Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I didn't even know this place existed until our friend Kelvin brought us here on a Saturday night for dinner and raved about how good the food was.

I was surprised by how busy and bustling the restaurant was, with almost every table occupied!

However, it took a good amount of time to have our order taken and for our food to arrive.

Kelvin & Bavindh

Fried Chicken Wings (RM19.20 for 8 pieces) – they were ok, nothing special.

Hokkien Mee & Bee Hoon (RM10)

Didn't try this one 'cause I don't fancy Hokkien Mee at all, but the plate was wiped clean within minutes and Ralph said it was not bad.

Vegetable Dish (RM10)

Grilled Fish (RM21) - it was really good and fresh!


Kam Heong Crabs (RM77) - RM53 per kg.

The Kam Heong style crabs may not have an appealing appearance with curry leaves, dried shrimps and spices, but it could capture attention the moment it was served, thanks to the heady fragrance.

We all love crab especially the big fat and meaty fresh crab, but seafood in general, and crabs in particular, are getting pretty pricey nowadays.

Including drinks, our total bill came out to RM146, which I thought was reasonable and I walked out with a fat belly!

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