Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Taiwan is one of the countries renowned for its hot springs and some tourists name Taiwan "the Hot Spring Kingdom". There are also cold springs, seabed hot springs as well as mud springs, not just hot springs!

Our last stop of the day was the Luye Hot Springs. There were not many people there as it's a relatively unknown hot spring in Taitung.

Our tour guide kept asking my sister and I if we brought our bikinis. The thing is, I don't feel comfortable wearing like THIS around my family, nuff said. So, I'm sad to say I didn't self-indulgently soak in the hot spring pool, but soaked my tired feet until they looked like boiled lobsters instead. It felt SO GOOD though!

Outdoor hot spring pools

Hot springs bathhouses

I absolutely love hot springs, especially ones you can soak in under the stars. Gee, I want to soak in the hot tears of the earth just thinking about it... sigh.

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