Thursday, March 22, 2012


We came here on a late evening with my siblings and I'm glad we did because I didn't know other than drinks, they also serve mille crepe cakes, something I still haven't tired of!

Unlike Chatime, which was already established tea brands in Taiwan, Ochado started in Singapore. Well, it has the similar concept like Chatime where you can choose the level of sweetness and the choices of add-on topping in it.

#2 Ochado's Top 10 Drinks

However, Ochado is not Taiwanese bubble tea but is a Japanese tea that tastes differently, focuses on healthy idea with no sugar level selection, no additives and artificial colors.


Ochado is originated from two words - OCHA (tea in Japanese) & CHADO (origin or culture in Japanese).

#4 My Hazelnut Milk Tea (RM6.90) tasted great, even at 25% sugar level was just nice for me!


#6 Okinawa Matcha (fine powder green tea) Milk Tea with Azuki Beans

Hmmm, I think both Chatime and Ochado have their own specialty and signature. Whether you like it or not, the fact remains that Malaysians have been going gaga over bubble tea, and kiosks are sprouting like mushrooms!

#7 Japanese Mille Crepe - Chocolate & Vanilla (RM8.90 per piece)

I liked the fluffiness and lightness of the cream. Not too sweet and just tickles the right combination of taste buds.

Now every time I see crepes, I want a mille cake!

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