Saturday, April 07, 2012

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Source: Google Images and boy, was it hard to choose a favorite, check 'em out and get all of your inspiration in one place!

Nail art is an ever-growing trend endorsed by both the fashion and the celeb world, there's no denying nail art is all the rage. So, besides painting hard-boiled eggs this Easter, you can create fun and adorable Easter nail art for your fingernails at home with pastel colored nail polishes too!

Yeah, I'm a nail-a-polish-aholic and rehab won't help this addiction.

I have tried, and even though I've been painting my nails for years and have mastered it with my non-dominant hand, but painting NAIL DESIGNS on my right hand is challenging and frustrating. It went horrible and it was a gigantic mess. Oh well. *trying not to be a total perfectionist and practice, practice, practice!*

Well, the best Easter nail designs are ones that are bright, colorful, and festive. Finding ideas for Easter nail art is easy as there's a limitless end to creativity. You may get some inspirations from Easter egg, bunny, chick, candy or flowers.

Have a blessed Easter and happy egg hunting!

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