Friday, August 24, 2012

So here we were at the cute bear-themed resort located in the magnificent Hualien - Taitung valley, not far from the hot spring!




#4 As soon as we walked in to the resort, we felt so welcomed by the staffs.

Immediately after dropping off our luggage in the log cabin, we walked around the resort and took tons of pictures, as the weather was perfect! The surrounding area was nice with mountain scene and a lot of greenery in sight.




#8 The cottage-style decor created a cozy, warm atmosphere with cute decorations of teddy bears, inviting sofas, colorful plants and flowers billowing all over the porch.



#11 Perfect for cuddling, I want a giant teddy bear like this! Wanted to give him a big hug, but you know, the better loved they are, the dirtier they get.


#13 These colorful rocks surely rocks! Now I'm tempted to go out and do some rock painting.

#14 Mini Caravan


Oh, I was hoping to see a real bear or two (at a safe distance, of course!), but alas my hopes were crushed.




#19 The swimming pool is big, but the pool tiles looked very dirty.

#20 I wondered how many gallons of urine were in the pool!

#21 The Bear-themed Restaurant

#22 Goldilocks and the Three Bears Wow, I looked awful tired!

#23 View from the restaurant upstairs.


#25 The resort provides homelike lodging with two-storey log cabins, built from red cypress.





#30 Each cabin has 3 bedrooms and a living room with simple style furniture, view the photos HERE. Definitely something different from other hotels we have stayed in.

#31 There were also daily fun activities to keep the young and old entertained each evening at the resort after dinner. We had a great night - kudos to the staffs! They gathered all the guests together, played a few games, danced to loud music and followed by a wonderful fireworks display.




Before we ended the night, we lighted up the night sky with a wish!


I was told that sky lanterns are traditionally used in Eastern Asia as part of a celebration, with the belief that they would carry away all your troubles and bad luck, granting wishes and bringing good fortune as they rose towards heaven.


It was my first time to experience releasing sky lanterns, so I was very excited to write my prayer on the paper lantern, and deliver my wish to the heaven! Everyone wrote down their wishes in Chinese except my parents and me.


#38 There was something quite awe-inspiring about watching a lantern rose up into the night sky and disappeared into the distance until it just looked like a speck.

Magical memories and I shall always remember the wish I made watching it fly off...

However, after they were all released up to the sky at the same time (it was beautiful!), our tour guide came to me and asked, “Why did you write your wish in English? The God of Heaven can’t read English!”

“Say what?!?” Smiley

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Sunday, August 19, 2012



This must be what Willy Wonka dreams about at night. The place made me feel happy the moment I walked in here! It was so colorful and inviting; I was not sure where to look. *blinded by rainbows of candy colors*

#3 Pick and mix candies.

Ralph finds that just looking at all the candies can make his teeth hurt. Hahaha!

#4 "If There's No Candy In Heaven, I'm Not Going."


#6 "Lollipops Are For Suckers!" Rather than lick your way to a tummy ache, I thought they would make adorable centerpieces for a party.

#7 The giant lollipop tree

#8 "I've Never Met a Chocolate I Didn't Like."


#10 "Hey, if I kiss you, will I get slapped?"



#13 "I see you've got arms, I've got them too! We should hook up sometime!"


#15 "Ice Cream Is Happiness Condensed."


#17 Cupcake Containers

#18 Cupcake Piggy Bank

*my mind was overloaded*

#19 Ice Cream Cone Pens! "Your senses must be messed up 'cause your eyes are talking to me." Sigh, I'm a sucker for cutesy stuff.

With a candy store like this, appealing to so many of your senses, it's hard to walk out empty handed. Heck, it's hard to walk out at all! Right now, I've plenty of chocolates sitting in my fridge. *take deep breaths and remind myself that my metabolism is somewhat slow these days*

Well, Ralph is not a chocoholic, so what can I say but, bring it on!

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