Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sunday morning, July 24, I woke up early to attend Nigel Barker's photography workshop! It was my very first time attending a photography workshop so I didn't really know what to expect.

On my way to the banquet hall @ The Ritz-Carlton Hotel and I was trying to hold in my excitement.

Registration of participants

The workshop started with a brief welcome by the workshop organizer. In Malaysia for the first time, Nigel Barker had been brought in by Epic Voyage to share his expertise and experience in photography.

There he is! The multi-talented Nigel Barker, a judge and photographer on reality TV show America's Next Top Model!

I must say Nigel Barker is a really nice guy and funny, definitely not a typical ‘Model - Photographer’ type of person one would stereotypically expect him to be. He always seems to crack up ‘one liners’ that would make the audience that listen to him burst into laughter and immediately feel at ease by his presence.

This was a one-day workshop with in-class tutorials and group practical sessions. Pick up tips on Nigel Barker's shooting mystique, his art of provocative aesthetics and timeless photography. However, it's impossible for me to effectively share about everything I've learned in one mere blog post.

Basically, there were 4 sessions in the programme.

Session 1:
Introduction to workshop
Lighting Techniques In studio and On Location

*coffee break*

The coffee break area outside the banquet hall

Session 2:
Landscape photography & Photojournalism


We had our buffet lunch at Shook!, Starhill Gallery.

"Portraiture" with practical session

Session 3:
"Image Making"

*coffee break*

Session 4:
The Art of Advertising Photography
The Business Behind The Image
Q&A wrap up

*workshop ends*

Nigel Barker professes that the most inspiring iconic photograph is ultimately photographs of real people and real lives. “It was their lives that really moved you, not necessarily their faces. When I think about my favorite pictures, it was never because the person in the photograph was pretty or good looking but because the person was a good person,” says Nigel Barker.

I truly enjoyed the whole experience a lot! He is a photographer who works with compassion and heart that gives his photography soul and meaning, an inspiration and has touched so many hearts, and definitely has touched mine.

An autographed copy of Nigel Barker's new book, “Beauty Equation”

Nigel Barker's book guides readers through a series of self portrait and journaling challenges which help its readers to discover their inner beauty through self confidence and self esteem.

My certificate of participation signed by Nigel Barker

Oh, and of course there's also...

a picture of me and the towering 192cm celebrity photographer, Nigel Barker!

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foongpc said... @ 26/7/11 9:35 PM

:) :) :)

foongpc said... @ 26/7/11 9:38 PM

Wow! You must have been very excited!! Did you try to calm yourself down? Haha!!

foongpc said... @ 26/7/11 9:43 PM

Wow!! Nigel is so tall. He's previously a model too right? Were u wearing high heels? But only reach his neck haha!! :-D

foongpc said... @ 26/7/11 9:45 PM

Wah! Got certificate already? So now you must be quite terror in your photography lar! :)

Bella Enveeus said... @ 26/7/11 9:47 PM

Ahhh.. Best best!!!

Bella Enveeus said... @ 26/7/11 9:47 PM

Must be so awesome to see the man real-life and up-close! Damn, wish I was there.. :-(

foongpc said... @ 26/7/11 9:47 PM

Oh, taking photos of real people and real lives is the most difficult one, and I guess Nigel is expert at that! So you re going to put into practice what you have learnt there? Faster, share the secrets with us!! :) :) :)

foongpc said... @ 26/7/11 9:48 PM

So everyone also have a chance to take photo with Nigel? I know u die die also must take the photo with him right? Hahaha!!! Good for you! :-D

Bill said... @ 26/7/11 10:16 PM

Wow that kooks like it would be a lot of fun to go to that class Monica. Maybe one day I will try and go to one of his seminars here. Glad you had a great time . Now you can be a professional ;)

Mariuca said... @ 26/7/11 10:44 PM

=-O =-O =-O =-O =-O =-O =-O =-O =-O =-O

Mariuca said... @ 26/7/11 10:45 PM

Just got home Monica! So hensem la NB hehehehe! :-D :-D :-D

Mariuca said... @ 26/7/11 10:46 PM

I love that you got the cert, must feel great to have an autographed copy of his book too woot! :* :*

Mariuca said... @ 26/7/11 10:47 PM

I'm sure u went away taking with you loads of tips and tricks to better photography, awesome! Glad u had a wonderful yummylicious time with NB sweetie! So was it cold??? *DONT_KNOW* *DONT_KNOW* :* :* :*

Tekkaus said... @ 26/7/11 11:09 PM

Wow...now you must be very expert already o. :p

Tekkaus said... @ 26/7/11 11:10 PM

Taking photos of people is harder than taking pictures of landscape right? it's hard to capture the essence of human. :p

Tekkaus said... @ 26/7/11 11:10 PM

Maybe one day you can open a workshop to teach us. :p

kianfai87 said... @ 27/7/11 1:47 AM

huhuhu so lucky can meet Nigel . . . he is like a legend story on the TV screen . . . (I watch ANTM) LOL!

