Sunday, May 16, 2010

Teacher appreciation makes the world of education go around. It is aptly said that teachers are the guiding force in our life. They are our mentors, friends and confidants and teach us to be a true human being. We can never compensate their love and concern, but we can, in many ways, show our gratitude and thanks. One such way is through gifts, which would reflect our gratitude and gratefulness.

As an educator, Ralph received some awesome gifts from his students and parents because today is Teacher's Day! He says he enjoys getting gifts from students and parents, but he looks at those gifts Smiley and points out, “Special appreciation doesn't have to be expensive.” (I have yet to take a picture of the gifts, but I'll do so.) As one of his favorite sayings goes, "A single wildflower given in love is worth more than a dozen perfect roses given with indifference" - Anonymous. And that is how he feels.

Regardless of the gift a parent or child selects to show appreciation to a teacher, in all likelihood the teacher will express sincere gratitude for the thoughtfulness. But with a bit of forethought and creativity, parents can give teachers with items that are genuinely useful as well as thoughtful.

Here are some practical and inexpensive gift ideas to let your teacher know he/she is special and won't even cost you a bomb!

Young teachers may really appreciate some gift vouchers or discount coupons for a good department store, online shop, DVD rental or restaurant. Does your child's teacher show up every morning with a cup of coffee from Starbucks? Pick up a gift certificate at the place where the teacher likes to go the most. It might not cost a lot, but will certainly go a long way. Smiley

A white ceramic coffee mug is more than just a token of your appreciation. You can add a personal touch with the teacher's name, some words of wisdom or thanks. A truly personal gift that the teacher will enjoy every day with their daily cup of Joe!

T shirts are the most popular clothing item and are bound to get your teacher noticed and these custom t-shirts make the perfect teacher appreciation gift. You can upload your own design and have it printed on a large variety of objects, including many sizes and colors of t-shirts.

No lesson plans? Explain it with this great looking pink shirt for teachers.

Also, wouldn't these FIFA tshirts be awesome for a teacher who is a soccer fan?

If you aren't comfortable buying a gift or just don't have the cash this year, that's O.K. But you can still show your appreciation in a simple note telling the teacher how much he means to you and your child. Not good with words? You only need two: Thank you!

Well, the suggestions and possibilities are many and you are now only a click away!

Happy Teacher's Day to all the teachers out there and Happy Teaching! Smiley


tekkaus said... @ 16/5/10 8:01 PM

Yeah! I am the 1st one?

tekkaus said... @ 16/5/10 8:02 PM

Wow...Ralph is a Teacher? English teacher? In which school? :p

Monica said... @ 16/5/10 8:03 PM

yeah! Tekkaus FC! :-D

Monica said... @ 16/5/10 8:10 PM

haha yeah he's an English lecturer.. teaching international students :-P :-P

LadyJava said... @ 16/5/10 8:19 PM

8-) 8-) 8-)

Monica said... @ 16/5/10 8:21 PM

LJ! 8-) 8-) 8-)

LadyJava said... @ 16/5/10 8:22 PM

oh didnt know that R is a teacher Mon.. awesome.. my FIL and late MIL were teachers too.. I love teachers!!

LadyJava said... @ 16/5/10 8:23 PM

I wanted to be a teacher too but tak jadi lah.. lol!

gagay said... @ 16/5/10 8:24 PM


Monica said... @ 16/5/10 8:26 PM

eh I thought I told you before? *DONT_KNOW* *DONT_KNOW*
wow they were teachers too! =-O =-O huh? why u love teachers LJ? :-D :-D :-D

gagay said... @ 16/5/10 8:26 PM

happy teachers' day! especially to my mum! :-P

gagay said... @ 16/5/10 8:27 PM

happy teacher's day kuya R!

Monica said... @ 16/5/10 8:27 PM

lol.. I memang cannot be a teacher! :-D

Monica said... @ 16/5/10 8:27 PM


Monica said... @ 16/5/10 8:28 PM

oh I didn't know your mum is a teacher, GG!

