Friday, April 30, 2010

I LOVE getting and finding cool new fridge magnets to decorate my fridge with! Besides that, these fridge magnets bring back memories about a friend who brought me a certain fridge magnet. Smiley

Last week, I received this beautiful souvenir from a blogging friend who just came back from her recent vacation! *surprised*

This is an awesome addition to the front of my fridge, I just love it and it certainly brightens my day. Smiley

Thank you so very much LR, visiting you is always such a pleasure. Smiley

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I was pretty busy with events and coffee sessions with my companions for the past few days. Smiley Somehow I knew that I need a break in between to get myself on the go again for another week or so. Well, like people say "Laughter is the best medicine". Nothing beats a good laugh. It does help one to stay focus and keep the stress off one's shoulders. It is fast and free. Smiley

However, how I wish we have such places here where people perform some humor, sketches, parodies and skits like in some western countries. I know in the US there are places or theaters which showcase such performances. And, the amazing thing is people love it! I guess it is the best therapy if you are not the type who would love to sit down and pour your problems to a shrink. Instead you can laugh till your heart content.

Well, I came across this one site called LMAO Off-Broadway. It is a theatre showcasing hilarious interactive musical comedy revue. It is just the sort of thing that I need at this moment. This show touches all genre of life and is suitable for people from all walks of life too. Isn't that simply amazing? Perhaps people should see how things are seen or shown in a different perspective after all. And, the best thing is people get to laugh about it. Smiley

This LMAO Off-Broadway also presents some insanely hilarious spoofs on various topics created on the spot. Plus, it is not an ordinary show like any others where audiences are just spectators. LMAO Off-Broadway offers audience's participations. Meaning, the audience gets to decide the topics for every scene! I was really amazed to hear about this. I mean, how many shows out there would let the audience involve and decide on the topics of the show? None so far. But this LMAO Off-Broadway is one of a kind and seriously and hilariously one superb revue one should not miss. Smiley

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Malaysia Airlines Travel on Facebook fan page has just turned 1! Smiley

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And, here are some pictures of the MASTravel Facebook Birthday Bash at Euphoria, Ministry of Sound, Sunway on 24 April 2010.












#12 Qi, the great emcee!


What really made the night so great was to see the awesome performances by local artists and indie bands such as Joanna & Co, One Buck Short, Altimet, Deja Voodoo Spells, Joe Flizzow and Pop Shuvit!






#19 With the MASTravel Facebook fan club's creator.





It was indeed a fun evening with lots of great performances. Smiley


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Sunday, April 25, 2010

We attended the MASTravel Facebook Birthday Bash last night and as usual, I took lots of pictures. Smiley

Meanwhile, before I upload ALL the pictures, here are some of the pictures taken before the party started.

What kind of a traveller are you?

MR daredevil? MS shopaholic? MR backpacker? MR sight-seer? MR i-love-food!? MS culture? MS partygoer? MR click-click? or MR bargain hunter?

Stay tuned for pictures of the MASTravel Facebook Birthday Bash at Euphoria - MOS!

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