Friday, October 07, 2011

At this point, we were at 280 feet below sea level. It was very windy but not freezing cold!


There were a few restaurants around here with spectacular views of KL city and we settled at Eagle's Nest.

#2 Look Out Point Western Food

#3 Gasoline Cafe


#5 Haven Restaurant at the top of Look Out Point

#6 Eagle's Nest



After going through several pages of their menu, Ralph and I ordered fish and chips and we chose salmon for our fish. Out it came and, really, it was only so-so except for the generous amount of fries and Ralph was not impressed with his either.

#9 Fish and Chips

#10 Chicken Chop

#11 Lamb Chop

I think salmon doesn't make good fish and chips, but I'm glad my friends enjoyed their meal and we had a wonderful evening hanging out together!


It was just so relaxing and almost comforting to observe the city's skyscrapers amidst the cool wind.

#13 Dusk has settled and the city begins to light up like a thousand flickering fireflies.

#14 Woohoo, Aubrey has bought a new DSLR camera too!

#15 Iced Cappuccino

#16 Iced Chocolate with Ice Cream

The bill came up to RM120++, including service charge.

Oh, this place is also known as a great place to celebrate one's birthday so much so that the restaurants here host birthday parties almost every night, together with swirling lights bouncing off disco balls and birthday theme songs played.


However, I was told that anything alcoholic is strictly forbidden at all the restaurants here and you are not even allowed to bring a can of beer!

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LadyJava said... @ 8/10/11 12:10 AM

:* :* :*

LadyJava said... @ 8/10/11 12:13 AM

Wah.. where is it? I lived in Ampang and dont even know about this place.. ahhaa..

LadyJava said... @ 8/10/11 12:13 AM

very nice lah... so beautiful...
no alchohol.. they scared pple mabuk and fall down is it? lol!

Mariuca said... @ 8/10/11 12:38 AM

:-D :-D :-D :-D :-D

Mariuca said... @ 8/10/11 12:38 AM

Oh no missed da chop, doing laundry la just now! :'( :'( :'( :'(

Mariuca said... @ 8/10/11 12:40 AM

Awesome place, looks romantic and the view is breathtaking, love it! In Ampang eh? *DONT_KNOW* *DONT_KNOW* 8-) 8-)

Mariuca said... @ 8/10/11 12:40 AM

R wasn't impressed with the fish? That means not nice la, I trust R's taste... ahahahhahahahhaha! ;) ;) ;) ;)

Mariuca said... @ 8/10/11 12:41 AM

Nice pics of you and your friends, you are looking gorgeous and selim-melim as always! :* :* :* :*

Bill said... @ 8/10/11 1:17 AM

I really like this post because the community that i work at is called Eagles Nest hahahahaha. The places looks awesome and the food looks heavenly. Making me hungry just to look at LOL 8-). You look like a model just stepping off the run way as always my friend. :*

Hitesh said... @ 8/10/11 1:34 PM

nice pics Mon....... what camera do you use........ ???

Jean Chia said... @ 8/10/11 7:34 PM

:* :* :*

Jean Chia said... @ 8/10/11 7:34 PM

hello sweet pea! :)

Jean Chia said... @ 8/10/11 7:36 PM

oh i've been to this place on mumerous occasions. I've been there before they renovate the place and after the renovation. The foods were better before they renovated. and i think their service went down as their business gets bigger. :(

Jean Chia said... @ 8/10/11 7:37 PM

but i still gotta say, they have the most beautiful night view! i enjoyed the cold breeze there! :)

Jean Chia said... @ 8/10/11 7:39 PM

Happy weekend to you and R! :) :*

Tekkaus said... @ 8/10/11 11:29 PM

Certainly this is one classy eagle nest. :p

Rebecca said... @ 9/10/11 8:09 AM

Yea, I heard lots about the spectacular view but the not-so-good food! :P

Monica said... @ 11/10/11 3:32 AM

LJ! :* :* :*

Monica said... @ 11/10/11 3:34 AM

huh? hahhaah! about A? does he know where this place is? :-D :-D

Monica said... @ 11/10/11 3:35 AM

lol ya lah i think they scared ppl mabuk lah :-P :-P

Monica said... @ 11/10/11 3:35 AM

:-D :-D :-D Mariuca!

Monica said... @ 11/10/11 3:37 AM

u missed my MM chop too! :-E :-E

Monica said... @ 11/10/11 3:39 AM Ampang! go there for a romantic dinner with B lah... ;) :)

Monica said... @ 11/10/11 3:39 AM

hahhaahha yeah R wasn't impressed with the fish! :-P :-P

Monica said... @ 11/10/11 3:41 AM

hehe..thanks sweetie! :* :* :* :*

Monica said... @ 11/10/11 3:44 AM

hahahahaha Bill!!! Now I know where you work at.. :-D :-D
model?? lol far from it.. but thanks!! :*

Monica said... @ 11/10/11 3:46 AM

thanks Hitesh! I'm using Canon EOS 550D - :)

Monica said... @ 11/10/11 3:47 AM

Jean! :* :* :*

Monica said... @ 11/10/11 3:47 AM

hey sweetie! ;)

Monica said... @ 11/10/11 3:55 AM

the service is okay, but the food... =-X =-X

Monica said... @ 11/10/11 3:59 AM

Indeed! I truly enjoyed the cool breeze and clean fresh air.. 8-)

Monica said... @ 11/10/11 4:00 AM

Thanks sweetie..hope you had a great weekend too! :* :*

Monica said... @ 11/10/11 4:01 AM


Monica said... @ 11/10/11 4:05 AM time I probably will try another restaurant. :)

Bella Enveeus said... @ 13/10/11 11:50 PM

The first and only time I went to Ampang Lookout Point was during the MySelangorStory 2010 when we had our final dinner at Haven Restaurant there. I haven't gone back since. A little far off from where I live and we usually lazy want to go so far lah. But I think I'll ajak Bbunz go there on our anniversary this New Year.. Well, either we go there or we go SG.. Hehe..

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