Thursday, March 08, 2012

Ralph and I stumbled upon this small, simple Korean food outlet (HALAL), where seats were limited in The Gardens, after meeting with my blog advertiser last Wednesday!

'Ko Hyang' means hometown in Korean.

The menu consisted of a few number of main dishes at affordable prices and it came with complimentary appetizers, including kimchi (my favorite traditional fermented Korean dish), which was stunningly spicy, and two other items of the day.

Ramyeon (RM13.50) - The Korean version of Japanese ramen noodles, spicy and cooked with seafood and vegetables.

Dak Bokum (RM17.90) - Stir fried chicken with vegetables served over rice.

"Why is Korean rice...purple-ebony?"

Anyway, the Korean style home-cooked meals were well flavored and healthy (all meals were cooked without using MSG seasoning), and our bill was only RM36.45 including drinks.

Only downside was the standing crowd who hovered over you as you eat so they can snag your seat as soon as you stand up!

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