Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Just as our stomachs were starting to rumble, we were brought to one of the most famous night markets in Taiwan, which was unbelievably crowded and full of tourists.



It was so crowded that I literally rubbed shoulders and arms with sweaty strangers, yuck! However, I love the night markets in Taiwan. Not only will you be able to taste delicious street food, but also they are great places to feel the pulse of Taiwan's after-hours life. Another big plus point about this night market is that it runs from 6pm to 2am, seven days a week! Isn't that awesome?

In 2010, Liouhe garnered the highest votes in each of the six categories for being the “most eco-friendly,” “most tourist-friendly,” “most charismatic,” “most organized,” “most popular” as well as the night market with the best food!

We walked around to see what food sparked our taste buds. With over 100 vendors' stands on each side offering everything from mouth-watering local food and drinks to clothes and accessories, the food selections were overwhelming to us! I was happy to try anything but I'd avoid entrails, internal organs and something that kick my nose's ass.




















#22 Definitely a must-try should you be in Liouhe Night Market! I just couldn't stop drinking this smooth, thick taste of Zheng Lao Pai's papaya milk; it was creamy and incredibly DELICIOUS, even though I'm not a big fan of papaya.

#23 You know a stall is good by seeing the size of the queue - There were always lines of people waiting for Zheng Lao Pai's signature papaya milk!




#27 While most people eat on the move, some vendors provide tiny tables where you can slurp up your food. I don't remember most of what we had but everything I tried was delicious!




By the way, my sweet blog buddy Mariuca is on an amazing vacation far away (wish I could visit this country one day!), so check out her latest post and enter the “Where is Mariuca?” contest while you are at it!

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