Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I bought this book recently and I'm not exactly sure what possessed me to buy it in the first place. Despite that, I find myself reading from page to page! But, I haven't finished it.

Here's the description:

In her electrifying first novel, Nicole Richie tells the sensational story of Chloe Parker, a rock royalty princess and a card-carrying member of Hollywood's inner circle. At the age of seven, Chloe was adopted by a music superstar and his wife, transforming her life from rags to riches. What followed was a wild childhood distinguished by parties with movie stars and rock idols, run-ins with the press and the police, and a subsequent stint in rehab.

When Chloe shoots to instant fame as a spokes model for a national ad campaign, her long-lost birth father appears out of nowhere and her best friend betrays her. She struggles to keep it all together - her sobriety, her friendships, and her integrity. Ultimately, Chloe comes spectacularly into her own, achieving stardom in her own right and finding true love.

The book is filled with anecdotes and musings on rehab and the fickle nature of fame, but the surprising thing about it is how self-deprecatingly funny and enjoyable it is. There are no deep thoughts in this book, or physiological point, just a fun read while I'm waiting for my nails to dry.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

"Just gonna stand there and watch me burn, but that's alright because I like the way it hurts." *raise eyebrow*

"Just gonna stand there and hear me cry, but that's alright because I love the way you lie." *raise eyebrows*

This is a catchy song by Eminem featuring Rihanna and the video is amazing! I just love this hit video for the single "Love the Way You Lie" and it stars Megan Fox!

The hot and sizzling Megan Fox and the Lost star, Dominic Monaghan play a couple that are in an abusive relationship and spent the majority of the video passionately kissing.

Did you think the "Love the Way You Lie" clip was about Eminem and Rihanna?

Whatever it is, I love the song. Happy Music Monday everyone!

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

and I'm still alive. Smiley I haven't forgotten about you, my adorable blog readers.

I'm just too busy.

Yeah, we're all busy, but I'm never too busy for a coffee break

and I'm never too busy to pause and wish you all a very blessed Sunday!!! Thanks for stopping by and enjoy all your activities today!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I am sure you all know who won the Miss Universe title this year.

Well, the real entertainment will for sure come from the contestants. Each year new delegates give similar impressions upon the viewers. For all those reasons, they have made the Miss Universe pageant a good amusement.

It was obvious that some of them were too nervous to talk during the interview. Pressure is one thing, but there is also another interesting fact that mostly happens to delegates who come from non-English speaking countries because they have to speak in English, which is not their mother tongue. The English native speakers of course could reply better without long pauses and err and the uhm we heard.

Obviously, I can't feature all the videos of close-up interviews here, so here are the ladies from Asian countries who were competing in this year's pageant.

Q1 - Being a woman, what piece of advice would you give to a man?
Q2 - What is the best gift you have ever received?
Q3 - What is the worst date you have ever been on?
Q4 - Please make the following sound effects: lion, car starting, rocket launching, sheep, cow, and robot.


Malaysia - Nadine Ann Thomas.

Singapore - Tania Lim Kim Suan.

Thailand - Fonthip Watcharatrakul who managed to win two titles (Miss Photogenic and Best in National Costume).

Indonesia - Qory Sandioriva.

Philippines - Venus Raj, the 4th Runner Up.

India - Ushoshi Sengupta.

Japan - Maiko Itai.

Korea - Joori Kim.

China - Tang Wen. Hmmm... I could hardly understand what she was saying! Smiley

Of course, the proficiency of the English language is not the gauge of getting the crown. They have passed a tough beauty contest in their own country to prove that they are worthy enough to join this one. So, do not dare to look down upon these young ladies!

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

First, let me say, this blog post is long overdue! I honestly can't believe it took me ages to post this. Oh my, I'M SO SORRY about that and I hope you all can forgive me.

Okay, no more procrastination (oh yes, I'm the queen of procrastination)!

Peeps, congrats on your awards and THANK YOU VERY MUCH for passing them on to me. It is much appreciated and I am incredibly honored especially those from my new blog readers, it was totally unexpected and thanks for including me! You all seriously made my day.