Nessa said... @ 27/7/11 12:03 PM

Hey Mon! It's me :D Sori long time no comment ya.

wahhh, ini baru la clear :-D :-D :* :* *ogling at NB* :-[ :-[

u so lucky la Mon. Bestnyaaaa.... i soooo jeles x 1,000,0000000,000 :( :'( :'( but definitely hepi for you! 8-) 8-)

haiyah, so tall la this NB...

Jean said... @ 27/7/11 1:35 PM

>:o >:o >:o >:o >:o i duwan fren you already, mon!!! me so jeles of you!! i want to take photo wt NB too!!!! :'( :'(

Jean said... @ 27/7/11 1:35 PM

im seriously jeles now!! >:o >:o :-P :)

Jean said... @ 27/7/11 1:36 PM

looks like a lot you've learned from the workshop! im sure he has inspired you in yr future photography. :)

Jean said... @ 27/7/11 1:37 PM

nice cert too, mon!

iamthewitch said... @ 27/7/11 3:33 PM

Wahh so nice! Always see him on ANTM! Didn't know he's SOOO tall! :) When are you going to share the photography tips with us? :)

Thristhan said... @ 27/7/11 5:47 PM

Wish that I could have attended his workshop, but it was too costly for me :). Looks like you had a lot of fun there.

Arif Azmi said... @ 27/7/11 6:05 PM

hye Monica :D its me Arif from the workshop :D

can you send me the picture to my email

this is my email nikmuhammadaarif@yahoo.com

thanks :D

Shemah said... @ 28/7/11 8:26 AM

Hey Monica!!! :)

You definitely have your lucky stars to thank for winning the contest! It's so great to have been the lucky ones handpicked and didn't have to spend a dime!! I'm sure you went away from the workshop having a once in a lifetime experience and getting tips and tricks of the trade coming from a world renowned photographer.

Nigel really practices what he preaches and he really is the epitome of everything that he wrote in Beauty Equation. I so love his book. He really is something. We can all learn a thing or two from him and not only from the technical photography sense.

Anyways, he really is tal and soooooooooooo darn good lookingl. Menyesal I wear flats that day to the book signing! hahahahaha I've loved Nigel since season 1 of ANTM and I'm glad that I got to see him and so happy for you that you got to attend his workshop!

Love the pic of you and Nigel btw!!! :) :)

*Michael said... @ 28/7/11 5:25 PM

Wow, attended a master class in photography! :)

*Michael said... @ 28/7/11 5:26 PM

1st photo is nice :)

*Michael said... @ 28/7/11 5:27 PM

Looking forward for your nice photo in future! and your tips as well ;) ;) :*

Bluedreamer said... @ 28/7/11 7:46 PM

oh this is it... the event....woohoo

Bluedreamer said... @ 28/7/11 7:46 PM

I'm sure you have learned a lot of tips and ideas on how to take photos like a pro

Bluedreamer said... @ 28/7/11 7:47 PM

happy thursday Mon

LadyJava said... @ 28/7/11 10:52 PM

Wah... so syiok you get to attend!! So did you pick up some great tips Mon??!! He is darn tall eh??

Monica said... @ 29/7/11 4:32 AM

Panda! :) :) :)

gagay said... @ 30/7/11 6:53 AM

=-O =-O =-O =-O =-O =-O

gagay said... @ 30/7/11 9:00 AM

this one's so nice te mon!

gagay said... @ 30/7/11 9:01 AM

this one's so nice te mon!

gagay said... @ 30/7/11 9:04 AM

the event was looking great!

gagay said... @ 30/7/11 9:11 AM

:* :* :* :*

Pravin.J said... @ 1/8/11 3:14 AM

hi there Monica. I'm Pravin from Seremban. I attended the workshop too & i was one of the volunteer for the portraiture session. I see that you did snap shots of it & I would humbly request you if you could email the picture for my remembrance purpose. would like to develop it & have it in my personal album. is it possible? this is my email add (pravin050984@gmail.com)

thank you so much.

Life Ramblings said... @ 4/8/11 9:02 PM

OMG, Nigel is so handsome and you're so lucky to be able to take a photo with him. i'm so envious of you. it must be a real treat to be able to meet him up close.

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