Wednesday, July 18, 2012

While we were on vacation in Taiwan, we did notice a shocking number of elderly women who look far younger than their age. Curiously, I wondered how they kept their faces looking younger than their real age. Surely, there must be some secrets to their beauty success!

“I also want to look young, so how many kg of bird's nest do I need to eat?” I asked jokingly.

“No bird's nest, we eat pigs' trotters!”

I know, shocking right!?

I didn't know this, but perhaps you do.

Ever heard of collagen? Well, these women eat pigs' trotters regularly because apart from the rich nutrition and taste, trotters are rich in collagen, which is essential for young-looking skin as it prevents lines and wrinkles. This age-old Chinese beauty food holds the secret to firm luminous skin. It's also believed that the natural collage in pigs' trotters helps strengthen joints and ligament!

The braised pork trotters with Chinese black vinegar however, of all the dishes we were served was my least favorite while we were there.

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