Wednesday, August 31, 2011

At around 1pm we reached our destination, so after we checked in and freshened up, we drove to Animal World Safari. Located on 150 acres of pristine surroundings, the A' Famosa Animal World Safari is an amazing wildlife Safari that houses over 100 of the finest species from the animal kingdom.

#1 At the entrance of Animal World Safari, we were greeted by the largest living land animal on earth!



#4 Entrance fees to Water World, Animal World Safari and Cowboy Town.



#7 Animal World Safari Location Map

#8 F&B Outlets

#9 Souvenir Shop


We got to the Animal World Safari and went straight to the truck station. Barely a line, barely a wait time, we entered the caged truck.


This is the only safari park in Malaysia, where you can see wild animals' close-up in the open, as the driver will stop the truck right next to them for you to get a good look.

However, before you get to meet the wild animals, you have to pass through the rough and bumpy Jungle Area and cross Crocodile River. HOLD TIGHT, as you sit in the caged truck!


1. Pregnant ladies and people with heart ailments and back problems should not take the Safari Truck Ride.
2. Visitors are required to hold on their children during the Safari Truck Ride.
3. Please refrain from throwing anything out of the truck during the Safari Truck Ride.
4. Visitors are required to keep their hands in the truck during the Safari Truck Ride.



#15 Sambar Deers

#16 Axis Deers

#17 Ostriches - the largest and heaviest bird

#18 Crocodile

#19 Crocodiles in the water

#20 Water Buffaloes

#21 Camels


#23 The elegant giraffe

#24 Zebra

#25 Anoa, or Dwarf Buffalo

#26 Lions

#27 Sun Bear

#28 Tigers napping in the shade

All the tigers, lions and sun bears are prevented from escaping by electrified fencing and roam freely in their own areas.

#29 Tiger is, after all, my favorite animal!

Next blog post: Eye-catching shows, namely; The Elephant Show, Bird Show, Multi Animal Show and the highly exciting Wild Wild West Show! Smiley


Now that I've had a chance to catch my breath, I'd like to wish all my Muslims friends and readers out there, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!


Also, I wish all Malaysian a very happy 54th Merdeka Day! Hope you are having an awesome double celebration during the Hari Raya and Merdeka holidays. Smiley

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Malacca city, I have been to many times, but never to A' Famosa Resort so I was really looking forward to it and we stayed one night at the Villa D'Savoy Condopark during our recent trip to A' Famosa Resort!



#3 Lobby



We arrived before check-in time and were able to get into our one bedroom condominium! The unit was nicely furnished, very clean and bright.

#6 Living room

#7 Dining area

#8 Wet/dry kitchen

#9 Bedroom with two comfortable queen-size beds

#10 The bathroom was of a standard size, with a bathtub.

#11 The unit has two separate balconies off the living room and dry kitchen.


#13 A piano-shaped swimming pool

Villa D'Savoy Condopark is nestled in the heart of A'Famosa Resort and every unit commands a panoramic view of the 1,300 acres beautiful landscaped park, international golf course and the man-made lakes!






Overall, a very comfortable place to stay, welcoming and we've got no complains for our one night stay there!

Oh, I've no idea on the room rate because it was a package deal, which also included admission to Animal World Safari + admission to Cowboy Town with Carnival Show; my sister settled and arranged everything.

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