Monica said... @ 16/5/10 8:29 PM

happy teacher's day to ur mum too! :) ;)

Bluedreamer said... @ 16/5/10 9:29 PM

yikes! i will soon be a teacher too haha.. one more year to go... though i will teach math and not english haha

Bluedreamer said... @ 16/5/10 9:34 PM

i always admire teachers... without them, there'll be no any professionals in this world, bo engineers, no pilot no anything.. kudos for all the teachers

Monica said... @ 16/5/10 9:34 PM

wow u're a soon to be math teacher?! =-O =-O =-O good luck Bluedreamer! ;)

Monica said... @ 16/5/10 9:36 PM

Well said, Bluedreamer!!!

Bluedreamer said... @ 16/5/10 9:43 PM

have a great day MOn and it's nice to know that your Ralph is an educator too!

Monica said... @ 16/5/10 9:45 PM

lol thanks! :-D

zul said... @ 16/5/10 9:52 PM

wah.. happy teacher's day to Ralph :D

Monica said... @ 16/5/10 9:57 PM

thanks Zul! :-D

Haaziq Zahar said... @ 16/5/10 10:25 PM

Hi Mon! 8-)

Haaziq Zahar said... @ 16/5/10 10:26 PM

Happy Teacher's Day to Ralph!

foongpc said... @ 16/5/10 10:40 PM

Oh, now only I know Ralph is a teacher! Well Happy Teachers Day to him!!!

foongpc said... @ 16/5/10 10:40 PM

And Happy Teachers Day to all teachers!!

Mariuca said... @ 16/5/10 11:57 PM

:'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

Mariuca said... @ 16/5/10 11:57 PM

Just got back Monica! :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

Mariuca said... @ 16/5/10 11:58 PM

Happy Teacher's Day to R woo hoo! So nice la R has his own special day aside from his b'day! :* :* :*

Mariuca said... @ 16/5/10 11:59 PM

Don't forget to share his gifts with us, want to see all his pressies! *DONT_KNOW* *DONT_KNOW* *DONT_KNOW*

Mariuca said... @ 17/5/10 12:00 AM

I haven't celebrated TD in years...... *DONT_KNOW* *DONT_KNOW* *DONT_KNOW* *DONT_KNOW* *DONT_KNOW*

Monica said... @ 17/5/10 12:27 AM

Hi Haaziq! :)

Monica said... @ 17/5/10 12:28 AM

thanks! ;)

Monica said... @ 17/5/10 12:28 AM

hehe now u know! :)

Monica said... @ 17/5/10 12:28 AM

and Happy Teaching! :-D

Monica said... @ 17/5/10 12:29 AM

:'( :'( :'( Mariuca!

Monica said... @ 17/5/10 12:30 AM

I oso just got back from dinner Mariuca!

Monica said... @ 17/5/10 12:31 AM

haha thanks sweetie :* :* :*

Monica said... @ 17/5/10 12:31 AM

ok sure!!

Monica said... @ 17/5/10 12:32 AM

we don't have to celebrate TD la..we're not educator mah :-D :-D

Rizal said... @ 17/5/10 9:11 PM

Yeah i am thanking my teachers too and thanking me too. cant arr that way mon : )

Rizal said... @ 17/5/10 9:13 PM

I agree, that we dont need expensive gifts as a memoir. Best for a teacher is to see his / her students become a good person in life. That is all matters : )

Rizal said... @ 17/5/10 9:17 PM

Coffee mug is a great idea. Practical and a great way for a teacher to remember a student everytime he / she drinks coffee :-D :-D

Monica said... @ 18/5/10 10:38 PM

haha of coz can la Rizal! Happy Teacher's Day, cikgu Rizal! :) ;)

Monica said... @ 18/5/10 10:45 PM

true...through a teacher we can transform all aspects of life! :)

Monica said... @ 18/5/10 10:56 PM have you ever received a coffee mug from ur student, Rizal? ;) ;)

Bluedreamer said... @ 19/5/10 9:32 AM

thanks MOn

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