Thursday, November 10, 2011


The best thing about this restaurant is that it offers an ala-carte buffet concept. You may order as much as possible from the menu, eat and drink as much as you can for a fixed price (RM38.80+ per person!), without having to leave the table.

The dishes are cooked and brought to your table, unlike regular buffets where you help yourself to trays of prepared dishes. Furthermore, everything is at their optimum freshness. Smiley


We arrived around 7.30pm on a Sunday to find the place packed! Thankfully, my sister had made reservations several days prior.






Here were some of the items we ordered...

#8 Salmon Sashimi, Maguro (tuna) Sashimi and Shiro Maguro (white tuna)

#9 Itako Kyuli (seasoned baby octopus)

#10 California Roll

#11 Ebiko (shrimp roe) Sushi

#12 Chawan Mushi (steamed egg custard)

#13 Spicy Tofu Salad

#14 Soft Shell Crab Maki

#15 Saba Shioyaki (grilled mackerel)

#16 Sukiyaki

#17 Chuka Kurage (seasoned jellyfish)

#18 We reordered this simply because we couldn't get enough of Salmon Sashimi, Maguro Sashimi and Shiro Maguro!

#19 Green Tea Ice Cream

#20 Chocolate Ice Cream

#21 Wasabi Ice Cream

I love wasabi with my sushi, but not wasabi ice cream!

#22 There were five of us and altogether we ordered 112 food items!

Now that's what I call a value-for-money ala-carte buffet.

#23 Operating hours are from 11.30am - 2.30pm for lunch, and from 6.00pm - 10.30pm for dinner.

We spent a good 3 hours enjoying the food and needless to say, we'll be back!

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Bill said... @ 11/11/11 1:22 AM

:* 8-) :*

LadyJava said... @ 11/11/11 1:25 AM

:* :*

LadyJava said... @ 11/11/11 1:27 AM

Wah i like this place.. buffet price but the food comes straight to the table.. mah kind of place..heheh.. and affordable too! Great find sweetie!

Bill said... @ 11/11/11 1:27 AM

I enjoy all you can eat buffets maybe to much sometimes hahahaha. It looks like there was a lot of nice food there also.

Bill said... @ 11/11/11 1:28 AM

So many different items it would be hard to choose which ones to have. Maybe a little of everything ;)

Mariuca said... @ 11/11/11 2:20 AM

:-D :-D :-D :-D

Mariuca said... @ 11/11/11 2:26 AM

Yay I see my fave seasoned octopus and jellyfish here, yum2! Sure must order these two if we go to Japanese resto, we love! :* :* :* :*

Mariuca said... @ 11/11/11 2:34 AM

Perfect for lazy patrons who love buffet but don't want to walk hahahahha, but if buffet I don't mind walking to the tables to check out the food he he... :-D :-D :-D :-D

Mariuca said... @ 11/11/11 2:39 AM

Price also not bad, and it's in DP, nearby only ha ha... will check out this place one day, thanks for the heads up sweetie! :* :* :*

Mariuca said... @ 11/11/11 2:40 AM

I'm checking out my Disney gifts now he he he he, see u later! 8-) 8-) 8-) 8-)

Bella Enveeus said... @ 11/11/11 11:06 PM

Nice concept for buffet.. Is the place halal or non-halal? If it is halal, would be great to try.. Coz i love Japanese food! :-P

Shemah said... @ 11/11/11 11:48 PM

Hey Mon! :)

Wowww.. looks delicious! :) Great concept also for lazy eaters.. actually it's better for those who want their value for money, imho.. because when we walk around deciding for which food, lagi cepat kenyang.. But if the food keeps on coming to the table.. I think ppl would tend to eat more. I don't know lah about other people.. but I'm definitely like that. hahahaha so whether that's (eating more) a good thing or a bad thing depends on the person dining. LOL!

But it sure is worth it for that price.. definitely can't find that price for buffets these days.. what more to say Japanese buffet. If it's halal, then I'd be more than happy to check it out! I looooooove Japanese food. :)

Shemah said... @ 11/11/11 11:51 PM

I've been eating non stop for the whole of november. My mom came on the 1st and it's been food food food food food galore non stop. I haven't trained for my 10km race... i've trained only once since she came and I'm seriously in big trouble. I think I piled on at LEAST 4kgs already. *Sigh* story of my life.. what else is new. gain weight, lose weight. at the end back to square one. love exercise, love food.. both cancel out each other. LMAO!

Shemah said... @ 11/11/11 11:52 PM

btw, great pics as always!! :)

Caroline Ng said... @ 15/11/11 5:32 PM

=-O =-O =-O =-O =-O =-O

Caroline Ng said... @ 15/11/11 5:33 PM

OMGeee!!!! I saw my fav sashimi n baby octopus!! =-X =-X

Caroline Ng said... @ 15/11/11 5:34 PM

gosh! the foods are all looking so good!! making me drooling here dearie!! >:o >:o

Caroline Ng said... @ 15/11/11 5:34 PM

somemore it is soo cheap la!! =-O

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