Sunday, July 15, 2012

Only a ten-minute ride outside the city of Hualien, Chihsingtan (Seven Star Lake) beach lies at the tip of a crescent bay offering extensive scenery overlooking the blue-green Pacific Ocean!




However, this long, wide beach was full of pebbles and rocks, not sand! So it's impossible to walk on the beach or into the beautiful ocean without sandals or flip flops unless you've feet made of leather. And of course, tanning on a pebble beach doesn't work, unless you've a back and a butt made of steel.







#10 Interestingly, an air force base is located right next to Chihsingtan.

Despite its convenient location, Chihsingtan beach remains relatively uncrowded even on weekends. Well, there was nothing much to do here but watched the clouds rolling by.

It's no wonder that most people head straight for the impressive marble gorge at Taroko National Park when it comes to visiting Hualien!

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