Thursday, April 12, 2012

A few days ago, Ralph handed me this elegant blue box.

Apparently, it was an edible souvenir from one of his Japanese students. I was delighted and expected that I was in for a treat, chocolate makes me happy!

Royce', a premium chocolate from Hokkaido, Japan is made from fresh uncooked cream with no milk powder. Nama means fresh or raw in Japanese.

Royce's trademark product, Royce' Nama Chocolate comes in Au Lait, White, Champagne, Cocoa, and Bitter Varieties. Each box contains 20 slices.

With a hint of prestige liqueurs and balanced sweetness, this rich and velvety smooth Japanese chocolate melted in my mouth like frozen yogurt or ice cream, and engulfed my palate with refined flavors that were simple irresistible! Smiley

It's no wonder that it has been described as “orgasmic”!

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