Friday, July 06, 2012

Ralph and I were at Pizza Hut Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI) to attend Pizza Hut's very first Red Carpet Party exclusively for their fans on Wednesday night, where 20 fans were invited along with a friend each!

#1 Pizza Hut fans

#2 Mr Yusof (Pizza Hut's manager) gave the welcome speech | Terry Ong (Red FM DJ) emceed the event.



#5 Self-serve photo booth

Before the dinner started, we got ourselves some drinks and into the fun of playing games as they've got a PS3, Nintendo Wii, ipad and Xbox 360 in the house to keep guests entertained.

#6 Ralph had fun chopping and striking to deliciously slash and splatter fruit like a true ninja warrior with this Kinect-enabled version of Fruit Ninja (Xbox 360).

#7 Guitar Hero (PS3)

#8 We tried playing Guitar Hero, but failed miserably two times in a row!


#10 An array of pizzas with different toppings, rice dishes and pasta dishes were served to fill everyone's tummy up. Smiley








#18 Edison Lim, the magician who made his performance entertaining and funny!


#20 Ella and I. It was nice to see her again since the last event.

#21 Us girls with the magician and the emcee

In spite of my upper back pain, I still had a good time at the party and met some new people!

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