Wednesday, April 27, 2011

When the sun goes down, Amcorp Mall comes alive with colorful LED light bulbs outside the entrance!





And, during the weekends, the whole lower ground floor of Amcorp Mall comes alive with its flea market. Well, I am not interested in old stuff but I can spend the whole evening browsing through rows and rows of books at BookXcess, my favorite bookstore, period.




#8 Borders @ The curve.

You see I used to visit the Borders bookstore frequently. Then I discovered BookXcess and I found the prices of the books were much lower than other bookstores! It has made a big difference for countless readers, offering a wide range of books at prices that live up to its tagline, “Read more for less.”

However, all that's missing is a sofa and a cup of coffee to aid the browsing.

So, what's your favorite bookstore?

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Mariuca said... @ 27/4/11 5:18 AM

:* :* :*

LadyJava said... @ 27/4/11 5:18 AM

8-) 8-)

Mariuca said... @ 27/4/11 5:19 AM

Morning Monica! :-D :-D

Mariuca said... @ 27/4/11 5:19 AM

WOW Amcorp has never looked more beautiful, your pics are amazing! :* :* :*

Mariuca said... @ 27/4/11 5:20 AM

Oh never been to BookXcess, u mean at Amcorp Mall? *DONT_KNOW* *DONT_KNOW*

LadyJava said... @ 27/4/11 5:21 AM

oh i used to go to Amcorp Mall when we got my MIL meds.. but during the day and no lights...

LadyJava said... @ 27/4/11 5:21 AM

wah so nice ah the lights

LadyJava said... @ 27/4/11 5:22 AM

been to the mall but never really been to the mall you know what i mean.. like just go straight to the place.. and leave.. no time to loiter.. :(

Mariuca said... @ 27/4/11 5:22 AM

I don't have a fave bookstore but usually shop at MPH, Popular or Borders for books! Or mags... ;) ;)

LadyJava said... @ 27/4/11 5:23 AM

i like kinokuniya Mon.. always accompany MIL previous.. ahh.. miss her :(

Caroline Ng May Ling said... @ 27/4/11 6:57 AM

8-) 8-)

Caroline Ng May Ling said... @ 27/4/11 6:58 AM

Morning !!! :* :* :*

Caroline Ng May Ling said... @ 27/4/11 6:58 AM

me never really go to AMCORP Mall! =-X =-X passed by only! :-P :-P

Caroline Ng May Ling said... @ 27/4/11 6:59 AM

i dnt have any fav bookstore too! but then usually will go TIMES at Giza! :-P :-P

Shemah said... @ 27/4/11 1:09 PM

hahahah i love all bookstores. love kinokuniya.. but it's too pricey. Love MPH, but now they bind the books in plastic so we can read all day long. LMAO! i like borders but they don't have that much of a range in authors. So i might try bookxcess. :) I love to read and basically all bookstores are my best friends. :)

I like going to Amcorp MAll.. i just find things cheaper there on a whole. hehehehe. :)

Bella Enveeus said... @ 27/4/11 1:23 PM

I always go MPH. Got the MRC so always get 20% discount.. But I don't have any fav in particular it's just MPH is closer to me.. Kinokuniya is too far though I can find almost anything there. Borders, like Shemah said don't have much range of authors. I've been to BookXcess before couple of times too when I was studying in PJ.. I still would go there sometimes!

To me, if there's a good read, that's where I'll go to.. :-)

eastcoastlife said... @ 27/4/11 4:33 PM

I like Borders and Kinoikuniya bookstores. Whenever I go abroad especially to China, I will buy crates of books back.

eastcoastlife said... @ 27/4/11 4:34 PM

The problem with having too many books is that I'm running out of place to put them. :( I can't bear to give them away.

Arms said... @ 27/4/11 4:52 PM

Where is this Amcorp Mall? Gosh I'm so outdated haaha.

The lights are amazing there. And the books are organized very neatly. Oya, who's the lady reading the book. Peewit LOL

Life Ramblings said... @ 27/4/11 9:51 PM

i don't have any particular favourite book stores but i would usually patronize Popular or MPH for magazines and cookbooks.

bingkee said... @ 28/4/11 3:15 AM

Oh what beautiful's mesmerizing. You know , Borders bookstores here in the US are closing some of its branches....they have a tough time competing with Amazon online and Barnes & Noble. I wonder if there is BookXcess here
Actually I love Borders...I prefer it over Barnes and Noble because Borders has great customer service than Barnes.

recel said... @ 28/4/11 4:03 AM

those are gorgeous lightings, monica! just amazing! :)

Shemah said... @ 30/4/11 10:34 AM

oopps i meant "Love MPH, but now they bind the books in plastic so we CAN'T read all day long anymore" hahaha

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