Monday, October 01, 2012

With 400,001 square meters of retail space, Dream Mall is the largest shopping mall in Taiwan and apparently the largest in East Asia, whatever that means. It's located next to Kaohsiung Harbor and within a 10-minute drive from the city's downtown.

Well, there is something different about this mall. On top of the 11-storey shopping mall roof, there is an amusement park with rides and stuff as well as a giant Hello Kitty themed Ferris wheel!







#7 This Ferris wheel is fondly called Kaohsiung Eye, and each cart is designed with the different famous characters of Sanrio. The 15 minutes ride costs NT$150 per person on weekdays and NT$200 on weekends.


#9 Last Ferris wheel picture I promise.

My dad, my sister and my brother went on the Ferris wheel and totally enjoyed the ride!


Mom and I love shopping more than riding on a Ferris wheel, so we immediately went shopping as we were given ONLY an hour to shop or to roam around here. Err, I seriously don't know how to explore a huge shopping mall in an hour. I can easily spend 1 hour+ JUST in Forever 21!

Anyway, thanks to my brother for taking pictures of the views from the top of the Ferris wheel with my camera.


#12 Kaohsiung, also known as the Harbor Capital of Taiwan



#15 85-story Tuntex Sky Tower - the second tallest building in Taiwan


There is just so much to see and look at, so do not visit here if you're short on time. You'll kick yourself repeatedly if you do. My mom and I lost track of time and about an hour later, our tour guide called me on my cell phone. Dang! We quickly paid for our makeup stuff at a department store and left, but we got lost in the shopping mall and couldn't find our way out!

After a few minutes of running around like a headless chicken, we found the way out, and ran towards the coach. Geez, I felt like we were on an episode of "The Amazing Race", FTS!

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