Thursday, May 19, 2011

Far away from the hustle bustle of the city, there is a stunning new eco-friendly resort on the Sepang Goldcoast, which consists of nearly 400 sea villas built in the shape of a palm tree that stretches out nearly one kilometer into the Straits of Malacca!


The Golden Palm Tree has also been listed in the Malaysia Book of Records as the longest Palm Tree Resort and these villas comprise of the world’s first eco-friendly sea resort.


Check out the photos I took of the resort...

#3 Blending Polynesian-Maldivian style and decor with local kelong-style stilts, all villas are adorned with alang alang thatching that has been used in Indonesia for hundreds of years.






















What a wonderful place to relax! It certainly looks like paradise on earth for holidaymakers. Everything I could ever want from a perfect beach vacation is here.

Now that I've seen the sunset, it would be nicer if I had a chance to see the first glow of daylight begins peeking from the horizon. I'd gladly get out of bed, grab my camera, oh but then again, it just isn't possible unless I'm willing to pay RM700 a night for a one-bedroom villa!

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Shemah said... @ 20/5/11 12:49 PM

Simply stunning!! makes me wanna go on a short getaway! :)

LadyJava said... @ 20/5/11 12:50 PM

:* :*

LadyJava said... @ 20/5/11 1:03 PM

ohhh nice lah but RM700 a night? that is a lot of money!!!

LadyJava said... @ 20/5/11 1:03 PM

but like Shemah said.. simply stunning.. love the look at night!

Shemah said... @ 20/5/11 1:09 PM

This is similar to the concept that they wanted to do in Abu Dhabi (before they fell bankrupt) wasn't it? Is this a new place, because I thought this project was launched a couple of years back. Anyways, the place does look absolutely gorgeous.. definitely a home away from home vacation. I love it. However, for rm700 a night.. well, of course I would, if I had the $$$$ but since I don't, then I'd just go island hopping in KK then for the time being! :) Beautiful sunrises, sunsets, gorgeous blue green seas and fish lapping at your feet on the jetty.. :)

Shemah said... @ 20/5/11 1:10 PM

Btw, great pictures Mon!! Now I want a camera! How??? GF2 or G12?? hahahaha I think I'll go for G12 lah (Don't tell bem!) hahahaahah

gagay said... @ 20/5/11 1:57 PM

morning te mon!

gagay said... @ 20/5/11 2:02 PM

i love the first and 2nd pics.. so emotional! yay! :)

gagay said... @ 20/5/11 2:04 PM

i soo love the place, as a whole! so romantic! :* :* :* :*

gagay said... @ 20/5/11 2:06 PM

your fotos really rocks te mon!:D so love 8 and 9 oso!

Mariuca said... @ 20/5/11 2:42 PM

So emotional pics?? *DONT_KNOW* *DONT_KNOW*

Mariuca said... @ 20/5/11 2:42 PM

:-D :-D :-D :-D

Mariuca said... @ 20/5/11 2:42 PM

Morning Monica! Oh no think I'm falling sick boo hoo! =-X =-X

Mariuca said... @ 20/5/11 2:43 PM

Achoooo! :-E :-E :-E :-E :-E Looking for panadol now! :( :(

Mariuca said... @ 20/5/11 2:44 PM

Wow so nice la palm tree shape, did u take those palm tree shape pics too? Amazing!

Mariuca said... @ 20/5/11 2:44 PM

My friend just asked me where to lepak this weekend cause she's coming down from JB to KL.. I think I will recommend her this place!!

Mariuca said... @ 20/5/11 2:46 PM

700 a night is expensive but still cheaper than Sunway Hotel themed villas last time, now not sure still around or not!

Mariuca said... @ 20/5/11 2:46 PM

Expense la 700, if 500 still okay but 700 for one night.. tak puas la like dat stay one night only... :( :( :(

Mariuca said... @ 20/5/11 2:47 PM

HEY!!!! Finally ur RT is okay!!!! See my tweet on twitter, did u change coding?? *DONT_KNOW* *DONT_KNOW*

Bluedreamer said... @ 20/5/11 8:52 PM

og God, the place is so amazing.... it actually reminds me of that Palm Jumeira

Bluedreamer said... @ 20/5/11 8:53 PM

happy weekend Mon

foongpc said... @ 21/5/11 1:54 AM

Nice place to stay! I dun mind staying there if I got extra money!! :)

foongpc said... @ 21/5/11 1:55 AM

So you just went there for a day trip? Any nice eateries there? :)

Bill said... @ 21/5/11 1:58 AM

Wow that looks like a awesome place to go and the way they have it shaped like a palm tree truly amazing. i would love to go there. :*

recel said... @ 21/5/11 4:31 AM

Wow! So beautiful in there!

bingkee said... @ 21/5/11 5:30 AM

Wowl...that's awesome...I would love to go there.

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