Sunday, December 11, 2011

This year, 1 Utama shopping centre decided to go with a nautical theme – underwater odyssey, which is different from the traditional Christmas decorations.


Check out their Christmas 'Splashing over the Big Blue' winter 'waterland', surrounded by giant-sized clamshells glittered in gold and silver, seaweed made from transparent fabrics and cartoon character-themed clamshells!

All photos were taken by Ralph while I was busy shopping with my sisters.





















I love how much effort went in to decorating the shopping centre! Now, I'm thinking which shopping mall I should go next. So far, I've only been to the candy-land world @ Pavilion KL and the Christmas kingdom @ the Curve.

Anyhow, more importantly now... is to get some beauty sleep! It's a public holiday today, woohoo!

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LadyJava said... @ 12/12/11 12:38 PM


LadyJava said... @ 12/12/11 12:42 PM

wahhhhhh nice nice. i like....
eh public holiday? what holiday today ah?

Mariuca said... @ 12/12/11 1:48 PM

:-D :-D :-D

Mariuca said... @ 12/12/11 1:49 PM

Yay for public holiday! But B has to go to UH for some work stuff today, then we're gonna watch meow in boots yay! :-D :-D :-D

Mariuca said... @ 12/12/11 1:50 PM

I think I love One Utama's decor the best so far, so nice la the pics here... good job R! :* :* :*

Mariuca said... @ 12/12/11 1:50 PM

Hope u got all your Christmas shopping done edi but I'm sure there will be some last minute shopping yeah? Have fun sweetie, ho ho ho! 8-) 8-) 8-)

Mariuca said... @ 12/12/11 1:51 PM

Been catching up on my sleep past two days... wakey wakey! :-D :-D

Bluedreamer said... @ 13/12/11 8:56 PM

Hi It's been awhile .. it is so nice to be here in your blog again.

Bluedreamer said... @ 13/12/11 9:26 PM

these decorations are simply gorgeous and stunning

Bluedreamer said... @ 13/12/11 9:30 PM

it is sure indeed different from the traditional Xmas decoration

Bluedreamer said... @ 13/12/11 9:31 PM

have a great day mon and advance Merry Christmas to you

Bella Enveeus said... @ 14/12/11 5:34 PM

Hi sweetie!

I just went to 1Utama but I don't think I like this theme lah. In comparison to Sunway Pyramid, I prefer Pyramid more.. But I certainly want to check out Curve & Pavilion soon too.. Have you checked out Berjaya Times Square and KLCC? Gonna do it next week. I think tomorrow I wanna go Empire Shopping Gallery :)

Bella Enveeus said... @ 14/12/11 5:35 PM

Anyways, good job Ralph! ;-)

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