Friday, September 28, 2012

Last weekend, Ralph and I with our close friend Alvin and Samantha traveled down to Malacca on Saturday for our friend, Irene's wedding reception. Since we would be traveling approximately 100 miles from home, we planned to turn into a weekend getaway!

We were supposed to stay at a newly opened hotel for one night, but the hotel messed up our reservation. I don't have time to go into details right now so I'll just blog about the following day (Sunday) and let the pictures do most of the talking.

Despite the hot, humid weather, we thoroughly enjoyed the day!

#1 Samantha and I, the "Candle Princess"



#4 Old shophouses that converted to budget hotels, pubs and cafes along the Malacca River bank.





We didn't do a lot - we strolled from shop to shop and most of the time was spent purely "sat around and talked". The best part, really, was meeting up with good old friend and catching up for a couple of hours of conversation!

#9 Jonker Walk (formerly known as Jonker Street) or Jalan Hang Jebat

#10 First thing first, we stopped at San Shu Gong 'cause I love their Icy White Coffee and I needed my daily dose! However, I was surprised and disappointed that the coffee wasn't served like THIS anymore.



#13 Samantha bought some of these cute metal decorative items to complement their home decor!













#26 An antique shop with old furniture from god knows what year, jewelry worn by the deceased, etc. Prices ranged from the reasonable to the "Are you freaking kidding me?" I get that they're antiques, not pieces of shit found in the back of grandma's garage but damn...and the beauty in the items was not there.



#29 Built in 1646, this Chinese temple is billed as the oldest Buddhist place of worship in Malaysia.


#31 Alvin wanted his beer fix and we needed to quench our thirst, so we decided to chill and hang out at Geographer Cafe, which was a charming, corner-lot cafe-cum-pub along Jonker Street.




#35 We ended the day with dinner at this red colored restaurant since they had never tried chicken rice ball before.







#42 For a moment, I was wondering why there was mucus falling out of the sky.

I looked up and Ralph was like, "Don't open your mouth!"


#43 Alvin's BMW got bombed with splatters of birds poop hahaha!

We hurriedly hugged and said goodbye to each other and before entering the car, a bird poop landed on Ralph's arm!

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