Tuesday, October 09, 2012

We initially went to 1 Utama just to get the length of my newly bought Levi's Jeans altered, but after came out from Levi's Boutique we ended up attending Oktoberfest! When we saw the huge tent at old wing open car park, Ralph happily said, "Oh...IT'S OKTOBERFEST baby!" and we walked in. It wasn't overcrowded, but maybe it was still early (around 7pm on Sunday).




Besides the beer, the entertainment is what many people may come for. There were also games and contests for all ages, such as stein-carrying competition. We had fun just hanging out with each other, enjoying live oom-pah-pah music, and drinking. This was the second time we had been to Oktoberfest. One day, I hope to experience Oktoberfest in Germany!


#5 I had my eye on the limited edition one-litre Oktoberfest ceramic beer stein, so Ralph had to purchase it with one litre of Carlsberg beer, priced at RM40. It's a little steep, but that's what you get for an event like this and I just want to take the stein home with me.

#6 Fish Nuggets (RM10)

#7 The barmaid clad in the traditional dirndl (South German maiden's dress) and event promoter.

#8 "Make me wet"




#12 Dirndl-clad frauleins did the Chicken Dance, led by German Oompah Band (Die Emsperlen).


#14 The gorgeous ex-Playboy Bunny - Felixia Yeap!!





#19 Frontman Josef Kriener and fellow musicians entertained the crowd throughout the evening.

#20 "PROST!"

#21 Prost! *raised my one-litre pack of Marigold Peel Fresh orange juice to Oktoberfest*

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