Tuesday, March 20, 2012

After a lil photo shoot, we rushed off to Libresse launch party, which was held at Black Box MAP @ Publika, Solaris Dutamas.




The event that included activities was great fun; everyone was involved and played games with the brand ambassadors, prior to the launch of Libresse's new product!

#4 The Chong sisters (Vanessa and Pamela), Adibah Noor and the emcee (deejay Ean from Hitz.fm)



#7 Adibah Noor was our team leader; she's super friendly and funny!

#8 My lovely friend, Ella

I certainly enjoyed myself even though our team didn't win any prizes.

Now look back and ask yourself, have you gotten control of your life, mustered enough confidence to take charge and achieve all that you can?

Well, your answer to be in control is finally unveiled - Libresse PureFresh Green Tea Odor Control helps realize your true potential with confidence!


Have you ever heard of a sanitary pad that captures your menstrual odor? What about one that releases a refreshing green tea scent? Libresse, international feminine hygiene brand by SCA, has a new and innovative product called PureFresh Green Tea Odor Control that does exactly that! A unique product that gives you the freedom to be all that you can be; it is your perfect partner in discovering true potential at your own pace to achieve greatness in life!

"Menstruation can be a distressing experience for woman. On top of cramps and mood swings, many of us cannot shake off the feeling of menstrual odor following us around. Some of us are very uncomfortable with the odor although it is more noticeable to us than it is to others. Such situation often undermines our self-confidence, which could hold us back especially during important moments of our lives. We at Libresse completely understand that consumers will only feel secured when no one notices their discomfort. With this as our top priority, we developed Libresse PureFresh Green Tea Odor Control, a new range that is set to unleash your confidence to be all that you can be."

Libresse's new creation is equipped with features such as OdorSeal, which helps capture unwanted odor whilst the green tea essence releases a naturally refreshing scent so that you will never have to feel paranoid again. The range is designed with Aloe Vera extract to help relieve irritation and promotes healthy skin. The range also comes in beautiful floral prints, denoting a young and fun appeal.

The new range is available in multiple variants catered to different needs. For instance, there are MAXI for normal protection, SLIM for slim fit protection, ULTRA THIN for confidence in figure-hugging clothes and MAXI Night 32cm for all night and heavy flow protection. Each comes with a choice of Wings and Non-wings. Additionally, Libresse offers SLIM panty liners for the beginning and ending of period with heavy discharge as well as stretchable SUPER SLIM panty liners for daily freshness that moves with the body. Not forgetting, Libresse sanitary pads are easy to wash before disposal.


"As the saying goes, 'With confidence, you have won before you have even started', Libresse PureFresh Green Tea Odor Control allows you to be in control of situations and move forward without hesitation. Our brand ambassadors such as Yuna, Adibah Noor, Pamela and Vanessa Chong are best examples of the Libresse women who exude absolute confidence and self-respect. You should try to seek your true potential with a little help from Libresse. So, start to make the change for good and be free to be the best, most confident 'you' you can be!"

#11 GET CONTROL with Libresse, Pamela Chong, Adibah Noor and Vanessa Chong!

The new range is available at most hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenient stores, pharmacies, mini markets and provision shops throughout Malaysia with the retail price of RM3.30 for regular pack and RM5.80 for large pack. For more details, visit www.libresse.com.my or find them on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/LibresseMalaysia.

#12 "Be Cool & Be Free!!!" - turnuoff.com ♥


#14 Giant Time Capsule Sealed!



Photo-op with Libresse's gorgeous and hilarious Brand Ambassadors...

#17 Adibah Noor

#18 Pamela Chong

#19 Vanessa Chong


Together, let's get in control with Libresse!

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