie said... @ 1/8/09 9:37 AM

Wonderful share Monica!

Shinade aka Jackie said... @ 1/8/09 9:38 AM

Your friend is beautiful. I think perhaps even more beautiful than the mysterious and glorious Queen Cleopatra! Thanks for sharing with us!! Big hugs!! :) :) :* :*

Mariuca said... @ 1/8/09 2:03 PM

Morning Mon!!

Mariuca said... @ 1/8/09 2:04 PM

I’m resetting my FCSB! You and Debbs tied at MD for TFC, meow meow! :)

Mariuca said... @ 1/8/09 2:45 PM

Monica!! :)

Mariuca said... @ 1/8/09 2:46 PM

Wow sweetie! You are TCO and TCM at both WOAFS and MPG! And u are still my Top Meow at MD, conquering all three blogs this month, CONGRATS!!!!! :)

Mariuca said... @ 1/8/09 2:51 PM

WOW! U are also my TFC at all three blogs woo hoo!!!!!! :)

Mariuca said... @ 1/8/09 3:14 PM

Wooshy woosh!

ARun said... @ 1/8/09 3:53 PM

Nice, Beautiful Blog

Keep it Up Friend

Arun Sharma

Mariuca said... @ 1/8/09 7:47 PM


Mariuca said... @ 2/8/09 4:25 PM

Meow! ;)

levian said... @ 3/8/09 9:23 AM

ah, Egypt is always at the top of my list,
one of the place i must at least travel once in this lifetime.
their winter time is our best timing to drop by,
i will keep that in mind, thanks for the information! =)

eastcoastlife said... @ 3/8/09 9:31 AM

Morning, beautiful!
have a great start to a new week! :)

life ramblings said... @ 3/8/09 4:42 PM

your friend is lovely and i'd love to visit Egypt someday and ride on the camel. :-D

life ramblings said... @ 3/8/09 4:42 PM

hope you have a good Monday sweetie.

bluecrystaldude said... @ 3/8/09 7:24 PM

Egypt would be nice, if only it's not that hot.. :P

Mariuca said... @ 3/8/09 8:50 PM

Hi Blue! Buzz buzz Mon! ;)

Ori said... @ 4/8/09 1:15 AM

I want to see the Sphinx in real too!! someday...I hope :-D
Are you going there Mon??

Mariuca said... @ 4/8/09 2:14 AM


nairobian perspective said... @ 5/8/09 2:41 PM

Africa is truly beautiful, magnificent...

Hitesh said... @ 15/1/10 2:13 PM

i didn't knew went to Egypt ....have heard a lot about them.......awesome place to be......would love to ther some day...........

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