Saturday, June 11, 2011


As a big fan of lobster, I was thrilled to find two baby lobsters in the fridge, which Ralph brought all the way from Mukah, Sarawak recently. His favorite way to cook fresh lobsters is steaming because according to him, it's a quick and easy way to enjoy this tasty treat. You can, of course, boil or grill them. Sorry, I've no idea how to prepare the yummiest of steamed lobsters, hence no recipe and detailed instructions.


While waiting for the baby lobsters to cook, he prepared a large bowl of salad too.


#4 Steamed vegetables and potatoes.

#5 The salad consisted of potatoes, broccolis, carrots, and sweet kernel corn, all topped with a dressing of mayonnaise, salad sauce, and seasonings.

#6 My baby lobster sprinkled with Formaggio da Pasta cheese powder, served with salad and steamed asparagus on the side.

It was lobster-licious and oh-so-very-satisfying, of course! Smiley

#7 The meat was firm yet exceedingly tender, succulent and sweet.

Now dig in!



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Bluedreamer said... @ 11/6/11 3:43 AM

wow lobster so meaty

Bluedreamer said... @ 11/6/11 3:46 AM

this lobster reminds me of the Julie and Julia project when Julie is trying to cook lobster for the her very first time.. that's a funny one haha :-D :-D

Bluedreamer said... @ 11/6/11 3:49 AM

the steamed veggies look so great too...yum yum...
next time I'll show my recipes too haha Balut Stew, Balut soup, Balut Steak, and more... :-P :) :)

Bluedreamer said... @ 11/6/11 3:52 AM

Good nytie Night owl... is this a scheduled post or you are still awake??
Happy weekend

Mariuca said... @ 11/6/11 4:29 AM

=-O =-O =-O

Mariuca said... @ 11/6/11 4:31 AM

Baby lobster is huge! And it looks perfect like in restaurant, great cooking Ralph! :* :* :* :*

Mariuca said... @ 11/6/11 4:31 AM

I especially like the salad on the side and the cheese sprinkle! :-D :-D :-D

Mariuca said... @ 11/6/11 4:32 AM

Dunno how to cook lobster! =-X =-X

Mariuca said... @ 11/6/11 4:34 AM

Showed B your yummy pics, ravenous now! :'( :'( :'(

Jean Chia said... @ 11/6/11 5:27 AM

wow, i've nvr cook lobster before and yours look yummy!! :-D :-D

tekkaus said... @ 11/6/11 10:34 AM

Wow....the lobster yummy...and kesian. Haha :D

tekkaus said... @ 11/6/11 10:34 AM

For sure it looks fresh to me. :D

Bella Enveeus said... @ 11/6/11 11:09 AM

Ooh that looks yummy! I love lobsters but hard to find a restaurant that sells delicious lobster cooked meal here...If in KL donno where pulak.. :-( Ahh now I jelesi Ralph knows how to cook this but I don't know.. Must go learn from the cooking channel la like this! :-D

Shemah said... @ 11/6/11 11:34 AM

Ooohh yummmmyyy!! Lobsters are my faves!! :) Oh that Ralph sure know how to cook, huh? so when is the bbq party at your house again?? hahahahaahah I see so many cooking shows that I "think" i know how to cook lobsters, but "thinking" and "doing" are two totally different things. But I've seen my father cook it before and I hope I can do it. But jangan harap lah find any fresh lobsters here in KL!

I love asparagus too. The salad looks delish! :) I'm so hungry nowwww!! LOL! Yummmyy!

Shemah said... @ 11/6/11 11:38 AM

You can find lobster thermidor at steak houses.. like Victoria's Station.. it was pretty good lah the last time I tried. But recently, when my mom went she said macam a bit dry than the last time we went. But I know kat hotels, steak houses, can find good lobster dishes. :)

gagay said... @ 11/6/11 12:32 PM

=-O =-O =-O =-O =-O

gagay said... @ 11/6/11 12:37 PM

the lobster looking so yummy! :-D :-D :-D :-D

gagay said... @ 11/6/11 12:38 PM

but i can't eat crustaceans.. :(

gagay said... @ 11/6/11 12:40 PM

am allergic to those.. :(

gagay said... @ 11/6/11 12:41 PM

>:o >:o >:o >:o >:o

LadyJava said... @ 11/6/11 2:07 PM

Oh wow.. that looks absolutely delish Mon.. Well done to R!!

LadyJava said... @ 11/6/11 2:09 PM

You are making me drool all the way here with your description dearie... OMG!! lol!

foongpc said... @ 11/6/11 11:35 PM

OMG!! The lobster looks so yummy!!! I want!!!!

foongpc said... @ 11/6/11 11:35 PM

I heard the lobsters from Sarawak are very huge!! Wow!! Drooling like mad now

foongpc said... @ 11/6/11 11:36 PM

Next time you ask Ralph to get those lobsters for me too!! :)

foongpc said... @ 11/6/11 11:36 PM

But I dunno how to cook them! Just steam them right? :-D

Evan said... @ 12/6/11 12:10 AM

that looks sooooo good! did you ate them all?? I gotta have some lobster :)

bingkee said... @ 12/6/11 1:25 AM

The photos look like I could eat them right the blog post....hahahha! Great yummy food.

*Michael said... @ 12/6/11 12:19 PM

Wow, what a nicely cooked dish! Restaurant standard :)

*Michael said... @ 12/6/11 12:19 PM

Your photo skill is good too :)

*Michael said... @ 12/6/11 12:20 PM

Take care and have a good week ahead! :* :* :*

Caroline Ng May Ling said... @ 13/6/11 4:19 PM

=-O =-O =-O =-O

Caroline Ng May Ling said... @ 13/6/11 4:20 PM

so this is the baby lobster that R cooked eh!! =-O =-O

Caroline Ng May Ling said... @ 13/6/11 4:20 PM

whoaa got salad summore!! looks yums!! =-X =-X

Ane said... @ 15/6/11 9:32 PM

I love lobster! :-D My fave seafood! :)

Ane said... @ 15/6/11 9:33 PM

Wow Mon, your pictures are awesome! :) The lobster's presentation is so awesome it makes me hungry! :)

Ane said... @ 15/6/11 9:35 PM

Everything looks oh so yummy, even though you said they were just steamed.. :-P

Kevin said... @ 16/6/11 8:25 AM

Your food pictures never fail to make me drool. You should start a food blog :)

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