Sunday, August 19, 2012



This must be what Willy Wonka dreams about at night. The place made me feel happy the moment I walked in here! It was so colorful and inviting; I was not sure where to look. *blinded by rainbows of candy colors*

#3 Pick and mix candies.

Ralph finds that just looking at all the candies can make his teeth hurt. Hahaha!

#4 "If There's No Candy In Heaven, I'm Not Going."


#6 "Lollipops Are For Suckers!" Rather than lick your way to a tummy ache, I thought they would make adorable centerpieces for a party.

#7 The giant lollipop tree

#8 "I've Never Met a Chocolate I Didn't Like."


#10 "Hey, if I kiss you, will I get slapped?"



#13 "I see you've got arms, I've got them too! We should hook up sometime!"


#15 "Ice Cream Is Happiness Condensed."


#17 Cupcake Containers

#18 Cupcake Piggy Bank

*my mind was overloaded*

#19 Ice Cream Cone Pens! "Your senses must be messed up 'cause your eyes are talking to me." Sigh, I'm a sucker for cutesy stuff.

With a candy store like this, appealing to so many of your senses, it's hard to walk out empty handed. Heck, it's hard to walk out at all! Right now, I've plenty of chocolates sitting in my fridge. *take deep breaths and remind myself that my metabolism is somewhat slow these days*

Well, Ralph is not a chocoholic, so what can I say but, bring it on!

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