Monday, April 18, 2011

Soon, Kate Middleton will top it all off by becoming the wife of one of the most sought-after bachelors in recent history, who just so happens to be a handsome prince!

The Royal Wedding will take place at Westminster Abbey, London on Friday 29 April 2011 and George Michael has released this very special version of Stevie Wonder's "You and I" as a gift to everyone, in celebration of The Royal Wedding of Prince William of Wales and Kate Middleton. Smiley

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foongpc said... @ 19/4/11 12:00 AM

:) :) :)

foongpc said... @ 19/4/11 12:01 AM

I don't really care about Prince William and Kate whatever. What's the big deal about this couple? LOL!

foongpc said... @ 19/4/11 12:02 AM

Why are they taking up all the news? I am not interested! Haha

foongpc said... @ 19/4/11 12:03 AM

Anyway, congrats to them! Let's see how long their marriage will last. Hahaha!! *evil grin*

foongpc said... @ 19/4/11 12:03 AM

Ooh! But I like the song! :)

LadyJava said... @ 19/4/11 12:06 AM

:* :*

LadyJava said... @ 19/4/11 12:09 AM

i am sooo watching the telecast.. what channel and what time eh?
oh i saw this song on my entertainment feed by LJL sidebar Mon..George said, he was not expecting an invite to the wedding but that he just wants to share something with the happy couple..such a nice man.. :)

Mariuca said... @ 19/4/11 12:09 AM

:* :* :*

LadyJava said... @ 19/4/11 12:09 AM

notty Panda.. i hope it's FOREVER!! we all need our fairy tales eh..

Mariuca said... @ 19/4/11 12:10 AM

I am very interested! :* :*

LadyJava said... @ 19/4/11 12:11 AM

I reckon Elton sang that song for his mother to celebrate her life.. George is doing something to celebrate their love.. awesome!!!

foongpc said... @ 19/4/11 12:11 AM

Haha!! Good luck to fairy tales!! 8-)

Mariuca said... @ 19/4/11 12:13 AM

Wow what an honour for George Michael and a beautiful song befitting this fairytale... :* :* :* :*

Mariuca said... @ 19/4/11 12:15 AM

Looking forward to the big event, must watch on TV... I am sure Diana would have been pleased with William's choice... beautiful couple! :* :* :*

Mariuca said... @ 19/4/11 12:16 AM

Happy MM sweetie, thanks for sharing! :-D :-D

foongpc said... @ 19/4/11 12:23 AM

That day I saw Diana at Madame Tussauds and she didn't seem to pleased! Hahaha!!

Cincau said... @ 19/4/11 12:43 AM

So am I, interested ;)

Ian said... @ 19/4/11 1:05 AM

Awww - blissful song for the happy pair - Happy MM to you x

LAPP-Joel said... @ 19/4/11 1:11 AM

Happy Music Monday

Pearl said... @ 19/4/11 5:30 AM

hi there...thanks for sharing this video. This is the first time that I heard this song.

Merryn said... @ 19/4/11 5:28 PM

I saw them preparing the carriage yesterday.. eeek.. beautiful!!!!!!!

Life Ramblings said... @ 20/4/11 5:26 PM

beautiful song and both of them make a great couple. can't wait to watch this much awaited event.

Caroline Ng May Ling said... @ 22/4/11 12:22 PM

8-) 8-) 8-)

Caroline Ng May Ling said... @ 22/4/11 12:23 PM

lovely song for lovely couple! :* :* :*

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