Wednesday, July 11, 2012

#1 Solid marble cliffs, winding tunnels, Liwu River that leads out into the Pacific Ocean and deep gorges adds beauty and charm to the Taroko Gorge.

Taroko Gorge is to Taiwan what the Grand Canyon is to the United States. Taroko, in the local aboriginal language, means "beautiful" and Taroko Gorge is the most visited place after Taipei in Taiwan, so we were ready for the tranquility of nature again!

However, the winding road that snakes through its gorge is mind-boggling in both its threat to life and limb and its beauty. I had a brief panic that I'd get throw up from the motion sickness, but I survived it, heck; I slept through most of it.


In case you're wondering why we looked like a bunch of dorks in those helmets, well, due to risk of falling rocks, visitors were all asked to wear the safety helmet at all times.

Eastern Taiwan, known for its ocean and mountain landscape, is a favorite area for both domestic and foreign tourists but falling rocks and landslide accidents, which have claimed dozens of lives in recent years have plagued the area. A few tourists from China have died and injured from falling rocks!


#4 Suspension Bridge





#9 The Changchun (Eternal Spring) Shine, one of the most photographed scenes around the gorge, is a memorial shrine to commemorate the 212 veterans who sacrificed their lives while constructing the Central Cross-Island Highway (1956~1960). Situated on a hill, the shrine is famous for its natural spring waterfall!



#12 Statue of Chief Engineer Jin Heng who scarified his life during the construction




#16 Changchun Bridge



There are many trails to hike and it's definitely impossible to see everything in just an hour, but I'm glad I've already seen the marble gorge of Taroko, which is one of the few marble gorges and the largest in the world.


#20 Dinner was at a hotel restaurant (not the hotel we stayed at) before checking-in into the aboriginal-inspired style hotel.

I don't remember all the dishes we were served except the rice steamed in a bamboo tube, a specialty of the local aborigines, which was great!

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