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“What were the influences on "Summer of '69," and does the title refer to the sexual position?”

Bryan Adams: It's a very simple song about looking back on the summertime and making love. For me, the '69 was a metaphor for making love, not about the year. I had someone in Spain ask me once why I wrote the first line "I had my first real sex dream"... I had to laugh.

I love this song; Bryan Adams has a one-of-a-kind voice and I don't care if it's about sex or not! As a matter of fact, the song is really about looking back and remembering all the times that were worthy of remembrance. I don't think that has anything to do with 69 being sexual. Read the lyrics and happy listening.

I got my first real six-string
Bought it at the five-and-dime
Played it 'till my fingers bled
Was the summer of 69

Me and some guys from school
Had a band and we tried real hard
Jimmy quit and Joey got married
Shoulda known we'd never get far

Oh when I look back now
That summer seemed to last forever
And if I had the choice
Yeah - I'd always wanna be there
Those were the best days of my life

Ain't no use in complainin'
When you got a job to do
Spent my evenin's down at the drive-in
And that's when I met you yeah

Standin' on your Mama's porch
You told me that you'd wait forever
Oh and when you held my hand
I knew that it was now or never
Those were the best days of my life
Back in the summer of 69

Man we were killin' time
We were young and restless
We needed to unwind
I guess nothin' can last forever - forever, no, yeah

And now the times are changin'
Look at everything that's come and gone
Sometimes when I play that old six-string
I think about you, wonder what went wrong

Standin' on your Mama's porch
You told me that it'd last forever
Oh when you held my hand
I knew that it was now or never
Those were the best days of my life, oh yeah
Back in the summer of 69, uh-huh
It was the summer of 69, o yeah, me n my baby in 69
It was the summer, the summer, summer of 69

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Mariuca said... @ 7/9/10 3:49 AM

=-O =-O

Mariuca said... @ 7/9/10 3:49 AM

YAY CHOP! :* :* :* :*

Mariuca said... @ 7/9/10 3:49 AM

I love Bryan Adams Monica and I looooove dis song too! :* :* :*

Mariuca said... @ 7/9/10 3:50 AM

LOL I oso don think it's abt sex posisi at all ha ha! :* :* :*

Bill said... @ 7/9/10 3:51 AM

:* :* :*

Mariuca said... @ 7/9/10 3:51 AM

Oso love his serak-serak basah voice! And I think he's cute he he... =-X =-X =-X :-[ :-[ ;) ;)

Mariuca said... @ 7/9/10 3:51 AM

Happy MM Monica! :* :* :*

Mariuca said... @ 7/9/10 3:52 AM

Write some more dis week so I can chop before I leave lol... =-X =-X

Bill said... @ 7/9/10 3:53 AM

Great Song Monica. I remember 69 myself. The year i mean LOL 8-)

Bill said... @ 7/9/10 4:02 AM

it seems like everybody is very knowledgeable of 69 hahhahahahaha :-P :-P

neyra said... @ 7/9/10 4:30 AM


alicia said... @ 7/9/10 4:43 AM

Yes, it may. But classic! Happy MM!

tekkaus said... @ 7/9/10 10:00 AM

I don't remember 69 o. Maybe I was not born then. :p

Jessyca said... @ 7/9/10 10:05 AM

First time BUaya Jess crawls over ur blog ^^

[Mike ] said... @ 7/9/10 10:14 AM

69 is not about sex....see below....

Once a girl is quite fantasized about "69". She has a regular boyfriend they have never done it before.

One day she invites her boyfriend to her apartment for romantic dinner. After heavy dinner, she tells him that she wants to do "69". But the Boyfriend doesn't have any idea about what is 69.

Girlfriend gets upset but thinks that she can teach him how to do 69. she asks him to lay down...and she then lays on top of him in reverse direction so as in 69.

The boyfriend is confused but is eager to know about 69. So he does as the GF tells him to do.

They lay down in this position for about 2 min. She is thinking that he will, by the time, get excited by this. but suddenly the GF has to let go one Fart...directly on her BF's face.

GF quickly apologizes and asks him to stay in that position for some more time. After 1 min she has to let go one another fart....this time bigger than the previous.

The BF quickly throws her away, gets up, starts dressing up and yells at her.. "If you think I am gonna take 67 more like this, you are MAD"

Nessa said... @ 7/9/10 11:35 AM

I love this song, Mon... and Bryan Adam sure has that sexy voice!! :* :*

elai said... @ 7/9/10 2:28 PM

hello mon! :* :* :* :* :*

elai said... @ 7/9/10 2:30 PM

oh i really thought its the year! :-D :-D :-D :-D

elai said... @ 7/9/10 2:30 PM

thanks for the info dearie. :* :* :* :*

elai said... @ 7/9/10 2:30 PM

i love bryan adams and I don't care too if its about sex or whatever. :-D :-D :-D :-D

elai said... @ 7/9/10 2:35 PM

i used to have his CD way back in high school and every morning. i would play his songs. just to keep me awake. hehehehe

elai said... @ 7/9/10 2:37 PM

great song for MM mon! happy MM to you dearie! :-D :-D :-D :-D

Life Ramblings said... @ 7/9/10 4:17 PM

great song Monica. it's one of my all time favourites.

