Saturday, February 19, 2011

Being called stylish can mean so many things. Apart from your look, what makes you a stylish person is how you present yourself. And that includes how you dress up.

You can dress some people in a beautiful outfit, and they still act like a dolt. Yet other people walk into a room dressed in a t-shirt and pair of shorts and they "own" the room. They move, act and behave beautifully and are admired by everyone. People gravitate toward them. They are quietly self confident and utterly charming.

Well, I don't consider myself a truly stylish person. I sometimes look clownish!

However, I am delighted and honored to have received this Stylish Blogger Award!


1) Thank and link back the person who gave you this award.

Thank you very much Mariuca, Lainy and David!

2) Share 7 things about yourself.

* I'm not a romantic person. There's not a romantic bone in my body.

* I'm stubborn and opinionated.

* I tend to be controlling, and I hate leaving anything up to chance.

* I hardly ever lose my temper.

* I used to like to date around a lot. It was hard for me to date one person only.

* I don't like to argue - and I prefer a quiet, peaceful life.

* I'm wild at heart, but I have some hidden soft spots.

3) Award 15 great bloggers you know.

4) Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

I am presenting the Stylish Blogger Award to Bingkee, Maxi, LR, LadyJava, Shemah, Gagay, Foong, Caroline, Ane, Bella, Just Plain Tired, Tekkaus, Michael, Rizal, and Soulie!

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Mariuca said... @ 19/2/11 7:38 AM

:* :*

Mariuca said... @ 19/2/11 7:38 AM

Ahahahaha two new posts yahoooo! :-D :-D :-D

Mariuca said... @ 19/2/11 7:39 AM

He he he playing da field last time I see lol! :-D :-D

Mariuca said... @ 19/2/11 7:40 AM

Congrats on the award sweetie, and congrats to ur recipients as well! :-D :-D

Mariuca said... @ 19/2/11 7:41 AM

Sometimes I like leaving up to chance, maybe that's why I love my casino games so much he he... =-X =-X :-P :-P :-P

Anonymous said... @ 19/2/11 7:54 AM

Oops its me Caroline! Tru phone nw. comment back later yea..

Just Plain Tired said... @ 19/2/11 8:31 AM

You're definitely deserving of this award and thanks for passing it on to me as well. :)

Caroline Ng May Ling said... @ 19/2/11 8:36 AM

:* :* :*

Caroline Ng May Ling said... @ 19/2/11 8:36 AM

hola am back! lol =-X

Caroline Ng May Ling said... @ 19/2/11 8:37 AM

congrats for the award and THANK U DEARIE!! :* :*

tekkaus said... @ 19/2/11 8:28 PM used to date so many men at one time? So ganas? :p

tekkaus said... @ 19/2/11 8:29 PM

Anyway thanks for the award. Didn't know that I am that stylish. :p

foongpc said... @ 20/2/11 12:19 AM

Thanks for the award!! :-D

foongpc said... @ 20/2/11 12:20 AM

You are stubborn and opinionated? Time to let go of your stubborness! LOL!

foongpc said... @ 20/2/11 12:20 AM

You hardly ever lose your temper? That's good! Cos losing temper shows lack of self control and makes you go old faster. LOL!!

foongpc said... @ 20/2/11 12:21 AM

But then again don't keep everything bottle up inside. Cos that will stress your body out and makes you grow old faster too! Life is tough :-D

David Funk said... @ 20/2/11 1:15 AM

Hi Monica! :* :* :*

You are so stylish in more ways than one! Love the answers to your questions, and we both are similar as far as yours are concerned. I don't lose my temper very often either.

See ya later my friend! ;) :)

bingkee said... @ 20/2/11 7:24 AM

Thank you for considering me as stylish because I admire your being stylish....You deserve the award....Thanks for passing it on to me. Hope you had a lovely vacatiion, Ms. Gorgeous!

Rizal said... @ 20/2/11 3:53 PM

Olla, Thank you Mon for the super awesome "Stylish Award..!!" - (Holding the award in front of a mirror, looking myself up and down, trying to figure out which parts of me that are so stylish) =-O =-O :-D

Yes, i agree with you how some people can just "Own" the room. I am sure they do have attractive stylish personality.

Thanks for sharing with us 7 things about yourself. Happy Sunday Mon. 8-)----my emoticon looks so stylish with a brand new sunglass. Hehe :-D

Scotty's Princess said... @ 21/2/11 11:14 PM

Thanks for posting this one Sweetie. An award that's very well deserved. You're one cool gal for hardly losing your temper :-)



Shemah said... @ 22/2/11 12:41 AM

Thank you for the Stylish blogger award, Mon!! :) Hahahah I hardly consider myself stylish.. but then if you think so, thanks all the same!! LOL! :D I've got a pretty mean temper when something really really upsets me.. but it's not that easy to really really upset me also. hehehe.. I've gotta say, though, you "look and seem" like the romantic kind! Hahaha..

Life Ramblings said... @ 22/2/11 6:53 AM

thanks for the award sweetie. hugs and kisses.

Ane said... @ 13/3/11 2:03 PM

I can't believe I haven't thanked you for this! >:o

Ane said... @ 13/3/11 2:03 PM

THANKS SO MUCH SWEETIE! :) It's a late thank you, but my motto is better late than never.. hahaha :-D

Ane said... @ 13/3/11 2:04 PM

I'm going to post this one soon because I think my blog is worthy to be called stylish more now.. :-D hehe

Ane said... @ 13/3/11 2:50 PM

Wild at heart? :) Awesome, it's nice to always have a bit of a wild side.. :-P

gagay said... @ 20/3/11 8:17 PM

;) ;) ;) ;)

gagay said... @ 20/3/11 8:18 PM

ate mon! i just posted this award

gagay said... @ 20/3/11 8:20 PM

thankie te mon! ;) ;) ;) ;)

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