Wednesday, June 20, 2012

On the north coast of Taiwan, you'll find one of Asia's most unusual geological landscapes!


The journey from Taipei city to Yehliu Geopark took about one hour. When we arrived, I was shocked to see so many tourist coaches!



There were multiple groups of tourists and multiple tour guides, so it was extremely crowded. The vast majority of tourists were from China. Strolling around, I found myself wondering whether I just stepped on the mainland China.

Anyway, Yehliu is a cape, stretching a massive 1700 meters into the ocean, holding abreast a land between 50-200 meters, and it is known for the interesting rock formations that were formed slowly over millions of years by Mother Nature's creative hand using weathering and sea erosion as tools.

#4 Admission Price: NT$50

It was a bright and sunny day, but surprising not humid.


So what exactly is there to see here?

The most famous hoodoo... the Queen's Head!

#6 Since pretty much everyone wants to check out and take photos with the Queen's Head, there was a long line of tourists queuing, but moved swiftly.

#7 The Queen's Head and I

Judging from its present height, the age of the Queen's Head is about 4,000 years old. Sadly, continuous exposure to natural forces has caused the Queen's neck to become thinner through the years, so get there before it's gone!

The so-called "Queen's Head" is in fact a mushroom rock and there are around 180 mushroom rock formations in different stages of erosion.

Oh, and there are three types of mushroom rocks - fat neck, thin neck and no neck.




Erosion creates many awesome rock formations, some in shapes resembling candle, honeycomb, bean curd, ice cream, pineapple bun, peanut, pearl, camel, fried drumstick, elephant, lion's head, dragon's head, etc.

#11 Ginger Rocks




#15 Ocean Erosion Potholes



#18 Fairy's Shoe

Legend says that a fairy that came down to earth to tame the naughty turtle elf left this one piece of shoe accidentally.

Isn't it amazing what Mother Nature can do!?


#20 Yehliu Ocean World that features an aquarium and various shows, including sea lions, dolphins, and whales.

Time went by so fast and before we knew it, it was lunchtime! Our tour guide directed us to a seafood restaurant located near the entrance of Yehliu Geopark.

#21 A row of seafood restaurants lines in Wanli District.

The air-conditioned restaurant was half-full with Chinese tourists. We were seated right away, the food was brought right out and we were happy with whatever they served just because we were starving after all that walking!








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