Monday, March 08, 2010

Hollywood star that spends time in rehab is something that has become very popular in the last few decades. The list of celebrity addicts who have publicly battled their demons includes Aerosmith's lead singer Steven Tyler who has entered rehab for pain management and his addiction to prescription painkillers, Tiger Woods who is reportedly in rehab for sex addiction, and many more!!!

Fortunately, whether it's to alcohol, drugs, sex or gambling there are recovery centers out there that can help and able to offer them one of the things that is most important to their recovery: privacy. At some centers, such as the Passages Malibu Addiction Cure Center in Malibu, CA it boasts a 91% success rate, and does not employ the 12-step program favored by the vast majority of centers. Instead, the program relies on one-to-one therapy sessions, and all patients undergo an electroencephalogram, or brain wave analysis.

Patients are also provided with personal chefs, physical trainers, and daily yoga and Pilates classes, along with Shiatsu and acupuncture treatments. Due to the high level of treatment as well as privacy, many celebrities have attended Passages Malibu. They have celebrity patients but a lot of others as well!

Chris Prentiss, the Co-Founders of Passages Malibu, says his $15 million dollar center's beautiful, beachside setting is part of the recovery process, and eliminates some of the shame involved with rehab. They treat their patients with the utmost respect, and as soon as their patients walk through their mahogany double doors into their beautiful marble atrium, they feel the healing energy and beauty of Passages!

Facilities include a library with a big fireplace, a media room with flat-screen TVs, a meditative koi pond, massage room, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, "metaphysical classes" and a restaurant catering to each individual's dietary whim. Guests are; apparently, welcome to "hang out" in the kitchen, though presumably not the ones with food addictions.

Oh, and there's a 12ft replica of the Statue of Liberty out back.

Anyway, you can view the Passages Malibu video in YouTube to see the comfortable and beautiful surrounding they offer for the clients too.

Wow! It sounds more like a wonderful vacation than a stay in dual diagnosis treatment facilities, doesn't it?


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elai said... @ 9/3/10 10:03 AM

a drug rehabilitation center? wow, such a lovely place!

elai said... @ 9/3/10 10:13 AM

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tekkaus said... @ 11/3/10 2:53 PM

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ayie said... @ 18/3/10 4:40 AM

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