Sunday, April 29, 2012

I still remember I got a little upset when I lost my MNG cardigan! I wore it to Starbucks @ Tropicana City Mall, took it off, laid it on the back of a chair and it was only while we were on the way back home that I realized I totally forgot my cardigan. *cried a bucket of tears*

Anyway, this comfortable and casual drape cardigan from Whitesoot just becomes my favorite! *happy dance!*

It's a great garment to throw over any outfit and there are several ways to style a drape cardigan, depends on your personal style and your mood.

Description: Every wardrobe needs a cool-girl yet comfortable staple like this cardigan that takes on blazer collars! Match it to everything from tapered pants to tailored shorts, and keep yourself warm from the chilling air-conditioning at work, college or cinemas! Fold sleeves up three-quarter length for a casual look. Featuring long sleeves with an inward cut sleeve hem.

Material : Cotton

Price : RM 45

What I really like about it is the blazer collar and button-free front - much sexier compared to button-down cardigans!

Cardigan is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing a woman can own. However, living in a country where the climate is mostly hot and humid all year round, a cardigan is hardly necessary, unless I go to the cinema, malls, etc.

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