Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Finally, after hearing so many people sing the praises of the specialty dish, I got to try it and I loved it! Thanks to our friend, Bavindh who brought us here.

The steamed tilapia with ginger and bird's eye chilies is available in 3 levels of spiciness: non-spicy, medium and extra spicy. I asked for mine medium, which was not THAT spicy. The fish was absolutely fresh and tasty! Ralph and Bavindh, on the other hand, asked for extra spicy and Ralph was literally sweating buckets, hahaha!

A vegetables dish and 3 steamed tilapias, woohoo a whole fish for each person!

The entire bill including drinks and 5 bowls of rice came to RM63. Looking forward to going back again and I might want to try the extra spicy (if I can handle it)!

The only chink in the armor is that they closed somewhat early, around 9pm.

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