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#45 http://www.jh3riz24.net/2010/09/want-to-thank-angel-rhona-for-naming-me.html

Thanks everyone!

Once again, I sincerely apologize for not posting this properly *banging my head against the desk*

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Friday, September 17, 2010

I eat out most of the time, almost everyday and I very rarely have issues dining out. I don't usually complain if there is a delay in the food order coming out of the kitchen or something does not come out the way I ordered it and I would never cause a fuss unless absolutely necessary.

Last week, we had a really early dinner at Chicken Rice Corner @ Tropicana City Mall.

The pictures on the menu made my mouth watery and I ordered the Roasted Chicken Rice Set.

This is the Roasted Chicken Rice Set as advertised.

And this was what I got! Smiley

As you can see, the portion size was less than half of what was pictured! I was like, "Huh? The chicken looked as if it had been smashed!" Now picture it 50% smaller. Would you be a happy customer?

Yes, I was livid.

If you provide pictures of your dishes then they should be served as to what it is portrayed in the menu. Don't make false claims on the menu about portion sizes! If you want to reduce the size of the portions, decrease the price! Smiley

I didn't take out my anger on the waiters. Sure, the waiters work at the same establishment and may represent the food too, but they didn't cook the meal. It's pretty easy to lay into a waiter. It's also not a nice thing to do.

I already ate here, so it's almost too late. But it's never too late to not come back!!!

Anyway, I will send the restaurant an email and let's see what the response is.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

All the while, I didn't know KL Sentral offers a huge selection of food. I thought there's only a McDonald's, a Subway, a Coffee Bean, and there's like million people pass through this place. Oh yeah, and there's a Burger King too. But I was really hungry, I need to eat rice! As we walked around, we came across The Treats restaurant. The restaurant was not crowded at all, which was perfect for us!

Asam Laksa (RM 7.90).

Nasi Lemak (rice cooked in coconut milk, accompanied with sambal, a chili paste mixed with salted anchovies) with fried chicken (RM 8.90).

The Nasi Lemak is seriously awesome (especially the sambal) Smiley, so are the service and the place itself!

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Today was just one of those days where everything I did reminded me of a friend and every song I heard somehow related to him. I hate days like today, because I catch myself wondering what might have been. Yes I do think about him, every now and then.

This song (taken from here) is about...

A young man who is overwhelmed by his relationship with a woman, and he is conflicted with the feelings he has for this woman. In his mind, there is no doubt about her love for him, but he’s not sure he can return this love. There is great passion in the relationship (perhaps where it all started), but he is starting to see some things in her that he really doesn’t like. Then again, who is he to judge (again the conflict).

Nor does he know what the implication would be of him professing his love for her – loss of identity, loss of youthful recklessness? Is it worth it? Then the passion comes back, and he is once again torn.

Through it all he doesn’t want to be deceitful, neither to her nor to himself. This forces him to start confronting the truths about this relationship, something he’d rather hide from. He’ll take the good but could do without the bad. All the while knowing there is no limit to what she is willing to do to preserve the relationship, he sometimes feels he can yield to her greater understanding of what’s going on. (Is she perhaps older than him? Was he once just a friend when she was in another relationship?)

So there he is, all messed up. Life used to be so simple. In fact his relationship with her can be quite simple at times (maybe it was at first), but now he’s wondering if he isn’t in over his head. It’s not just a game anymore. He’d like to show her who’s boss but he doesn’t quite have it in him. His pride pays a heavy price for the passion he feels.

So this is a tale of conflict within a young man’s head, a complex story which the author conveyed with an economy of words.

Dan Hill's Public Relations adds the following, in the author's own words: "The inspiration behind my original version of “Sometimes When We Touch” was as cliché as it was real. I wrote it for an “older woman” (she was twenty-two) I was sleeping with. I wanted more than a sexual relationship. She didn’t. My desperate, indeed Hail Mary hope was that “Sometimes...” might cause her to take me more seriously. My plan backfired, badly."

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