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Honestly, I had never heard of this cafe before until the lovely owners of Pick-Me-Up, in Kuchai Lama, invited me to a food review recently. I was quite exhausted that day and pick-me-up is usually just what I need, in the form of dessert and snacks. Who doesn't need a scrumptious pick-me-up after a long day?



Food is, by necessity, the fuel of life, but more than that, it's fun, and enjoyable and best shared with others, so I brought Ralph and Kelvin along. I began to consider them good food critics!

I wouldn't rave about everything I ate, but it's hard not to marvel at most of it as the super-yummy desserts and snacks served gave me an extra cheer, energy and satisfaction!

#4 Ice Cream Burritos (RM5.50/pcs) with Banana, Oreo Cookies and Mango

We're always happy to try something different, something new and something delicious. Ice-cream burrito was unique and extremely tasty! We still cannot stop thinking about how great their Best Seller was.

#5 Ice Cream Burritos with Mango...oh, this was simply delicious!

#6 7-inch Tower Shaved Ice (RM12.90) – a block of 3-layered ice (Soya Milk, Grass Jelly and Palm Sugar) with Barley, Pearls, Taro Balls and Grass Jelly

My friend, Kelvin, was hooked with this one! He said, this beats bubur cha-cha flat out and would not mind taking his parents to try this. The oriental combo on this Tower Shaved Ice is just perfect with the Soya milk ice at the bottom layer, which adds the milky taste to it.

#7 Creamer

#8 Palm Sugar


#10 Frozen Yoghurt (RM6.50) with Strawberry Sauce, Crushed Peanut and Soft Peanut

#11 Soft Ice Cream (RM5.50) with Oreo Cookies, Cornflakes and Nata De Coco

I had been craving Froyo-Ice-Pick all week, and these really hit the spot!

#12 Cheesy Nachos (RM4.50)

A must try, I would say. The cheesy sauce with a dash of mayonnaise makes the whole nachos a simply irresistible snack that I would enjoy anytime, anywhere.

#13 Nutella French Toast (RM5.50) with peanut butter and splashed with chocolate sauce was a great combo for the sweet tooth out there and the toast was crunchy (without the ice cream on top, of course)!

Add on Ice Cream RM1.00 only.

#14 Chili Fries (RM8.00)

This to Ralph came as a shocker. The look does not do the justice to this dish according to him. It was simply scrumptious bunch of fries served with cooked chicken with spices covered with cheesy sauce. How he wishes other fast food outlets would serve such combo. Well, at least someone came out with this idea... Pick-Me-Up it is!

#15 Fruity Tower Shaved Ice (RM12.90) - consisting of three flavors of blueberry, mango, and strawberry, adorned with taro and sweet potato balls, pearls, mango and nata de coco.


Ralph seemed to love this one! Perhaps the tantalizing taste of sweet, sour and vanilla made him cheerful after a hard day work. The ice-cream separator in between is a superb idea.


The cafe champions on its 'fusion' concept and the owners are champion dessert inventors. The ingredient combinations are clever and I would not doubt the other items are delicious.

Atmosphere-wise, we found the cafe was spacious, clean and cozy. It was totally somewhere I would go all the time if I lived nearby, simply because it is convenient and more enjoyable as this place provided most of the delicious desserts and snacks that can fulfill our taste sensations at affordable prices.

With the first opening of Pick-Me-Up outlet in Malaysia, now you can nourish your taste buds with a variety of tastefulness from their very own blended delectable desserts and snacks!

A wonderful evening "pick me up", need we say more!

Address: 35, Jalan Kuchai Maju 8, Kuchai Enterprenuer Park, 58200 Kuala Lumpur.

Business Hours:
Sun - Thu : 12.30pm - 11.30pm
Fri - Sat : 12.30pm - 12am

Tel: 03-7971 4983

Pick-Me-Up does not serve pork or alcohol on its menu.

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