Life Ramblings said... @ 7/9/10 4:18 PM

have a wonderful Tuesday.

*Michael said... @ 7/9/10 5:12 PM

:* :* :*

*Michael said... @ 7/9/10 5:12 PM


*Michael said... @ 7/9/10 5:12 PM

I didn't know this song is about sex... :-[ :-[ :-[

Monica said... @ 8/9/10 6:14 AM

:-D :-D

Monica said... @ 8/9/10 6:14 AM

Mariuca FC1! :* :* :* :*

Monica said... @ 8/9/10 6:15 AM

*high-five* :* :* :*

Monica said... @ 8/9/10 6:16 AM

hahaha ya lor mana ada abt sex posisi kan! *DONT_KNOW* *DONT_KNOW* *DONT_KNOW*

Monica said... @ 8/9/10 6:17 AM

Bill FC2! :* :* :*

Mariuca said... @ 8/9/10 6:18 AM

Yay! :)

Monica said... @ 8/9/10 6:21 AM

I love his husky voice too! hehe he's tua edi! :-P :-P :-P

Monica said... @ 8/9/10 6:21 AM

Happy MM Mariuca! :* :* :*

Monica said... @ 8/9/10 6:22 AM

lol @ Write some more dis week :-D :-D ok, I'll try my best! =-X =-X

Monica said... @ 8/9/10 6:26 AM

hahaha Bill... hmm u mean u were born in that year?? *DONT_KNOW* *DONT_KNOW* :-P :-P

Monica said... @ 8/9/10 6:30 AM

yeah Bill, hahaha including u! :-D :-D :-D

Monica said... @ 8/9/10 6:30 AM

hey Neyra!! :) ;)

Mariuca said... @ 8/9/10 6:30 AM

Thanks sweetie, happy MM! :D

Monica said... @ 8/9/10 6:30 AM

Happy MM Alicia! :)

Monica said... @ 8/9/10 6:31 AM

lol maybe??? :-D :-D

Monica said... @ 8/9/10 6:36 AM

BUaya Jess? hehe.. welcome to my blog! :)

Monica said... @ 8/9/10 6:42 AM

ROTFLMAO!!! :-D :-D :-D :-D this is hilarious! :-P :-P

Monica said... @ 8/9/10 6:42 AM

yay happy listening Nessa! :* :*

Monica said... @ 8/9/10 6:42 AM

hello Elai! :* :* :* :*

Monica said... @ 8/9/10 6:45 AM

hehe.. now u know :-D :-D :-D

Monica said... @ 8/9/10 6:46 AM

no prob sweetie! :* :* :* :*

Monica said... @ 8/9/10 6:47 AM

hahaha *high-five!*

Monica said... @ 8/9/10 6:48 AM

ohh I don't have his CD :-P :-P

Monica said... @ 8/9/10 6:48 AM

thanks Elai!! happy MM to you too :) ;)

Monica said... @ 8/9/10 6:49 AM

happy listening LR! :)

Monica said... @ 8/9/10 6:50 AM

Happy Wednesday! :* :*

Monica said... @ 8/9/10 6:56 AM

Michael! :* :* :*

Monica said... @ 8/9/10 7:04 AM

why *DONT_KNOW* Michael?? :-D :-D *DONT_KNOW* *DONT_KNOW*

Monica said... @ 8/9/10 7:16 AM

no, this song is NOT about sex! :-D :-D :-D

*Michael said... @ 8/9/10 3:04 PM

Now, I am confused, is this about Fart? 69 times? :-P =-X =-X

Fickle Cattle said... @ 8/9/10 9:57 PM

I love this sone. The fact that it kinda talks about sex makes it even more appealing for me. :-)

Fickle Cattle said... @ 8/9/10 9:58 PM


LadyJava said... @ 9/9/10 3:00 AM

Hiya Mon

LadyJava said... @ 9/9/10 3:02 AM

I hate the sexual connotation between 69 and sex Mon.. coz I was born in that year.. lol!! and like if I were to choose a nick and have my year of birth included.. it feels so sexual. lol! but I LOVE Bryan Adams and this song.. what's NOT to love about it..hehe

MaxiVelasco said... @ 9/9/10 6:25 PM

:-D :-D :-D

MaxiVelasco said... @ 9/9/10 6:26 PM

This song... I like! Thanks for sharing it pretty Mon'! :-D :-D :-D

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